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  1. Tinker88

    Quit Nursing?

    Amen! I'm a new grad and I would be scared silly if I was my patient without supervision right now...just speaking the truth. You should be required to have at least 2 years experience before working for these agencies!!!! Patients deserve competent nurses taking care of them, not a newbie.
  2. Tinker88

    Union University ABSN Spring 2015

    The safest and wisest way to find a roommate would be to contact Union in Jackson and let them know that you will be attending nursing school and are in need of a roommate. Ask Wendy, the nursing admissions assistant, if she can help you. She is really nice! 731-661-6542 or wwilliams@uu.edu.
  3. Tinker88

    Quit Nursing?

    I think it would be a good idea to find a hospital position with a one year residency program. Maybe you could find a Med-surg position if you like hospice/homecare. Working in a hospital at first builds up your skills. This would allow you to train under supervision too (what new grads need). I just have always heard how hard it is for a new grad to go into hospice/homecare right out of school. I could only imagine the stress. You are burning yourself out. It's not healthy. You need an environment that will boost your confidence and prepare you better. Good luck hun :)
  4. Tinker88

    Union University ABSN Fall 2014

    As the PP said, rest up. Relax and enjoy your time with family and friends now. Things are about to change and your time will be very valuable. Time will fly by so quickly and you guys will be where we are next year. It may seem impossible but it is.
  5. Tinker88

    Union University ABSN Fall 2014

    Really I have don't know much. I'm interested myself!!!! I know that many hospitals in the Memphis area do help pay back your loan if you contact with them for a certain number of years...usually 2. St. Francis has a $8000 hiring bonus on there nursing applications. Wish I was more helpful.
  6. Tinker88

    Union University ABSN Fall 2014

    I am using Well Fargo MedCap currently and I really like it. I don't have to worry about anything. Wells Fargo just sends them the money on a set schedule that Union created (Sep, Jan, May, & Sep). I don't have to pay anything while in school (but you can). I also will get 6 months to search for a job until I have to start paying, but Union students don't have trouble finding positions!
  7. Tinker88

    Union University ABSN Fall 2014

    Congrats! See you in the Fall!
  8. Tinker88

    Union University ABSN Fall 2014

    check inbox moto:)
  9. Tinker88

    Union University ABSN Fall 2014

    I am in the Union program now. It's an awesome program and it is going by super fast!
  10. Tinker88

    All the choices...what to do?

    I ended up choosing Union University and I have not regretted it! I too graduated from Memphis. Trust me...it's expensive, but it's totally worth it. Faculty are supportive and really support you if you work hard.
  11. Tinker88

    Union University ABSN Fall 2014

    Congrats to you all! You will enjoy it!
  12. Tinker88

    Union University Accelerated BSN Interview

    Congrats everyone!
  13. There are so many DNP options. Check out the University of Tennessee Health and Science Center in Memphis! DNP Options Acute Care Nursing Family Nursing Forensic Nursing Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Public Health Nursing Nurse Anesthesia Pediatric Nursing Neonatal Nursing Dual: Acute Care/Family Nurisng Dual: Psychiatric Mental Health/Family Nursing UTHSC: Doctor of Nursing Practice
  14. Tinker88

    First week down........

    Hello! I'm also a teacher (2 years) going into nursing. I'm in the first semester of an accelerated program. I too have no medical background, and many people in my cohort do. Stay positive! You are all there to learn the same things. I YouTube videos and use apps on my iPhone to help me. Some apps I use are: Taber's (contains videos), RN mentor, Stedman's Med Term, NCLEX, and there's a lot more.
  15. Tinker88

    Did being unattractive hurt your career?

    Sometimes my forehead looks tense when I'm reading something very interesting or watching an action movie. I'm only 24, but if these lines begin to stay like that later in my life, I may get Botox injections! They are supposed to relax the tense facial muscles. Some people go overboard with those though. I've seen people who can't even smile or move their eyebrows. You don't want a dead face!