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Carpediem1012 has 7 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. Carpediem1012

    Psychiatric/ER nursing advice!

    Have you thought of prison nursing? Both areas are covered quite easily there!
  2. Carpediem1012

    "I have a PhD, I know more than you do!"

    Regardless of title and tact, I'm just wondering something. Could he have prescribed NS over soap and water for a reason? Perhaps this LOL had very fragile or dry skin? Possibly a contraindication to using soap and water? I realize I am speculating h...
  3. Carpediem1012

    finally did the test

    Way to go! I start Masters in the fall.... What am I thinking haha?
  4. Carpediem1012

    Took NCLEX-RN This Morning

    Haha. Thanks Ackeem. That's reassuring! T-2 days!
  5. Carpediem1012

    Took NCLEX-RN This Morning

    Way to go :) May I ask what your uworld percentage was? I write in three days and am at 65%.
  6. Carpediem1012

    UWORLD... IS OUT OF THIS WORLD. 5th attempt, 75qs!

    I'm using uworld right now. Scoring around 65% for a cumulative avg. It says I'm 90 th percentile. Hoping that's positive cause I write in three days!
  7. Carpediem1012

    Full time or Casual

    Hmm. I'm going to have to look into this further. I'm told the vast majority of our grad nurses are hired casual. I am going into masters so I thought this would be a good fit. But you are right. Not sure how that fits in with preceptorship/orientati...
  8. Carpediem1012

    Full time or Casual

    Thank you for the replies. Maybe it's different here in Canada. We are often hired casual as new grads. But the work hours offered equal full time or greater. We receive benefits as well. I am told that after finishing my final practicum in the ER, t...
  9. Carpediem1012

    Full time or Casual

    When accepting your first job (RN), would you choose full time or casual, given a choice? I'm told that many prefer casual because of the flexibility in hours and days worked, but am wondering what the experiences of others has been. Thoughts? I'm in...
  10. Carpediem1012


    What level of thesis is this? Have you used PICO? Who is your population. Your intervention? What are you comparing to? What is your outcome?
  11. Carpediem1012

    confused about cardiac output....

    Love these threads! And hi Esme!! Nice to see you :)
  12. Carpediem1012

    Nursing School Vs Med School, no comparison

    I'm sorry you found the humanistic approach of the nursing scope too much to handle. I wish you the best in medicine and hope you find what you need from it. Hopefully it makes you feel more adequate.
  13. Carpediem1012

    Almost made a very bad med error today

    Interesting. Thank you!
  14. Carpediem1012

    I'm terrified

    When I found out I got in, I promptly threw up. I also have two children, one with special needs. I am now done three years with only a year to go- on the top of the Honour roll too, I might add. Experience in life makes it all very doable. Go for it...
  15. Carpediem1012

    Almost made a very bad med error today

    Isn't ceftriaxone contraindicated for those with penicillin allergies as well?