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  1. ^ This. I (male) and female co-worker started the same day w/ same background and we both were hired on at the same rate. We both work nights, but I work all weekends and I pickup overtime. I take home more, but our base rate of pay is the same.
  2. icarr757

    NCLEX on a Saturday

    Go home. Log into sign up to take NCLEX again. If the system allows you to progress and enter payment info, you have failed and will have to take it again. If the system gives you a message that it can not process your application and will not take your payment info, you have passed. Least that worked for me about 2years ago. I do not remember how long it took to get the "official" letter. Sorry
  3. I am lucky enough to have started nursing as a 2nd career at the young age of 43. I have a job at a decent hospital on the medsurg floor working nights and I have the support of some great coworkers and a boss who do not mind all my innane questions and lack of experience. I am blessed and my short term goals are to spend next few years learning the basics, doing the BSN and maybe getting some professional certifications. But what about long term goals? If I told you good people I am a single 43yr old male with 2yr degree in nursing and my long term dream 10 years from now to be still in nursing but doing something that pays $35/hr or such, could anyone recomend a field of nursing so I could get a idea of what path I need to start aiming walk down to reach said finiancial goals?? Not really interested Managment or Mother/baby, but other than that, I am pretty wide open to most any ideas. Thanks and have great Holiday season!
  4. I am from, and still reside in, the great State of Virginia! But we do need more Canadian beer down here!
  5. I am still going thru orientation and a friend gave me a suggestion that I liked. He said most floors keep a list of the top 5-10 drugs they use on a regular basis by their Pixis to list name/generic names/potential side effects and incompatabilities. He recomended, go by your floor and ask them for a copy of it to study in down time and that will give you a little boost of knowldge when you start on your floor. Help the ego so you feel like you at least know SOMETHING beyond how to give a bedbath on day one =P So I went up to the floor, ran into my soon to be manager and asked her if I could get a copy of that list. She loved the idea and zipped off to get it for me. Then she came back looking a little down saying, she could not find it. We joked, she told me just to look up and memorize everything I could about Dilaudid =P So any other Med/surg folk recomend a few other common drugs that you use pretty much constantly? Thanks!
  6. A) Do you have beer? B) Will you share beer? After that, its all downhill =P
  7. icarr757

    Men shoes - Alegria vs. Dansko

    Our hospital recomends against Dansko's for that reason. They cannot stop you from wearing them, and they will not kill your insurance, but they have some ugly stories about folks breaking ankles...
  8. icarr757


    I started prereqs at 39, Passed NCLEX at 43 (had to retake !#$#%^ mother/baby and had to waste 2 months + a summer!) You can do it! Good luck
  9. icarr757

    I Think I am ready. . .

    Congrads, study hard
  10. icarr757

    stressed out about RN program

    Best thing, be honest. You give them honest answers then they will give you honest feedback when you talk to them. Totally off topic, if you are thinking of doing LPN program, why not just go straight RN? Word just came down from Bon Secuous, as of Aug 1, there will be NO LPN's at inhouse facilities any more (hospitals) only outpatient and Dr. offices.
  11. icarr757

    Thomas Nelson Fall 2014 Acceptances

    Say "Hi" to Mrs. Stainback! That woman makes a killer psych test! Very fair, but I still have nightmares when I remember her tests... When Mrs. Ruff tells you to skip reading a section because it will not be on the test, READ IT!
  12. icarr757

    New Hire question about pay

    You all are totaly right! Oh well, the dream was nice while it lasted. From what I hear, I will probably make up a little bit of the time finishing my charting before I leave. Most of my friends tell me their shifts tend to run 12+ hours and they rarely leave "on time." Thanks
  13. icarr757

    New Hire question about pay

    Hmm. I could be wrong, but I thought I was told the job was 3 12's and paid for 40hrs a week. Will double check that tomorrow and get back with you...
  14. icarr757

    Jobs for nurses

    If you have experience in what they are looking for, pretty darn good from what I hear. Dunno if it means anything, but Va. is a right to work state and heard that puts some west coast folks off balance for a bit.
  15. With no experience, take which ever offers you a job first. I put out apps for almost 6 month, got... 4 interviews, the only one that offered me a job has a commute from Williamsburg to the west end of Richmond every day and I jumped on it like a fat kid on a candy bar! Yes, Sentara pays a smidge more than Riverside, but its $1 or $1.50/hr?
  16. icarr757

    microbiology 150 TCC

    All Va. community colleges are essentially one college. I did not think they would allow you to take micro before you took anatomy. In fact I am almost positive Anatomy 2 is a prereq for Micro... Also, when scoring you for applying to nursing school, A's in anatomy 1&2 as well as Micro get you 2 points instead of just 1 point. So work hard at anatomy and micro. Edit: I made A's in anatomy and a B in micro. It can be tough because it is very detailed and high volumes of info. Also they teach enough info for 2 classes in one semester, alot like nursing school...

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