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I'll be forty when I graduate! It's doable and you are already ahead of the game :)


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I started prereqs at 39, Passed NCLEX at 43 (had to retake !#$#%^ mother/baby and had to waste 2 months + a summer!) You can do it! Good luck


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Retired Law Enforcement, here. Applying for the spring 2015 program. I turn 50 this month. Go for it!!!!! Nothing more exciting than deciding what you want to do with your life and jumping into the adventure!


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I'm 26 and just attended my RN program orientation. I'll have my BSN by 28. Our instructor told us for many this is a 2nd or 3rd career path - I believe it because I saw many, many in their 40s. You are NOT old and I believe you'll have a one up on other new grads with your experience.

Try to get a small tech/care partner/CNA position in 6 months or so (once you finish nursing fundamentals). That combined with your previous experience will do great things for you.

Good luck on your switch!

Ruby Vee, BSN

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Jul 22 by rewob716

I am strongly considering a career change into nursing. I have been a firefighter/paramedic for 15 years and am ready to move on. There is a bridge program at a school near me for medic to RN.

My question is about age, I just turned 44 so would be probably almost 46 before I finish. Does there seem to be newer older nurses? I do have emergency experience but don't wanna be fishing for a job after all that schooling. I know theres truly no way to tell, just looking for opinions. Thanks in advance.


Employers are going to love you! A solid job history, all the maturity that comes with being in your 40s and all for a new grad salary! Go for it!


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Before I replied I almost increased the font size so your old self could read this, but them I remembered I enjoy irritating the elderly. I think you are on to something here. By the time you finish, you can competently care for yourself in an assisted living residence!! I believe you are a visionary... Ahead of your time, but old nonetheless. On the serious side, if you believe in yourself, you can achieve your goals. Age is relative, it's merely a number. If your worried that your age will be viewed upon as a liability to employers, I would say that your life experience brings outside perspective. By the way, that is what was told to me when I interviewed for my entry level MSN program which I begin in a few weeks. I'm almost 34... 9 yrs as a detention officer, and married with two little boys. There are lots of people in this world for whatever reason that will try to close doors on you... Don't be the one to close them on yourself. Goodluck


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I qualified at 39 but there was someone on my cohort that qualified at 57!! And he got a job straight away as a CPN (community psychiatric Nurse) which was a band above the normal.

Just to explain , Here in the UK a nurse qualifies on band 5 starting point 1 , points go up to 8 on a band 5 which you get pay rises for every point. Well he bypassed that and went straight to a band 6!! So age is just a number :)

javadown2, BSN

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Hey Mike, I'm exactly your age (44) and just finished my nursing school (ADN program) and already got hired for my first RN job directly out of school. I came from working with heavy equipment on roads for almost 17 years and one day decided that I wasn't happy with my work/career and have always wanted to work in the medical the journey began! I did work as an LPN during my last 2 quarters of school (6 months) because I wanted to at least have some medical experience and it seemed to help. With your experience you shouldn't have any problem finding a job....but really the most important thing is do what your heart/ambitions tells you to do, if not then you will regret it later!

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Welcome to the world of Nursing! As I write this, I'm about a month shy of turning 41. When I started updating my prerequisites, I was 32 and after age 34 I was knocking on the nursing school doors to be let in and after 4 years and 15 applications, I was. Three years later, I graduated at 40.

My take on this whole thing is simple: You're younger than dead and you're willing to learn. As long as you've got those two things going for you, you have the potential to become a nurse. Also, unless something really weird happens, you can still be a Paramedic and do nursing too.


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I started at 38, and am now in my final semester, and from being in the clinical setting have found that many, both male and female changed careers or started out late. So go for it and good luck!! It's been a very rewarding journey!


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I started school in my 40's. I think there are distinct advantages to attending nursing school in our age group. We have 'wisdom' and life experience. We have discipline. We generally do not have any trouble in ethics, theory, time management, concepts, communication, cultural diversity, business structure, or professionalism. We generally don't go out and party the night before an exam, we know better. It makes nursing school much easier because we basically are learning the skills and assessment aspect of being a nurse, and are already equipped with knowledge based on living and working in the world for 20+ years. An eighteen year old doesn't have that advantage.

Energy? Yeah, most of the younger nurses will kick our butts. But if you are fit, you CAN keep up! ;-)

nurse2033, MSN, RN

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Since I turned 40 I got an ASN, learned to mountain bike, learned to snowboard, got my MSN, joined the Air National Guard, and went to Burning Man (among other things). I've worked continuously as an RN and teach at two universities. It's working for me...

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