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Surgical nurse, correctional nursing.
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javadown2 has 3+ years experience and specializes in Surgical nurse, correctional nursing..

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  1. javadown2

    Travel Nursing

    It's not really travel nursing now is it...if you have to sign a 2 year agreement. Your better served to do a nurse residency then go into travel nursing honestly. You can "travel" to a different state and find a residency anywhere, then your traveling, lol.
  2. javadown2

    Help with Staffing Incentives?

    Show me the Money! And give incentives to nurses who stick around, give vacation incentives(extra time off for OT hours). I don't care about awards and kudos, just give monetary incentives or selective scheduling, make it easier on the staff who do stay and are on time. Don't reward for bad behaviors.
  3. javadown2

    Travel Nursing

    You can't just step into a travel job without prior nursing experience in your specialty, yeah and not just any nursing job will work. If you want a specific travel job you need experience in THAT specialty. I would recommend figuring out what area of nursing makes you excited and then get a job in a nurse residency program....then after a year(minimum) or two you can start looking into travel nursing. I'm just being honest since I'm just finishing up my 4th travel assignment with a total of 5 years experience so far. Also...your ONLY 26 or 27, far from being OLD or starting a career late, that is just nonsense. Focus on school, then decide once you've got your NCLEX done.
  4. javadown2

    I quit during orientation.

    All that and it's all ok...see it appears to be self destruction. Glad you found what works for you though. It's NOT the end of the world, it's nursing, it's a job. Take it one day at a time, heck one hour at a time, you will be just fine.
  5. I guess we need to ban knives too? But of course this is silly logic.
  6. There are evil people every where, it will happen again...it's sickening but the reality of this world....there is no stopping it to be honest. Ban all the guns, ban what ever..but people will still do bad things as long as evil is in this world.
  7. javadown2

    Burned Out or Just The Way It Is?

    Or....just get out. Take a break, go flip some burgers or work at a hotel. You won't be stressed at work, but will be stressed with paying the bills. Nursing is hard, and I'm going on 5 years like you, it doesn't get easier. Many seem to accelerate and move onto ICU careers or find their niche. If your young enough, move onto something that makes you happy.
  8. javadown2

    I quit during orientation.

    So I had similar experience and was in a nurse residency program. It is hard to be a nurse let alone a new nurse. And for me it hasn't gotten any easier (5 years now). But with that said you learn to have your own way of managing time and tasks. Some days are harder then others. What is your other alternative? If your young enough then do something else...nursing has its many many drawbacks and really isn't that fun or great for the most part. The best days are when you truly made a difference in someones life, worst days are when you are feeling so overwhelmed and just no end in site and just wish to be done with the day. I personally would say give it a year or 2 and then make a dicision, your not wasting time or effort...it's a job, you get paid, you ARE making a difference in peoples lives. Maybe try working at a clinic, prison nurse, school nurse....there are lots of other options. Just don't give up.
  9. javadown2

    This is becoming boring

    I agree and your right it does seem kinda petty that people complain about having such a great job and the worst part about it is that your "bored". I'm not putting him down either, because I've been in the same situation with my last career, I just got bored and decided to move on. But you know what..this is what is great about America/Freedom...do what you please and try to pursue the elusive thing that makes you happy. I had a reality check when I met my wife (from the Philippines) and I've seen first hand what the nurses endure while working for peanuts in the Philippines, we really should be more grateful (and I am!) for what we have!
  10. javadown2

    This is becoming boring

    I don't know...it's hard to give advice for someone that appears to have already found their greener pasture by doing what you do now. I sometimes complain about my job but then realize from past experiences that the grass isn't always greener on the other side...and you have pretty much proven this fact because many many nurses want to make more money by getting more education and higher paid nursing jobs...and to what end...I'm bored now what? Be happy, enjoy life, get a hobby. If you want to do something different do it, but realize that it may not be "greener" on the other side!
  11. javadown2

    Guam, anyone?

    Hi, I messaged you...just happened across this topic...Guam sounds very interesting!

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