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mclennan has 8 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in CCM, PHN.

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  1. mclennan

    New Grad in California

    There's a ton of threads about this. Please consider getting some experience somewhere else first. The market is insane here and you will have a pretty tough time. Sorry.
  2. mclennan


    Oh and folks, two fantastic products for covering up are TatJacket and Tat2X. They make various sizes and colors of sheaths made to pull on and cover up ink. Beats the heck out of always wearing long sleeves and long pants. I swear I don't work for the companies, just own both products and they work great.
  3. mclennan


    Jeez, Ruby. You sound like you're 92. Honestly? You're that old fashioned and stuck up about tattoos? My mom and I got matching tattoos 2 years ago and she is in her 70s. She has over a dozen pieces on her that all look fantastic. I have 8. And my niece IDOLIZES our ink and got a half sleeve for her graduation gift this past May. She's 18. It's so personal, like religion. It's a persons body and choice. People have come a long way in respecting one another's bodies over the years. The younger generation ESPECIALLY. If anything, their rebellion will occur in the form of them totally embracing other people's choices and individual beauty, rather than what Ruby thinks they'll embrace.
  4. mclennan

    Young, Thin, and Cute New Hires

    As long as this 2 year old thread has been resurrected out of nowhere, yo Commuter......how are things going?
  5. mclennan

    Am I overstepping my boundaries? WWYD?

    I cannot believe some of the posts here. I'd swear this is a joke if I sadly didn't believe it to be true. I fear for nursing's future if this is the quality of intellect and character populating it.
  6. mclennan

    Why is it inappropriate to stand up for yourself?

    Newbie nurse. You have a good couple of decades ahead of you of dealing with doctors who will act like this. If you pop and get defensive every single solitary time it happens, you will burn out of this career in a few short years. Honestly? Keep your trap shut when they're around unless you need to provide input that ABSOLUTELY needs to be heard AT THAT MOMENT or it threatens the patient's SAFETY. Keep Maslow in mind. And just get used to managers NEVER being on your side. It's nursing. It's reality.
  7. mclennan

    Cedar Sinai Medical Center Job

    I worked there for 2 years and it was horrible. It pays well but you will be worked to death because of their poor staffing practices. And a hefty chunk of your paycheck will go toward rent and parking. Don't be stupid.....no one takes public transportation here. EVERYONE drives. It's the reality. Don't let anyone tell you different. Also, Cedars is FAR from downtown. You will HAVE to drive, you'll see what I mean. "Not being good at driving" won't fly here. Period. Average rent for the area around Cedars for a 1 bedroom runs about $1500/mo if you're lucky. That's just the rent; add on utilities and parking and insurance and you can call it $2000 +. Try the Palms/Mar Vista area for apartments.....it's west side, and even though the prices are high it's halfway decent and safe. Committing to living in L.A. right now is a serious commitment. Consider it carefully. It's one of the most hectic, insanely traffic-jammed, expensive places in the country to live. It is very difficult if you don't have friends or don't drive well.
  8. mclennan

    You will all probably hate me for this

    Loving this discussion. As a lifelong angry curmudgeonly jackass, I've gotten in my fair share of trouble on the Internet and in real life. Miraculously, I still have a lot of friends, and a significant other and family who love me. Somehow I've managed to retain employment, and have great co-worker relationships and references too. I function, in my own way, in adult mainstream life. I've probably PO'd just as many people as I've made happy in life, and that's just fine with me. My loved ones tolerate me with a twisted mix of amusement and gratefulness. I'm a realist, and generally hate idiots just enough to not really care if my directness and abrasiveness drives them away. I am a fan of crabby, unreasonable, argumentative, rotten and black-hearted cynics who speak the truth no matter what the cost, for they are my tribe. The most constructive criticism is also often the most abrasive. Hug the curmudgeons of the world, for we are a desperately needed faction of humanity in this world of false cheer and fake platitude.
  9. mclennan

    What have you learned about Death?

    Crap like this is why I barely look at or participate with AN any more. Too many non-nursing creeps & weirdos who found this because of Google. And admins who don't seem to care about how it impacts the quality of the content here.
  10. mclennan

    Why do some nurses come across to be rude?

    I *really* wish Google did NOT point every moron and their cousin to AN when searching for "nurses."
  11. mclennan

    What's to complain about?

    I agree 100%. Yes, you should have taken their "ADVICE."
  12. mclennan

    I'm a nurse and I don't like people.

    Oh, dear fellow introvert. Please don't be bamboozled into thinking case management is the answer! I've worked in CM off and on for the last 6 years and let me tell you, even though some CM jobs don't require face-to-face, you will have more contacts per day with dreaded PEOPLE than you ever will in an entire week in a direct care job! There are no patient ratio laws to protect nurse case managers, and with so much EBP directed toward outcomes affecting reimbursement now, case managers are DOGPILED with panels of 100+ patients to manage, often with no help. It varies wildly employer to employer, but it is my theory that because CM as a specialty is so under-developed in terms of standards of practice, each company just makes up their protocols as they go. There are even 3 specialty certifications available for CM - that is how fractured it is. I'm tired of hearing CM advised as some golden ticket out of bedside nursing when often it's just as much a nightmare as the floor, sometimes worse. Maybe it will get better as CM is spotlighted for a lot of new developments, but as with any nursing practice standards, improvements will take a VERY long time to come to fruition. Look into utilization management instead!
  13. mclennan

    I don't mean to complain..

    Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but no, it doesn't always get better for everyone. After 8 years of misery I have decided to take a long break and explore other professions. I have had 4 jobs during this time and only one wasn't INSANE. Literally everywhere I have worked has had some permutation or mix of piss poor management, blurry ethics, high turnover, rotten morale, weak protocols, weaker staffing practices, lawsuits against them, failed inspections, violence in the workplace, total lack of training or orientation, no mentoring, and favoritism/nepotism or racial segmentation. And before you say it was me, or the places I chose to work, I've never had a poor reference, been fired or written up, and every employer I've had has been a large, well-regarded hospital, clinic network or government public health entity. This industry is BROKEN, PERIOD, and only followers and the truly (and admirably) detached are rewarded.
  14. That is WAY too long for any online forum. Your main issue might be anger management.
  15. mclennan

    ADN straight into BDN

    What is a BDN program?
  16. mclennan

    Non-FIT Nurses and FIT Nurses

    Thanks for killing a fun, lighthearted thread! Lighten up, Frances. This was supposed to be something funny and silly to give us all a break from the seriousness & misery of our work. Gee.