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  1. Marshall1

    Which is it? Coolest and most glamorous nursing jobs

    Move along folks..nothing to see here..
  2. Marshall1

    Syringe driver terror

    Is this post for real? I'm beginning to wonder about some of the posts lately.."can I stay home and take care of my BF who has a patch on the back of his head" now this one..more and more this site seems to be drawing in either fakes/drama driven or really immature nurses..or so it seems.
  3. Marshall1

    Don't call in sick!

    Not all positions or employers will allow a LOA. It's a nice thought and would be great if it were an option all the time, but sadly, it isn't.
  4. Marshall1

    Advice needed

    Most LPN's make between $17-$20/hour. And lot of SNF/LTC now have 12 hour shifts as opposed to 8. Sadly, Ga is notoriously low in pay for nurses period. Depending on the facility you can go to glassdoor.com to see average reported salaries for a business, you can also reach out to the HR person and ask. There is nothing wrong w/that.
  5. Marshall1

    Shepherd Center in Atlanta

    I have never worked there BUT I know several people who have and also several people who have been patients there. They ALL RAVE about it. It's "the" hospital for spinal injuries, etc. Has an excellent reputation in and around ATL.
  6. Marshall1


    Go to the interview, decide then if you will need accommodations and if so, discuss that with the HR or person you are interviewing with. It sounds like it would be a good job!
  7. Marshall1

    Debilitating Anxiety

    It sounds like you may need to revisit medication. Even if short term. For wanting to work part time you may need to look at home health, private duty or similar positions. LTC would be another option. Also, if you haven't had a physical with complete blood work you may want to consider that..anxiety can come from a variety of sources - not just mental health issues. Mitral Valve Prolapse/cardiac issues as well as respiratory illnesses can cause anxiety. Just to look at it from all angles.
  8. Marshall1

    Need help..hate my job :(

    Maybe look into home health or hospice (though call is usually required)..you can go ahead and begin applying other places and depending on your hospitals policy, to other units there maybe. If you want completely out of the hospital setting look to MD offices etc. Go to sites like Indeed.com, glassdoor.com, usajobs.gov...with your experience in CVICU even with being a few months shy of an RN for a year you definitely have options. I personally disagree with the staying in a position for a year if it creates as much stress and mental/physical health issues as your position seems to be creating for you. NO job is worth that. You can start applying for other jobs and just say you are interested in trying another area of nursing.
  9. Marshall1

    Need advice!

    16 hours is WAY to long of a shift in any capacity - you have to take into consideration the drive time to/from work whcih would most likely turn 16 days into 17 or more depending on distance..you also need to consider not if but when you will be running late at work for some reason - because it will happen at both places at some point & that will add to the length of your day. That being said..one position is obviously working with new mothers/babies, the other gerontology..ask yourself which of those populations most interest you? Also, FT in a hospital setting is usually 3 12's a week - not 3 one week and 4 the next - that would be considered overtime - at least at the hospitals around here- so you may want to ask about that..also, compare benefits between the two places..normally they are better in a hospital. Also, L&D jobs for new grads are difficult to find - at least where I live while LTC are always hiring. I personally would not work a 16 hour shift for any job. Way too long.
  10. Marshall1

    Blindsided by a colleague.

    I think you should talk to this person directly and if possible with someone else that is neutral to you both present. It sounds like there is something more to this - at least on her part -with you.
  11. Marshall1

    New RN, leaving after 6 months unprofessional?

    Do not give up the opportunity to travel to remain in a role you are unhappy in and have been since "day one" - I have never understood the "stay for a year even if you are miserable" thought process..employers realize that not every job is a good fit for someone and that sometimes once in a position it ends up being far from what was expected or can be tolerated. You can simply tell them that if the subject should come up in the future.
  12. Marshall1

    How do you even get a job as a school nurse?

    Teaching jobs, educator jobs, school jobs | SchoolSpring This site lists nursing school jobs..it's not user friendly but the jobs are posted
  13. Marshall1

    I am not proud of my track record.

    I am not sure the OP is for real..sounds very immature, lazy, self centered, almost middle school/teenager age who lives with a parent who is in healthcare and has heard stories...if the OP is for real - I don't think he/she will be licensed very long and most likely will end up facing legal ramifications from the behavior at some point. It's scary on a lot of levels actually what is written by the OP and his/her responses to others on here. Just...wow.
  14. Marshall1

    Gmc rn reaidency program 2017

    GMC was recently acquired by Northside hospital...there are several GMC locations, they were rated "C" by the hospital grading system in Ga a few months ago..there are many open positions and room for advancement. The residency programs require a nurse or grad to apply, go through a few interviews then if selected follow a certain schedule of classroom and clinical times. The residency application is usually several months before the actual job begins..for instance..in Jan 2017 they will be accepting applications for the fall 2017 program. Pay is average for the area, traffic is terrible.
  15. Marshall1

    psych is so hard to break into...

    The VA hospitals and outpatient clinics have psych...maybe look here USAJOBS - The Federal Government's Official Jobs Site for one near you
  16. Marshall1

    "I thought they liked me..."

    I agree about the quota ect but it still wasted her time and caused her to lose time at her current job..yes, that's the risk she runs, as we all do when looking for a job while employed elsewhere, however, a 3 hour intervie wthen a 2 hour interview..little much