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nghtfltguy is a BSN, RN and specializes in Emergency, Trauma, Flight.

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  1. nghtfltguy

    Questions about travel nursing

    DONT GO TO VEGAS!! thats my advice.. worst travel place to go...!!... the hospitals suck there! not all of them.. just most of them!! either way...DON'T GO TO VEGAS AS A TRAVEL NURSE!!!... im just sayin............
  2. nghtfltguy

    code on a baby

    sorry you had such a bad experience.. and it is a very normal thing to be emotional over something like that.. it is part of the job.. are we ever really *prepared*??... good luck to your sister in law~~ and congratulations!! for being a caring nurs...
  3. nghtfltguy

    Large bore IV

    you can do just fine with an 18 gauge.. or even a 20.. i only put a 16 gauge or below in people that need it/deserve it.. OD's /Major trauma... you can bolus a lot of fluids though an 18... if they had a systolic above 75.. you can use an 18 and get...
  4. nghtfltguy

    will ACLS/PALS boost resume of new grad

    i agree with everyone that says it will help you... the more certs you have the better off you are and the better it looks on your resume~~ if you are willing to do the course work and get the certs.. that shows people that you are dedicated to learn...
  5. nghtfltguy

    Discharging intoxicated patients

    it all depends on why they are in your ER to begin with... everyone has different levels that their BAC could be.. you could get a chronic alcoholic that is "functional" at .30 its up to your facilities policies and the doc, and of course why they ar...
  6. nghtfltguy

    Core schedules...what's your opinion

    Wow.. You get your schedule changed all the time?... I know you stated that you work in a small hospital, and I have no idea what department you work in but you might suggest to whoever does your schedule the idea of "self scheduling".. it is where ...
  7. nghtfltguy


    TNCC is easy as has been previously stated. Getting your CEN on the other hand is no joke.. study.. learn everything you can about cardiac stuff.. know your EKG stuff inside and out. you need to be able to determine the difference betw...
  8. nghtfltguy

    I just need some moral support...

    wow ... i AM out of the loop... i wish you the best of luck.. if you wanna move to the midwest. i can give you a job~~~
  9. nghtfltguy

    Struggling To Decide on MD or FNP

    well... ironically.. a very good FNP friend of mine has informed me that the FNP is going to be grandfathered into a PhD program. which entails 4 years post BSN. This means it is no longer going to be just a masters... but now require PhD in nursing...
  10. nghtfltguy

    No cellphone policy at work? What about PDAs?

    i honestly don't know how i ever lived w/out my iphone! my workplace has a no cell phone policy as well but no one seems to care that 75% of us ER nurses use their iphones all the time for *medical stuff*.. that new medscape app from web md is awesom...
  11. nghtfltguy

    I just need some moral support...

    just as everyone else said.. don't give up!!! where do you live?.. it is SO easy to find an RN job in this part of the country.. my ER is staffed by like half agency nurses.. i have not heard of it being hard to find a nursing job.. guess im out of...
  12. nghtfltguy

    Paramedics as primary care givers in ED

    a side note on that.... we only have 2 paramedics that work in the ER full time .. they are lucky that they don't have to triage!!!.. and i would trust both of them with my life...
  13. nghtfltguy

    Paramedics as primary care givers in ED

    in the hospital i work at paramedics can provide total care of patients in the ER... everything from a heparin drip to giving adenosine........ the only thing they can't do in the stupid is that???
  14. nghtfltguy

    Passed the CEN exam today!

    once again lisa~~~...CONGRATS !! i knew you could do it fast.... i was a medic before i was a nurse too........ that helps... much pride for you lisa!!!!!!!!!
  15. nghtfltguy

    Codes-ACLS drugs-reasons for the code

    i was not there during that code.... you have to do what you think is right.... and as many others have said... it is your license on the line....i run codes a lot.... but that is just cause i have that kind of experience.... the doctors do not quest...