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  1. cecilsgirl

    SNF/LTC new nurse needs advice

    Not sure what State you are from, but if we can't give a med and if the patient is not his own decision maker, we MUST call the Dr. for an omit order.
  2. cecilsgirl

    As if I am not busy enough!

    It seems to be the norm sometimes with nursing in long term. Family also can be like that, they just think you have nothing better to do. I don't mean to sound cold but we get stopped with narcs out and during counting even to have a family member wonder where Dad's slippers are. I feel your frustration.
  3. cecilsgirl

    Nurse pressing charges

    I was told once I had cancer that had spread to my lymph nodes, at that time I had no Idea how long I would be here, I would of expected arrest if I had done that, what the heck? Cancer is NOT an excuse for bad behavior, or anything else!!
  4. cecilsgirl


    Was it Mom or Dad,... who use to say??, or the bible..."Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" sorry if this isn't quoted word for word) and someone said once,"Two wrongs don't make a right" but then again,.. I have been there when I have greeted someone, and they just ignore you, ... ouch!
  5. cecilsgirl

    Theme music

    "Riding the Storm Out"
  6. cecilsgirl

    I quit in the middle of my shift....

    you can quit a job half way through a shift, you let them know, last time I looked this is still a free country, why is it nurses ( some) think it is such a sin to just leave-???
  7. cecilsgirl

    Is being an LPN REALLY that bad?

    I love being an LPN, I work under RN's, they handle all admissions, and acute assessments, most incidents ect.. I make 49,000 a year, great FREE insurance and vacation/ comp time/sick pay -- all very generous.... ) and love my job most days. Not bad for ONE year of LPN school. - which has long been paid for.
  8. cecilsgirl

    In the spirit of recent optimism, what is your true love?

    of coause God, Family, friends , ,then it is my Dog, and those wonderful flowers that bloom, and the garden to feed my family, the tulips who smile up to you. ahhhh--- I love Spring! happy May day ( 1 day late ;-)
  9. cecilsgirl

    Who speaks up for the Nursing Profession ?

    Good post! and med errors are also in long term nursing where the nurse has 50 patients to pass meds to , and all the stuff they put up with too. It is not just the hospitals that burn the nurse out. I am also amazed that nurses don't lobby more for changes, or do something! I have about 11 years left to work, .. and that is if my body and mind can make it that long!! What can we do??
  10. cecilsgirl

    I am a new LPN

    Abd. thrusts ( Heimlich sp?) should not be done if there is any coughing at all, or noise being made from the patient/resident. Was there? Good luck on your new job, it will get better, and I know you will shine. 22 years and still going ;-)
  11. cecilsgirl

    What is your current LPN salary

    22 an hour and FREE awesome health insurance, I think when you ask about wages-- bennifits are important to mention too.
  12. cecilsgirl

    Nurses-How to be a blessing as a CNA?

    Don't tattle! I don't how much time is lost on NA's caring WAY too much what others are doing, and I don't have time to be a pre-school teacher and a Nurse! I know sometimes you have to, but most of the time you don't!!
  13. cecilsgirl

    Nurses working without health insurance

    I'm lucky -my Employer pays 100 percent of my insurance, and it is awesome. this may change someday, but for now I am loving it!
  14. cecilsgirl

    The moment when you know why you're a nurse

    It is right before christmas, I just fed a little sweet alzheimers lady, ( advanced) I sing a few short verses of a carol, she bends toward me and gives me the sweetest little kiss on my cheek, and smiles so happy, so unexpected.. But it is those small moments that make all the hard work over the years so worth it. It is those moments I will remember long after they happen, and I hope forever.
  15. cecilsgirl

    How to tell my clinical manger i need time off for a lumpectomy

    OP, good luck to you, remember this, one can't loose their job, ( or they are not suppose to) due to cancer treatment, ( if that is what you are going through) No matter what, your life is more important than ANY JOB!! I had mastectomies (14 months apart) then chemo ect.. everyone was always understanding, and I was up front with everyone, I mean it is a little hard not to be. ..in my case--- wishing you the best.