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Is it possible to do the msn educator program in one term 6 months? In a way that's 2 quarters, so it would be 15 units per quarter. If the student is able to handle all the load, is it possible to... Read More

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    Ok let's get back to the topic at hand. AN wants to be supportive of all students and hopes we can continue in the helpful vein. To come and demean a nursing program which you state YOU attend kinda puts your choices in question too.
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    Rarely do I get caught up in these kind of threads, but this really has my dander up! Despite mclennan's assertations, those of you who are considering enrolling in WGU BSN or MSN program will be challenged by the program but it is very doable. I suppose it's like everything- you get out of it what you put into it. As stated earlier, you gain knowledge through research and writing papers, with an occasional objective exam in certain courses. There are NO required discussion boards and your progress through the program depends on the amount of time and effort you put into it. BSN can be completed in 6 months or less and MSN anywhere from 6 months (rare) to 1-2 years- it all depends on the student. You WILL learn a lot, particularly different ways of looking at nursing. WGU may not be for everyone because it is independent study, requiring commitment and organizational skills. It was a great fit for me-I will be a little sorry when I'm done because I have enjoyed it so much!
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    "My mentor has told me she and other faculty check these boards, and our participation is a small part of the overall grades."

    The above statement is absolutely not true. Your grades are determined strictly by the work completed in TASKSTREAM. While your mentor may check the boards, with all due respect, your grade is absolutely not determined by your participation. WGU itself states that if you feel comfortable to continue with submitting the work, then you are not required to post on the boards. If that were not the case, then WGU could get itself into trouble with lying to students about what is expected, don't you think?

    "Many components of the course state: "share you thoughts on the message board & respond to at least one other student's posting."

    Yes, many of the components of the course state to share your thoughts, but this is absolutely not required. To say that it is is giving other students false information, if in fact you really attend there.
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    As I am not enrolled in the MSN portion (only the BSN), I can't speak for what is required in the MSN classes. I would not be surprised if most of the staff at WGU are Mormons. I don't really care one way or another. My mentor is incredibly nice. I doubt it's because she's Mormon. I have a lot of friends who are also incredibly nice, and they're not Mormon.

    As far as it being easy, I have to kind of agree with Mclennan. Now, I am a strong writer, so I know I have an advantage over a lot. But I spent a year at Frontier University before transferring to WGU, and I struggled HARD to write to the standards they required at Frontier to get an A. After nearly a year of their standards, I have found the rigor of WGU to be...much less. That's not to say I'm not learning anything, because I am, definitely! And I did find Biochem challenging. But other than that, I haven't found any of the other classes to be particularly difficult. The only thing I've struggled with with WGU is self-motivation and time-management, skills you really need to have to succeed with this program.
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    Hello cayenne06

    I'm impresses by your determination by finishing your bsn in that period. Im considering joining them as well. Im curious if the time you completed the course you were working?
    Better of, how many hours were you dedicating to the program daily?
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    Mentors DO NOT determine grades. The Taskstream grading staff (adjunct faculty) grade ALL submissions. Those submissions are 100% of the grade. No discussions are required nor do postings to discussion boards form any part of the passing or failing of the courses in either the BSN or MSN programs.

    In fact, mentors and Taskstream have ZERO communication per WGU policy. Z.E.R.O.
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    FWIW I pwersonaly know several RNs from our ICU who completed their BSN at WGU and had no trouble getting accepted to CRNA school.
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    Quote from PMFB-RN
    FWIW I pwersonaly know several RNs from our ICU who completed their BSN at WGU and had no trouble getting accepted to CRNA school.
    I graduated from CRNA school August of 2011. I got my BSN from WGU (in a year) and was accepted to two of the three programs I applied to.
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    Quote from IndiCRNA
    I graduated from CRNA school August of 2011. I got my BSN from WGU (in a year) and was accepted to two of the three programs I applied to.
    Could you please share (via PM if you wish) the CRNA school you graduated form? Thanks.
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    Quote from RNtemi
    Could you please share (via PM if you wish) the CRNA school you graduated form? Thanks.
    I am new here and can't PM but I don't mind telling you. I went to St.Mary's University in Minneapolis MN.

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    Thinking about WGU for an MSN this fall. I like the tuition rate. Anyone able to share Capstone project titles. Just wondering what is expected.
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    My capstone was titled: How Do Night Shift Nurses Learn to Cope with Circadian Disruption?

    The capstone is basically an original research project you conduct. You pick the topic - so make it something that interests you. The four research courses that lead up to capstone are building blocks, and if you refine your topic soon enough, the work you produce for these courses become part of the finished capstone. Mine took 5 months, start to finish.

    Nearly two months of it was getting IRB approval from both my hospital and WGU. (WGU's part only takes a week or two). IMHO, IRB approval is the biggest challenge - so I would start looking into your facility's policies NOW. For example, my hospital is a large, urban teaching hospital, and IRB meets twice a month. Some smaller places only meet quarterly - so you have to be prepared.
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    How long does it have to be? I'm assuming we would have to do a lit review then some sort of experiment. I see capstones at other schools too.

    I like WGU. I like the location, and whether or not the faculty is made up of Mormons is something I don't care about. I lived with a family of Mormons in Edmonton, and worked for Siemens MedSeries4 out of SLC; they are nice, fine people.

    I know that having the ability to write, cite, and conduct research will be beneficial. One of the concerns I have is whether or not we can recieve credit for the program towards a DNP. Anyone that you know of, continue on towards a Doctorate in Nursing?