What do you think of 12 hour shifts?

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  2. 12-hour shifts have been gaining in popularity among nurses and hospitals ... Do you think this is a good idea? Do you find it more dangerous to work a 12-hour shift vs a 10-hour shift? Would you prefer sticking to the standard 8-hour shifts?

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  4. by   WhiteStockings
    I hate working 12hr shifts. 12 is never 12 or 12-1/2. It invariably is 13 to 14! The perfect shift for me would be 6am-2pm.
  5. by   Centeno
    I would think 12 hour shifts were preferred since you would have 4 days off
  6. by   WhiteStockings
    I love this cartoon...this is me every day that I work.... all day long .
  7. by   andreasmom02
    I don't like them myself. I did them in nursing school & was exhausted after them. I'm more of a 9am -5 pm clinic type nurse. I think they can be dangerous as well. About 2 years ago, a 28 year old nurse in my town, was killed in a car accident after pulling a 12 hr. shift at a local hospital. She had only been an RN about two years. She fell asleep on her way home, crossed the double yellow line in the road, hit another car, then an embankment. Fortunately the other driver was ok, but sadly she passed away at the scene. I think if she had not been so tired from her 12 hour shift, she would probably be here today.
  8. by   Tinker88
    Did any of you have 3 12-hour shifts in a row for school? Maybe 4? At my school, we will have 12s W, R, F, and/or S. Just curious. I know I'll get that experience before applying for a position in the future! At least I'll know if I want the 12 or not.
  9. by   Swellz
    I like the idea of 3x12s but I don't know that I would be able to handle it. I won't have to worry since standard on my floor is 2x12s and 2x8s though. Still an improvement over working 5 days a week, in my opinion.
  10. by   Mandychelle79
    Switching from a 9 day 8 hour shift work week to a 6 day 12 hour shift work week would save me close to 100 dollars per pay. Yes, I want 12 hour shifts.
  11. by   twinkletoes53
    I started my nursing career a long time ago, and we worked 8 hour shifts, 5 days a week. I did that for 8 years. When our unit introduced voluntary 12 hour shifts, I decided to try them, and loved it. I always worked nights, 7pm-7am. And yes, you really are at the hospital for longer than 12 hours. It was worth it to me to have the 4 days off in between.
    Some nurses worked Mon,Tues,Wed. one week, then Wed, Thurs, Fri, the alternate week. So they would have 6 days off in a row every other week.
    When our hospital started offering Weekend Option, I signed on to that contract, working every Saturday and Sunday. Nurses could also opt to work every Friday/Saturday. When I developed arthritis I worked every Friday and Sunday per MD orders, with 24 hours off between shifts.
    It was exhausting. I always had a cold drink with me, and snacks in my car to munch on during the drive home. Luckily I only lived 10 miles away from work. But we did have a nurse and her mom who would drive in from out of town to work weekend option + one extra shift each week. They were involved in a car accident one day on their way home, and after that they stayed at a hotel for a night after their shifts, so they could rest.
  12. by   Marshall1
    12 hr shifts are the only shifts that have been around for many years where I live..there is only one hospital within 50 miles that sometimes offers 8 hrs.

    Personally, 12 hr shifts only work for me on a PRN basis. Would not want to be in a FT position that required 3 12's/wk.
  13. by   That Guy
    I dont ever want to do 8's again. You are at work more than you are at home, or so it feels. 4 solid days off is what I am all about.
  14. by   dansamy
    I'm Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I love it.
  15. by   Gem0607
    I left 12hour shifts because of my husband's schedule and having a toddler it just didn't pan out when daycare closes at 1800. I took a job with 8hr shifts no weekends and no holidays and my starting pay was more than the hospital. I honestly do miss my days I used to have during the week because I was able to run errands and clean. Now working the 8hrs I have no time unless its during my lunch hour to run errands and on the weekends. I can say I do love having an hour for lunch vs hoping to get 15 mins at the most sometimes. At this time in my life, 8hr shifts is what helps my family function well but when my child is older I may very well consider the 12hr shifts. Especially when we go on our vacations and I only have to use PTO for 2-3 days vs a full week if I plan my days correctly.