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  1. HEDIS nursing?

    Hi, thanks for everyone's responses on this topic! I just wanted to update.. I actually was offered a contract HEDIS job recently. However, I had to turn in down, because I just took a job as a medical coder. I passed my medical coder exam a few mont...
  2. New LPN first job in a SNF. any tips before I start?

    My advice is follow the "seasoned LPNs", ask tons of questions, don't do any procedures or pass any meds you are uncomfortable with or not sure about!" There is No dumb question in nursing! Good luck!
  3. CEUs question

    Hi, I'm doing my nursing CEUs for my LPN license in Virginia. I'm using Net CE to do my CEUs. I'm working on the certificate of completion right now for one section of the CEUs that was worth 15 credits. It is asking how much time I spent on that act...
  4. Other certifications, licenses?

    I was just curious what kind of other certifications and licenses other LPNs have?? I got my LPN license in '08. I completed a medical coding program in 2016, but haven't taken the CPC-A (medical coder exam) yet. I hope to in the near future, but kee...
  5. HEDIS nursing?

    I agree... I'm not sure if this course will help me land anything work from home or not. I have looked at the online trainings as well. The one I am doing will be in person. I thought it may help me understand HEDIS better if someone was explaining i...
  6. HEDIS nursing?

    Any LPNs here do HEDIS from home as a nurse? I am an LPN with my medical coding certificate, but haven't took the CPC-A yet (medical coder exam). I have been wanting to do a work from home nursing job for some time now. I recently signed up for a HED...
  7. September 2019 Caption Contest

    Really wish former coworkers from my old job would stop haunting my dreams!
  8. Medical clinic LPN

    Congrats on your new job & good luck! I worked in a family dermatology clinic for a few months in one of my first nursing jobs. My day typically consisted of: making sure exam rooms were stocked with proper supplies and clean; looking at the doct...
  9. Leaving federal job for nursing school

    I agree... I would stay where you are...
  10. I myself have suffered with anxiety for years... Not really depression, but anxiety and panic attacks. I think its genetic, everyone in my family on my mom's side has or had it... I had anxiety in LPN school as well... Honestly, I'm going to agree wi...
  11. Nursing School

    What helped me in LPN school was the internet! Whatever we were covering in class, I studied online. I also found online NCLEX question banks & would study NCLEX-PN questions over and over. Then studying felt more like a game to me rather than wo...
  12. July 2019 Caption Contest: Poll - Select $100 Winner!

    Great.... Time for school to start again for this nurse mom! Get to juggle work, home, kids & school, again.... Wake up Timmy!
  13. Am I doing my CEUs correctly??

    Thanks, yes I always keep paper copies of everything! I guess you could say I'm "old school"! lol
  14. Am I doing my CEUs correctly??

    Thanks so much for your reply! ?