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  1. andreasmom02

    New LPN first job in a SNF. any tips before I start?

    My advice is follow the "seasoned LPNs", ask tons of questions, don't do any procedures or pass any meds you are uncomfortable with or not sure about!" There is No dumb question in nursing! Good luck!
  2. andreasmom02

    CEUs question

    Hi, I'm doing my nursing CEUs for my LPN license in Virginia. I'm using Net CE to do my CEUs. I'm working on the certificate of completion right now for one section of the CEUs that was worth 15 credits. It is asking how much time I spent on that activity. I'm not sure what to put in that box... Do I put 15 in the box where it was worth 15 credits?? thanks!
  3. andreasmom02

    HEDIS nursing?

    Any LPNs here do HEDIS from home as a nurse? I am an LPN with my medical coding certificate, but haven't took the CPC-A yet (medical coder exam). I have been wanting to do a work from home nursing job for some time now. I recently signed up for a HEDIS course next month in another state. Has anyone here took a HEDIS course before? I have no experience in it, but am trying to learn more about it and get in to the field.
  4. andreasmom02

    September 2019 Caption Contest

    Really wish former coworkers from my old job would stop haunting my dreams!
  5. andreasmom02

    Medical clinic LPN

    Congrats on your new job & good luck! I worked in a family dermatology clinic for a few months in one of my first nursing jobs. My day typically consisted of: making sure exam rooms were stocked with proper supplies and clean; looking at the doctor's schedule for the day that the receptionists printed out & handed to nurses; calling patients back, putting patients in an exam room, briefing the doctor on why patient was there to see them before doctor entered room; calling patients with results; calling in medications & refills to pharmacy; giving injections; sterilizing and cleaning surgical tools for the doctor for outpatient dermatology procedures; setting up surgical trays; assisting during surgeries; helping sell dermatology products that were displayed for sale in office, etc. etc. All while making $9.50 an hour with no benefits, yes $9.50... I took the job as it was one of my first LPN jobs for experience... I left after just a few months though as the doctor was very anal and hard to work for. Plus, I wasn't making near what I should for position & no benefits. That office has a very high turnover of LPNs/MAs. As a matter of fact, I saw a job opening for a nurse there this week! lol Best advice I can give is: make sure you are treated fairly and making fair pay for what you are doing in any job; ask lots of questions from seasoned nurses there & how they do things there; stay to yourself when needed (don't get involved in office drama); and make yourself stand out in a positive way that makes the office appreciate you! I did help implement a certain way to document patient check-ins in the EMR at that dermatology practice when I worked there that I think the practice still uses today! 🙂 Wasn't a big deal to me, but the doctor loved it! I would have stayed there had they not worked me so hard, paid better & offered benefits! Best wishes & good luck..
  6. andreasmom02

    Leaving federal job for nursing school

    I agree... I would stay where you are...
  7. I myself have suffered with anxiety for years... Not really depression, but anxiety and panic attacks. I think its genetic, everyone in my family on my mom's side has or had it... I had anxiety in LPN school as well... Honestly, I'm going to agree with the others and say, nursing school might not be a good fit until your anxiety is WELL under control. The studying & clinicals combined is EXTREMELY tiring & will just about give you a nervous breakdown in themselves! I was on 50 mg of Zoloft during nursing school for my anxiety. I gained 50 lbs. while on it, and tried to wean off while I was still in LPN school to lose weight. Big mistake, my anxiety came back full force & I could barely take my nursing exams & was so stressed out. So I stayed on the Zoloft until I graduated LPN school in '07 and then weaned off & lost the weight. The Zoloft did help me get through school, but I had gained so much weight on it I felt awful during my clinicals due to lack of energy. I am now on Atarax & Buspar for anxiety, which has caused no weight gain. Anyway, my point is: if you go to nursing school, make sure to get on the right meds first & get your mental health under control. Otherwise, your setting yourself up for more stress, & the possibility of not doing well academically... I barely passed nursing school, while studying 35 hours a week, going to every clinical and trying my best. Good luck & best wishes!
  8. andreasmom02

    Nursing School

    What helped me in LPN school was the internet! Whatever we were covering in class, I studied online. I also found online NCLEX question banks & would study NCLEX-PN questions over and over. Then studying felt more like a game to me rather than work. Youtube did not exist then, I really wish it had. Now there is tons of nursing information through Youtube and other sites that can help you study. Just make sure you use credible sources when studying. Good luck!
  9. Great.... Time for school to start again for this nurse mom! Get to juggle work, home, kids & school, again.... Wake up Timmy!
  10. andreasmom02

    Am I doing my CEUs correctly??

    Thanks, yes I always keep paper copies of everything! I guess you could say I'm "old school"! lol
  11. andreasmom02

    Am I doing my CEUs correctly??

    Thanks so much for your reply! 🙂
  12. andreasmom02


    If you have several years of bedside care nursing and obtain your CPC-A as a nurse, you have a great chance of being hired from home as a nurse coder with insurance companies, etc. A lot of insurance companies want nurses with floor experience and their CPC-A to do their billing & coding. I really hope to obtain my CPC-A this year as well! Good luck & best wishes 🙂
  13. andreasmom02

    I hate being a nurse

    Yes! I agree... I became an LPN in '08 and I feel the exact same way, like I made a mistake choosing nursing. I wish I had chosen a different career path when I went in to nursing (radiology, teaching, business, anything really but nursing)... I decided to get my medical coding certificate in 2016 in hopes of working from home as a medical coder, but haven't sat for the CPC-A yet, so I'm not working in coding yet. I'm hoping to in the near future possibly. I am also currently substitute teaching at my youngest child's school, and taking classes towards a degree in teaching now, incase the coding falls through. My husband says I am all over the place with my career and education. Maybe he's right, but I will have my Associate in applied science of teacher education this May. I plan to continue to get my bachelors in teaching over the next few years as well. Everyone who knows me has basically put me down saying, "you're an LPN, why on earth would you throw all of that education away and not want to work as an LPN?! Why do you keep changing career paths?!" I'm tired of people saying that to me... It's really no one else's business. I have learned do what YOU want to do in life that makes you happy! Don't listen to others! If you do, you'll never get ahead. If you loathe nursing, and can't find your fit, change careers! Your health & body with thank you in the future when you aren't sick with stress... I wouldn't have my Associate degree in teacher education this May if I had listened to everyone else.
  14. andreasmom02


    The CPC is a Certified professional coder. All you need to do is pass the exam. You can study on your own and attempt it, or take a medical coding course through a community college, or online at AAPC.com, etc. Go to AAPC.com for more information. I obtained my medical coding certificate through my local community college online in 2016. However, I have not yet sat for the CPC-A, but am planning to attempt it in the near future. Just need to study more lol... I am an LPN as well.
  15. andreasmom02

    Am I doing my CEUs correctly??

    I am a Virginia LPN. Virginia requires LPNs to complete 30 contact hours of learning every 2 years to maintain an active license. I just wanted to make sure that I am doing my CEUs correctly. I emailed & called the VA. BON not long ago, but can't get a straight answer. The last time I completed my CEUs I ordered two courses from Net CE. One course was Anxiety disorders worth 15 contact hours, the other was colorectal cancer worth 15 contact hours which equals 30 contact hours. So basically my question is: can I take whatever courses I want as long as it adds up to 30 contact hours?? Or do I have to find one course that equals 30 contact hours? Any help is appreciated...