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When I was in school, we had hidious uniforms! We looked like big orange pumpkins!

The top and pants were both orange pinstripes. The top had a peterpan color, and came up to your neck, it zipped in the back. They had a button on each shoulder, which a white apron hooked too. And of course, we had the nurse's cap to complete the lovely ensamble! Plus, a long white lab coat.

I graduated in '92 in case you're wondering. The school has since changed the uniform, and got rid of the hat!


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I feel lucky! We have blue uniforms, and can pick between two different tops and bottoms. I love that I can have drawstring pants and a scrub tunic with those awesome pockets. We DO look like smurfs, but I would hate whites----

I was so pumped---for my ICU, my clinical instructor told us that we can wear regular scrubs!!! We are the only group, so I feel really lucky. Also......we don't feel so out of place, and I think it boosts our confidence!


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Okay, I'm sorry but I think glascow gets the award for most horrible! Orange with stripes!!! Did you mention that you weren't an 'autumn'... that color would look horrible on me!

So, now we know the uniforms are AWFUL!!! Maybe they are made to humble us!

I know I will be wearing mine with pride... I'm in the nursing program... woooohooo!


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Well...I look like a smurf!!! :roll Our uniforms are royal blue, and we have a white lab coat. Can't get any smurfy-er!!


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We have white, tapered leg, elastic waist pants, white snap-front top, and navy lab jacket. Thank goodness we have the navy jacket; I would hate to wear ALL white. I just hope the tatoo on my butt doesn't show through the pants. :chuckle


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Wow.. Im glad Im going to the school I am going to then lol. My school our uniforms are White bottoms, White (normal) scrub tops. No zippers or bottoms to deal with, just draw strings. The lab coat is all white too.

Diggin the orderly look, wish I could do that here :eek:


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Originally posted by peggysue

I just hope the tatoo on my butt doesn't show through the pants. :chuckle

I hear you there! I have a black sun tatoo on my back that is sure to show through.


Originally posted by maire

The first time I wore mine, a client mistook me for a cafeteria worker. :rolleyes:

Hey! whats wrong with being a cafeteria worker?;)


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At the hospital I did clinicals at.. every employee got to wear scrubs. You couldnt tell a janitor from a comp teach for a cafeteria worker from an MD. It was horrible (for the patients and us!!).


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Hi! Peter Pan here from never, never, land. Our uniforms are all white, no lab coats allowed (might be mistaken for a health care worker:eek: ), puffy short sleeves, 6 buttons on the front (three on each side), elastic waist pants (that fall down every time you bend over), white oxford style shoes (no white sneakers allowed). Can't wait til I graduate, then I'll give it to an unsuspecting person coming up in our nursing program!:D

Specializes in Acute Medicine/ Palliative.

You all are gonna ove this...We get to pick our scrubs...we can buy them from any uni shop-as long as they are nursing scrubs...(aka medical healthcare scrubs!) Ummm, we can wear solids or print tops and any color EXCEPT BLACK....whatever! One silly NO on the black scrubs is A OK with me! I wear Hello Kitty to Peids!


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I have never seen black scrubs.. what dept. usually wears those?

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