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  1. scully4174

    Nursing License with Felony

    Yes they will let you sit for the nclex. That does not mean your going to get your license.
  2. scully4174

    What keeps you going as a nurse?

    Mmm I see a lot of paycheck. Which is good. But for me I quit my job as executive chef which I made more money to become a nurse. Why. Because my mother had small cell lung cancer and I quit to care for her till the end. That's why I'm a nurse. I see my mother and sons in patients and get a joy out of my job that I never did before.
  3. Good question. I have brought mine with me for every interview and not one nurse manager has asked to see it. Go figure! I will still bring it and offer it.
  4. scully4174

    Nursing License with Felony

    Your under moral character review. You're going to go in front of the board. Get a lawyer now so you will know they cost and get everything ready. If you were in upstate I'd tell you my lawyer. I believe you request the board or they send you a date. The most important part is the prosecution that person can make a recommendation of denial they will not make a recommendation of approval. They influence the. Board. I had a very nice one and it helps with lawyer. After the hearing the will tell you that you will hear something within 2-3 months. I got a letter saying they will not appeal board choice and two weeks later I had my license. It's a process and good learning experience. I believe Witt this second chance you will understand how hoard you worked for this. Chin up good luck
  5. Day quit of give up. I have a felony also and I got my license. You will have to go in front of the board. I will tell you to have at least 3 character witnesses and do not go with out a lawyer. But once your licsened your good to go!!!! Always have hope and go for it!!!!! If I did it so can you!!! I. Have been working for years now in a hospital PICU
  6. scully4174

    Nursing License with Felony

    You'll be fine. Relax. I have a felony also and I am a licensed nurse. And working for years now. I had to go in front of the board and more than likely you will also. Get an attorney do not go alone. Have at least 3 witnesses you can call on your behalf. Just be truthful and admit to your mistake and own it. **** happens. I had 4 members on the board you need at least 3 to say yes. It's like a court room so be ready for it.
  7. scully4174

    Which states are most lenient with criminal charges?

    New York is also. And not sure about other states by they did pass the remove the box on applications in order to give ppl with convictions a chance. Also best place is to look up cases the state board has looked at and ruled upon. I think you would be very surprised at who are given license to practice. B ppl who say felons can't be nurses really have no idea of the charges ppl are being given a chance with the board. Go to the board website and look the info up. Good luck
  8. scully4174

    Criminal record 2 felonys new york

    I think the best thing someone can do is go to the Borad of nursing webpage and look up what other nurses have done and what the board allowed for them to get license. I am willing to bet 10/10 of you would be surprise and wondering how the hell someone with that charge is a nurse.
  9. scully4174

    Criminal record 2 felonys new york

    I also had zero problems with clinicals.
  10. scully4174

    Criminal record 2 felonys new york

    Not sure about schools outside of NY but I gave my criminal convictions and they were fine with it
  11. scully4174

    Criminal record 2 felonys new york

    I have been reading and reading. And so I will just tell everyone this. Don't take the word from people on this site. I have 2 felonys and one from 2012. I stood in front of the nursing board told the truth and was given my license. So ppl who say you cannot or will not get a license with a record are wrong. Well wrong when it comes to NY law anyways. Article 23a is what you should be looking at. Nursing schools will not tell you that you cannot go to school. Look up your own laws and have a lawyer. Also get a certificate of relief. Again in nursing with a record is not hard or impossible. I am living proof. Good luck to you all and being giving a second chance is a responsibility and should not be taken for granted. DO NOT LIE to the board!!!!! That is most important
  12. scully4174

    About to take my NCLEX-PN!!

    By the way ATI is way harder than the actual nclex pn
  13. scully4174

    Licensure with misdemeanor???

    Hey think of it like this you survived nursing school you passed the nclex and now you only have a small speed bump to wait for you should be very happy!!!!!!' Congrats and your license will post up soon
  14. scully4174

    Failed Nclex, not a good feeling

    Have your tried ATI I found that I personally like that best. Good luck
  15. scully4174

    Anyone here graduated from gennesse community college in Batavia?

    Yeah question why don't you go right for your bsn? It's a good school from what I heard though good luck
  16. scully4174

    Licensure with misdemeanor???

    Well my understanding is once it's up for review worst case is 6 months