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  1. FL HealthSouth facilities

    Which one ? Florida or Texas or both ?
  2. failed nclex

    Kaplan and hurst , they compliment each other , if you can take both but if finances are tight I would use hurst first
  3. Healthsouth

    Thanks for replying :) thats very interesting, i would prefer days over nights but am used to doing both in a mix and i like that too!
  4. Well done Meeky :) x
  5. Healthsouth

    Do you do a mix of nights and days or is it just one or the other?
  6. I 140 processing times for EB3

    Well done meeky :) did they send you a certificate? I am still waiting for mine
  7. Nursing Jobs in Aberdeenshire Scotland

    Ps ARI are offering £8000 relocation fees to work there , the reason why they are short staffed is the cost of living , Aberdeen is an oil industry town , it is expensive to live there, i would not worry , once you get your licence transferred , you...
  8. Nursing Jobs in Aberdeenshire Scotland

    Aberdeen royal infirmary have a nursing shortage , there is also other hospitals but i cant remember the name , ARI is huge! I would send your cv there ,
  9. Countries that will take American license (BSN)?

    Yeah that sums it up!
  10. Countries that will take American license (BSN)?

    Yeah thats the latest thing that has been brought into force , it starts 2016 and we need 5 reflective study from different sources for revalidation of our licence.
  11. Countries that will take American license (BSN)?

    Nurses in the UK cannot practice without a licence and that gets renewed yearly to which you have to make the requirements of working actively as a nurse for 450 hrs minimum under the NMC and have continuing education , you also have to have your ILS...
  12. Moving to USA advice!!

    Did you do a foundation year? If you did you may qualify! US are generalist trained however the clinical hours needed are not as much as the UK . I am an adult nurse and did peads , maternity (OBYN and GYN ) and mental health in my foundation year a...
  13. American nurse looking abroad

    In all honesty I think its terrible that they make english speaking countries sit this ielts test, however, how hard can it be if your first language is english?. I think its stupid to test this, but i dont think it would block a person from traveli...
  14. American nurse looking abroad

    Irish Nursing Board, An Bord Altranais The Republic of Ireland is not part of the UK, they have there own nursing council
  15. American nurse looking abroad

    Thats what i said , it appears that in nursing it isn't but doctors under the GMC are exempt! Its not fair! And i agree with you!