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  1. Move along folks..nothing to see here..
  2. Marshall1

    Syringe driver terror

    Is this post for real? I'm beginning to wonder about some of the posts lately.."can I stay home and take care of my BF who has a patch on the back of his head" now this one..more and more this site seems to be drawing in either fakes/drama driven or really immature nurses..or so it seems.
  3. Marshall1

    Don't call in sick!

    Not all positions or employers will allow a LOA. It's a nice thought and would be great if it were an option all the time, but sadly, it isn't.
  4. Marshall1

    Advice needed

    Most LPN's make between $17-$20/hour. And lot of SNF/LTC now have 12 hour shifts as opposed to 8. Sadly, Ga is notoriously low in pay for nurses period. Depending on the facility you can go to glassdoor.com to see average reported salaries for a business, you can also reach out to the HR person and ask. There is nothing wrong w/that.
  5. Marshall1

    Shepherd Center in Atlanta

    I have never worked there BUT I know several people who have and also several people who have been patients there. They ALL RAVE about it. It's "the" hospital for spinal injuries, etc. Has an excellent reputation in and around ATL.
  6. Marshall1

    Advice needed

    It depends really on what part of Ga and where you work - hospice/home health/LTC, how many years experience..there is not one set standard.
  7. Marshall1

    Dialysis RN Career Advice

    I think you would need to define what advancement you are seeking or interested in..You could advance into a Directors position in nephrology at a hospital or with a dialysis clinic..you would move into an ADON or DON position at a SNF. Depends on the path you are most interested in and what you mean by advancement.
  8. Marshall1

    Would You do This Commute?

    I just accepted a PRN position at a hospital 50 miles (hour commute)from me. For me, at this time, the long days will be worth it as I will only work weekends which is what I wanted. My advice is to at least try the position - if you find it's too much and are able to drop to 2 days a week then do that or if it's just too much then you can find something else. Weather/traffic are variables that will change depending on unforeseen circumstances but most days you go will be "usual" traffic etc. And I rather, like a few others have posted, drive for a job I like than one I don't.
  9. Marshall1

    I don't want to do this anymore

    Before going back to school for something else, especially since you don't know what else you would like to do, I would suggest another flavor of nursing or if you really enjoy LTC then another LTC facility. Don't judge all of them or make the assumption all of them are like the one you work at now. Home Health maybe be a good fit if you aren't interested in hospital nursing. I know a lot of people will say "hang in there, it will get better" or "wait until you hit the year mark" but I disagree with that..if you are truly miserable & it's more than just one or two bad days at work, it's time to find something else. Life is too short.
  10. Marshall1

    Current prn rates?

    A lot of hospitals have "tiers" of PRN - more money depending on more availability. Also depends on shift/certifications etc but I do know that Gwinnett Medical is $32/hour or was - for the minimal tier and went up from there. Most larger hospitals have nurse recruiters now in ATL - maybe reach out to one of them for more info.
  11. Marshall1

    Possible Relocation from Indiana to Georgia

    You can look through posts in the GA forum about relocation..as far as rates - really depends on where you work/shift/experience/certifications, etc. You will also need a GA license before or at least show you have applied for a GA license as there are "tons" of nursing jobs but also "tons" of nurses applying for them. You're not being able to start an IV is something you could mention during the interview if asked what a weakness of yours is - certainly not a deal breaker. As far as Tanner..you can look for reviews online - it's been THE hospital in Carrollton GA "forever" - you also have a VA in the area so you can apply for jobs there even not having a Ga license since it's federal. Just note that wages, by and large, in Ga are lower for nurses than other states.
  12. Marshall1

    Can't decide between two job offers..HELP

    Unless the hospital is paying for your education or repaying a student loan or giving you a bonus of some sort, I do not understand the benefit of signing a contract..what would the point be? To just ensure the hospital "owns" you for 24 months? I would not sign one just to agree to work there for 2 years without some direct benefit other than a job. Employers are going to look out for themselves..so you need to look out for yourself as well. The travel time between where you live & the hospitals is negligible...it sounds like the larger hospital is more inline w/your interest & long term goals. Not all nurse managers/directors are friendly..who cares? If they are fair & professional that's what counts..they are your boss/supervisor, not friend. That's not to sound harsh but it's a fact & honestly, you will have little interaction w/the director I would think once you are working. It's nice to have a boss who is friendly but one that is more stoic shouldn't be a deal breaker.
  13. Marshall1

    Relocating from Florida to Georgia

    Take a look at Northside Hospital for L&D. Also North Fulton Hospital.
  14. Marshall1

    Relocating from Florida to Georgia

    You will need to have your Ga license before applying to any positions..I relocated from FL to GA as well..regardless of what you read/hear, nurses are plenty around GA so by and large employers are not willing to wait for someone to get their license, etc. That being said, you don't have to apply to ICU positions..if you hate ICU why apply? With your certifications/experience/degrees you will be an asset so don't sell yourself short. Also, have you thought about taking a travel assignment to Ga? Several nurses I know have done that then accepted permanent positions. It also allowed them to get a feel for the area they wished to live in.
  15. Marshall1

    Starting nursing school at 37...

    Go for it!
  16. Marshall1

    New Nurse Dealing With Depression?

    Having depression. BP or any other mental health issue doesn't make one "crazy" - it's an illness, a disease process and one that can reach a point where medical help is needed and necessary..be it therapy or medication or both. If your insurance doesn't cover therapy would it cover you seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist instead? Some won't cover LCSW's but will cover other disciplines. If not, can you go to your PCP and speak to him/her about things? Maybe get some help then once working you can access EAP or similar. But like the others have said, please, get assistance.

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