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Just wanted to share this.

So, last night just had me fuming. Just a bad shift... not horribly busy or anything, but there were just too many things going on that were further reinforcing the fact that I need to find a new place to work. I am usually able to put on a smile and let things roll off my back, but I was just super fed up and in a bad mood in general. Not good for anyone... Spent the entire drive home, on the phone, ranting about how much things suck there.

So, I get home and park, and for some reason I look underneath the radio/controls part of the dashboard. There is a little dip there for tossing spare change. I bought this car used and have had it a few years. Never noticed before that this little plastic piece pops out. Pulled it out and it was just a bunch of wiring and such. Scrunched down to look farther back and noticed the corner of a tiny piece of paper sitting in a small box-like piece at the back. Dug around til I got a grasp on it and pulled it out. It was an old, rather dirty/greasy fortune from a fortune cookie that said "You have so much to be thankful for." Sat there mildly stunned for a few moments.

What a bizarre way to be reminded. I really needed that... Think I may go in to work with a bit of a better attitude tonight...

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awwwww!! what a great story. and a good lesson as well.

(my friend bought a used car, opened up the ash tray and found a partially smoked joint!)

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I'm just imagining all of the people you ran off the road while you were angry and ranting on the phone.:chair:

Am I in trouble?:D

Wow , this is one of unexplained things in life, that make you wonder, was it just meant for you? or what?

!! quick story, but so neat....... My Mom had passed away, before she passed, ( but she knew she nearing the end of her life ( hospice ect..) My Husband said to her, "When you get to the other side, send me a sign you made it", she asked "What kind of sign do you want.. He said" Suprise me!" a few days later My Mom passed away. At her visitation at the funeral home, we were about ready to go home, only a few people remained in the room, My Husband looked startled and looked around the room fast, and said.. "Where is the bird"!!? , There is a bird in here!" Everyone just looked at him, - He said I just heard a bird fly right by my left ear!!", It sounded and felt like a bird flying fast right past , he even felt the swoosh, ect, To this day , I get goose bumps when I think of it, and always wonder.... was that her sign to him?

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I love this story.

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Thanks for sharing. I love it when life hands us such a clear message at exactly the right time. :)

So Ruby's friend is that rarity who when pulled over and drugs are discovered is actually telling the truth when they tell the cops "hey that is not mine! I have no idea how that got there!!" :lol2: (I

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Very cool that you found it just when you needed it.

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We had the same night and I was in the same mood. Tonight was my night off and I was still angry until I read your story... Thanks for sharing. :)

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thanks for sharing your story.

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It's moments like these that you just sit back, take a deep breath, and smile. Awesome!

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Thanks for sharing your story! I call those surprise reminders "God things".

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Wow. Very timely reminder. How nice!

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