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  1. do yourself a favor, if you have any other career options that tickle your fancy it might heed you to take a serious look at them vs. going into a difficult course of study that cost alot of money and time then entering a already over populated job market in this state that is only getting worse every semester. but if your heart is set on it go for it, just giving you advice no one gave me.
  2. RN1980

    When adults whine....

    often i find the whine babys care for only their needs at the sake of others.
  3. RN1980

    So disgusted with everything

    i feel your pain brother. come down mississippi way and work in "meth belt" not the "bible belt" anymore....
  4. RN1980

    Upfront payment for non emergent conditions

    thia idea has been looked at a few times at my full time er job. we have had several consultants come through explaining things to the head bean counters about the pro and cons of this. there are a few er's in my state that have started this and has impressed a few folks here. things are going to have to change here in mississippi, there is no easy answer..govt reimbursements are going down the toilet and hospitals are losing services cause of the high number of indigent care we give. from what ive been exposed to, i think pay up front could help off set some waste and abuse from the public.
  5. RN1980

    New York poised to require bachelor's degrees for RNs

    no backlash from me. i know many that were terrible bedside nusres and now even worse bean counters!
  6. RN1980

    New York poised to require bachelor's degrees for RNs

    i hope this is bsn entry is pushed across the board into law..of course purely for economic reasons. its all a supply and demand. this should help thin the future grad pool and return the nursing scale back to a shortage, esp. here in the south.
  7. RN1980

    Standards of Care in the ER

    yep, it used to be a big pain in the ass for everyone, but like i stated before all our rooms are stocked with new nihon kohden monitors and they record the vs in our computer charting automatically. however on non urgent pts we are only required to get a temp on admit and d/c, unless they are febrile. the vs policy use to be real laxed but we got a new medical director thats anal about getting vs.
  8. RN1980

    Standards of Care in the ER

    all routine pts get vs recorded q 1hr, urgent pts get vs q 30min, every emergent vs q15min. we are lucky enought that our monitors atomatically update our computer charting system with vs, so we just apply the cuff, leads and probes set the timer and go. every pt get d/c vs.
  9. RN1980

    A "chick's" perspective on Men in Nursing

    man i telling you young fellas out there when you start working at a place the best thing you can do is just be generally nice to people, everyone from the house keeping people to the hottest nutrtionist girl in the hosptial, esp be nice around all the hot co-workers. they notice that crap..alos compliment them, "hey i like your hair, those are some cool earings...i compliment all of them from resp techs to the residents..gotten a few dates from it. be nice, sincere and you'll have a blast.
  10. RN1980

    Giving Report to Medics... What do they know?

    you can never be blammed for giving a to detailed report on a pt. its always best to do overkill vs not giving enough info that will come bite you in the ass later if the crap hit the fan. give report like you would want to be reported to on a pt. make it a point to ask if there is anything that they want to know particular and always ask if they have any questions afterwards.
  11. RN1980

    UAB fully staffed in ICUs?

    try st. vincents in b-ham. great hospital. ive done many inservices there and ive found the icu staff top notch. uab has there own nsg program and many spots are grabbed by their students. however, if you still want uab you may have to start calling the unit directors and leave a message for them or drop a e-mail. good luck.
  12. RN1980

    Becoming a flight nurse?

    i too felt my bsn upgrade program was alittle lite and heavy on busy work, but overall easy. however, im sure other graduates of a traditional bsn course would claim differently, since there is a huge difference in taking a online open book quiz at home vs. a weekly traditional exams in class.
  13. RN1980

    NCLEX RN tomorrow

    good for you there is a 15% greater pass rate if you take nclex on weds vs other days of the wk.
  14. RN1980

    Share The Weirdest Reasons Patients Push The Call Light

    heard once a male pt pushed the call bell in the am to c/o not having an erection upon wakening.
  15. RN1980

    NCLEX RN tomorrow

    what!!! you are taking the nclex on a monday??? you got to be kidding me, didnt your teachers and whoever did your nclex review inform you that nclex failures are always some 15-20% greater for first time takers on mondays vs. anyother day of the wk!!! but if you already knew this you are certainly hard-core!
  16. RN1980

    Nurse vs. Doctor videos

    its funny, i sat in triage for 12 hrs last night and it seemed like everytime the pt opened their pie hole the voice i heard was the same dull monotonouse sound that these little cartoons have.