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That's what I look like in my nursing uniform!:roll

I just got it in the mail... white collared blouse, white pants and white lab coat! I'm not petite anyway (;) ) and this will only accentuate the size! I guess I will intimidate my patients into following dr's orders!


How about the rest of you... how do you look in your nursing student's uniform?

pokey sn

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What a lovely question :chuckle I absolutely hate (!) my uniform. My white pants have this hideous elastic band around the waist that makes me look about six months pregnant. and to top it off we get to wear 'lovely' white polo shirts that look like I'm about to go play gym. To make it even more special we have these hunter green jackets to complete the ensemble. Who picks these uniforms out?!I mean seriously!

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I feel like a lumpy blimp in mine...and we get to choose any white pants and tunic length top we want. But DH thinks it's sexy. :rolleyes:


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I don't like my uniform either. The top is white w/blue piping around the sleeves and the school emblem on left upper chest area and has a zipper in the front. Everyone usually wears a t-shirt under them, becauses so many zippers have popped!The lab coat is about the same only it has buttons. Our pants are white w/elastic waistbands and baggy legs :o)

But we can wear colored scrub tops during our peds rotation, the scrub tops are much more comfortable and you don't have to worry about the zipper breaking. LOL

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The first time I wore mine, a client mistook me for a cafeteria worker. :rolleyes:


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I have like both of my uniforms. They changed the uniform this year so I am very pleased to be able to buy one of the new ones and still use the two old ones I have. the seniors don't have to wear the new uniforms but can if they chose to. The forst one is a pin-striped blue uniform. The second in a lavendar top with white pants. (don't know how much the guys like that though)


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What does DH stand for? I am sorry, I read it all the time and can't figure it out.

My first clinical session starts next week and I get to wear street clothes to it. I don't know the reasoning behind it, I guess psych patients get scared if they see someone in scrubs.


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DH= darling husband


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I went to check out our uniforms yesterday and I am hating them already. The tops are white, the ones that snap down the front. I hate these tops!!! When I worked as a CNA I wore one of these and the snaps were forever coming undone! I guess I will be buying a lot of tshirts to wear underneath. The pants are white also with a seam sewn down the front of the legs. Our jacket is white w/ blue pinstripes, made out of some sort of OSHA approved material that feels really weird. We have to sew our patches on ourselves. Thank God I have a sewing machine!


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After reading about all of these other stories, I don't feel so bad about mine now!

White scrub pants, maroon polo shirt, and white (ugly and boring) lab coats that just kind of hang there with the school name badge on the arm.:o


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Our uniforms consist of green pants and a white polo shirt. We also had to get a green warm up jacket and a white lab coat. I hate the polo shirt!!! Plus the green pieces are like any regular uniform separates you could go to the mall and buy but we had to purchase them through the college at twice the price! Oh well!

I AM thrilled to be in the RN program though and will be starting school on September 5th. :)


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Guys in my program have 2 options, the first is not too awful bad but it makes you look like a dentist with the white zippered top and the scrub bottoms with the wide elastic waistband, the second option is a white "polo" shirt and a pair of white slacks and a stretch white belt....makes you look like one of the "orderly's" when there were orderlys around. The shoes...dont get me started on those clodhoppers...geeeze. The patch has to be professionally sewn and is very nice. The lab coat is a normal lab coat and the patch has to be professionally sewn on that as well. I chose the "dentist" look.

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