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  1. RN1980

    St. John's CRNA program Kicked OUT hospital!!!

    my thoughts exactly, i dont want to be where i'm not wanted.
  2. RN1980

    Team nursing in ICU?

    unfortunately im still prn there, about 24 hrs per pay period. just cant walk away from the money.
  3. RN1980

    Concerns about 'modeling' pictures

    i agree with few other posters..i think i'd be able to give a more objective opinion if i had a link to the photos.
  4. RN1980

    The Top Three AN Red Herrings

    i really agree with your #1, where is my compassion..well frankly i dont have too much compassion for idiots.
  5. RN1980

    An open letter to the ER triage nurse

    if you write a letter of complaint you need to put your name on it if it is to carry any wt. if you were treated in the fashion that you descibed, im sorry for you and feel your disgust. but ive seen many a complaint without the complainers name attached to it and it carries much less wt and may even be tossed. ive seen it happen before.
  6. RN1980

    The CEO said WHAT!!!!

    you have go to spill the beans and tell us what hospital this was or what idiot made the comment.
  7. i disagree. my rationale is that hospitals will realize that doing away with adn programs will tilt the supply and demand issue in favor for nsg. hence less nurse and more pay. i know in my state the hospitals are donating $ to schools to hire more instructors so they can carrry a larger student nurse load. hospitals love it when there is a overpopulation of nurses walking around it allows them to barter easier for lower pay rates and such. but, i am in strong favor of doing away with adn or diploma progrmas to help lean the supply and demand scale more to the favor of nurses.
  8. as a former adn grad and bsn upgraded rn in mississippi i can appreciate my adn educational exp. as the foundation of what i am now. any real difference between the two types are mute imo, hence they take the exact same nclex. with that being stated, i am for bsn direct entry into nsg just for the supply and demand issue. there are 15 community colleges in ms that adn programs, many have 2 programs going on simultaneously! there are 6 bsn programs too. mississippi dumps around 1500 new nurses every yr! supply and demand is way screwed here!
  9. RN1980

    Time Management in ER

    i too know what its like to be thrown to the wolves as a new nurse. my orientation was very limited. but i was fortunate to have a good seasoned team to work with. working in a busy er is like trying to plug a busted dam with your finger. its tough for even a seasoned nurse thats new to the er world, now multiply that factor by x and thats how hard it is for a rookie. all the nurses you are workin with should expect you to be lost and it should come as no suprise that you need assistance. dont put yourself in the position of screwing up cause you feel as if you are slowing the other team members down with their assignments by seeking help. litsen to your gut feelings, if you think you need to ask someone..then by god ask someone! time management is a killer. its something thats learned from exp. my personal theory is pretty simple..if its not emergent or urgent than it can wait. "the a-febrile kid in room 6 that needs a strep can wait a few minutes so i can finish charting on this icu admit" ive watched many a fresh nurse go through the same thing that you are going through (and the same thing i went through not long ago) and its funny and unfortunately painful at times to watch, but take comfort in the fact that there have been many a new nurse that was not near as smart or as hard working as you that have made the transition, so you can too. be on time, be available, be flexible and be humble.
  10. RN1980

    Registered Nurses Claim Patients Not Getting Proper Care

    they have got to keep their voices in the public rhelm in order for the hospital to retract their stance on this issue. nothing changes a hospitals position faster than getting bad pr over saftey issues. what about the icu medical director... ours has a say over how the icu is staffed..he gets very anxious when they try to make us take low census days and have even called the hospital ceo over this issue. the icu is where the sickest of the sick goes to get the best and most intense care offered, to take the staff away from that makes the name "intensive care" a ruse.
  11. RN1980

    Team nursing in ICU?

    i dislike team approach. there has to be one nurse in charge of one pt in the icu..this idea of team approach nursing has been studied for many yrs and even tried at larger teaching facilities that have been funded by the aacn and sorts..i cant recall their officail stance on it and cant seem to locate it on the net but i do recall reading about it a few yrs ago. just like stated above how can you properly manage a critical low sick pt with multiple gtts and vent trials along with other monitoring with 4-5 nurses with their hands in the pot? but i refer to team nursing by using the simple term of team work by assisting eachother with their pt or pts by their request. now i worked in a er many yrs ago in columbus ms where they used team nursing in the er...talk about almost complete chaos..you would have 3-4 pts but other nurses would grab your charts and give meds and tx's but would forget to sign off on the chart...almost complete disaster at times. several times almost doubled dosed pts and other nurses would d/c your pt before you could finish charting on said pt, so you would find yourself scrambling around like a idoit half the shift. nope i dont like it.
  12. RN1980

    Louisiana Nurses--Need Info!

    since there are so many applicants in the pool now, hospitals can afford to take their time and go after the "perfect applicant". hospitals are notorious for taking their sweet time during the hiring process. then as a new graduate ( if you are one) you have to contend with exp. nurses applying for the same spots or intra facility transfers. im sorry to say the outlook may be tough for new grads for the next few yrs or atleast till supply and demmand is more balanced.
  13. RN1980

    Louisiana Nurses--Need Info!

    and its really no different across the river in mississippi. every community college (15 of them) and many of the 4 yrs schools are pumping new grads out by the thousands q yr..the market is just full up right now. id hate to be a new grad now and for the next few yrs.
  14. RN1980

    congrats to all involved

    just been informed by fellow guardsmen by a text that will be a crawfish boil come this sat. eve to celebrate the headshot heard around the world..tails and beer ahhhhhhh!
  15. RN1980

    Daytonite has passed away...

    well she is teaching st. pete the theory of "nursing process".