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yikes, I just wrote up someone at work ,which is something I swore I would never do , but there ya go I did it ...

here goes why...

it was xmas eve (night shift) we were shortstaffed (thanks santa!) and crazy nutty busy with admissions from emerg... anyhow long story short, I got three admissions within half an hour , which as any of you med surg unit nurses know is impossible to handle, I have no problem taking admissions and this is not an emerg vs the floor debate cuz we've all been there done that, okay so I called admitting and I said yeah okay with this third patient she sounds quite heavy, MRSA pos, respiratory distress, blood sugar extremely high can you have emerg just wait 10 -15 minutes or so until I settle the patient I just got - who was a fresh GI bleeder with BP in her boots - so I get the okay from admitting and the nurse looking after admission #3 in emerg that she would wait a bit before sending , okay cool, I bolus my GI Bleeder , and then see the ER attendant (do you guys have those in the states?) bringing up , yep you guessed it , admission #3! I'm slightly annoyed, but dont show it , so I go to grab a hand from another RN on my unit (so now thats 2 of four of us who will be busy with this patient !) as the patient is trying to climb out the bed, combative what have you and the emerg attendant says and i quote directly "why do you floor nurses always b*tch about getting patients, just do your job, its not like there is anything to do for this patient , I mean look at her she's from a nursing home, not like she needs a monitor or whatever!" so I calmly asked attendant boy who he was , Ie credentials etc and then I said "well if the patient has nothing to be done for her why is she being admitted, please do not insult my intelligence and my experience and my role as a registered nurse based on what you think you know, which for the record is incorrect" well he just lost it, started snickering saying that things will never change , left us to transport the patient from stretcher to bed, told us he was doing us a favour and left....

dont do me any favours pally.....

anyway, I finally figured that I shouldnt have to deal with this guys verbal diarrhea and made a complaint, which as i mention I never do , but it turns out many nurses have had a problem with this guy. In my opinion patient safety should come first, so how can I bolus one patient and tranfer this other lady by myself and settle and sedate her ? hello two hands her

whew okay I'm done ....

sorry for the rant but it was needed, I feel much better now hah


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According to the "Taco bell is hiring" thread you should just suck it up and stop complaining.. BAM! BAM! BAM! at the end of shift was freaking common on my floor. There would have been a VERY messy homicide if a transporter dared to say such ridiculous crapola as yours did.....geesh! I'm GLAD you wrote him up! HOORAY!!!!!!:p :D :)

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OMG Wendy. I would have bitten that guy on the ASS!

Darn tootin' you should be writing him up. That was so inappropriate! Grrr!

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I support ya on this one Wendy. Sorry it happened. Geeezzz...

Hugs hon....

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What a turd...

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That was not appropriate behavior and he shouldn't get away with it. Sorry you had a rough night. I love the "I don't know why your complaining, all you have to do is put him in bed...." comments. I 've gotten them too.


You can so tell your a level headed nurse. I admire that in you. I admire that in any nurse. I do hate those that come into your home(your floor) since your there more than your home, and spill their verbal diarrhea and have a chip on thier shoulder the size of MT Everist. Maybe he will be a patient and he will need a nice Iv start with a wonderful DULL 14 guage, and even better a nice dose of kayexalate, rectal style.

Apparently this nutwad has a problem with anyone in authority, can you imagine how wonderful he is to work with in ER? What a joy that should be, can we say head banging for fun against the desk in the ER. Write him up, and when he appears on your floor again carring his wonderful mood and attitude maybe he would enjoy a nice closet visit with a RN with mood swings and a tad of PMS, that just broke up with her boyfriend, and basically thinks everything is his fault. That would be nice and theraputic for the Nurse I think.

Just the thoughts of a Nurse that admires those that are level headed and nice



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I don't think I could have said it as nicely as you did Wendy. Good job on being so collected.



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Wendy honey....that boy needs his azz kicked!

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Some 32 years ago, I was working as an aide on the night shift at a major Atlanta teaching hospital. It was the night from HELL, with me, the L.P.N. Charge Nurse and 50-plus patients. We had THREE cardiac arrests (yes, three!), and when the Charge Nurse asked for help, the night supervisior came up and basically told her to quit b----ing, and to do whatever it took "to get the work done".....then walked her fat butt back to her office, leaving the charge nurse in tears. I couldn't BELIEVE what I had just witnessed, and I thought to myself: "Lady, where did you take your nursing training at?.....Dakow?"

And they wonder why we STILL have a nursing shortage.....duh!:(

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I make it a policy not to write up fellow nurses, I talk to them directly and privately. But unlicensed staff treat me with respect or I have their asses!


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Like you I don't like to write people up either. BUT this guy needed it bad and I think I would follow it up with a little call to the manager of the ER, and the charge nurse in the ER that night. Just the comment about "she's only a pt from a nursing home" would have set me off. I'm a charge nurse in the ER and if one of the tech's(that's what we call them) behaved in that manner I would want to know about it and believe me, he would of wished he hadn't opened his mouth.

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