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I am strongly considering a career change into nursing. I have been a firefighter/paramedic for 15 years and am ready to move on. There is a bridge program at a school near me for medic to RN.

My question is about age, I just turned 44 so would be probably almost 46 before I finish. Does there seem to be newer older nurses? I do have emergency experience but don't wanna be fishing for a job after all that schooling. I know theres truly no way to tell, just looking for opinions. Thanks in advance.


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Good day, rewob716:

I started my prerequisites last year at age 50; and finished them this past May. I start a RN program this coming January; if all goes well, I will graduate with a ADN in December 2016. You are still young ;-)

Thank you.

I started at 40 rock on.

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In truth, the job situation for new grads, especially ADNs, is pretty dismal in many areas of the country, no matter what your age. Having to essentially start over - moving from confident expert to newbie - in a new career is going to be rough. IMO, you will definitely have an edge on other new grads if you are aiming for practice in an ED.

Look at the big picture - Unless you win the lottery or hit it big in Vegas, your nursing career will last at least 20 years to take you through to retirement age.

You can do this!

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It sounds very doable.

If I had it to do over, instead of EMT--> RN, I wouldve gone on to become a paramedic, done 20 years, gotten my pension, THEN become a nurse for the next 20 years or so.

Do you need to put in 20 years as a firefighter for full pension?

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I'm 38 and have 2 years to go. I figure if I plug on I'll still have a good 25 years or so to offer the field of nursing..

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..I tell you though ..the growing pains of it all..ugh..ugh..

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47 and I graduate with BSN in 13 days

43 starting block 3 RN next month, your experience and background will give you a huge advantage in the job market. Go for it. For OP DON 1984 great job, congrats.

Thank you for all of the advice. It's very encouraging.

In my department its 25 years for full pension. I'm ready to move on. I'll rollover the $ I have and build on it with nursing.

Oh yeah , best of luck to all of you!!

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