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FNP?? or CRNA?? or M.D.???? ^_^

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  1. bsnwnab

    visa screen for NPs

    It will be an advanced degree in the U.S., then apply for EB-2. Will I need my foreign bachelor's official transcript for the EB-2 NP visa screen? (I understand that the MSN schools will ask for it) I guess no one really knows the answer. The CGFNS handbook does not explain advanced practice visa screen process. Thank you for the replies.
  2. bsnwnab

    visa screen for NPs

    Hi, I know that foreign nurses need visa screen. What if I have a foreign nurse degree, but came to school for nurse practitioner and get EB-2 sponsorship. Do I need my bachelor's degree credentials to be evaluated by CGFNS also for the visa screen? Or only my nurse practitioner credentials? Thank you.
  3. bsnwnab

    California BRN Fees

    I was looking at the fees page, at the very bottom Board of Registered Nursing - Fees [TABLE=width: 75%] [TR] [TD]ICHP Visa Screen [/TD] [TD]$60[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Verification of CA RN Licensure[/TD] [TD]$60[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] What is that ICHP Visa Screen? Is this the same as the Visa Screen from CGFNS? Thanks.
  4. bsnwnab

    Visa screen verification of license

    If one has a course-by-course evaluation from an evaluation agency (evaluated foreign BSN degree), can a copy of the transcript be sent directly from the evaluator to cgfns for visa screen? Or must the transcript come directly from the BSN school? Thank you
  5. bsnwnab

    Visa screen verification of license

    Is the visa screen required for the following scenarios of EB2 sponsorship? 1). Foreign BSN --> RN License - USA Nurse practitioner graduate --> EB-2 visa 2). USA graduate of ADN program --> continued with BSN AND then MSN --> EB-2 visa. Thank you
  6. Curricular practical training allows part time or full time work. More than 12 months of full time work prevents post grad OPT, part time job for more than 12 months doesnt prevent eligibility for post grad OPT. Full time is 40 hours a week, anything less than 40 hrs a week is part time. For hospital nursing jobs 36 hrs is considered full time. My question is, is 36 hours still considered part time for CPT? So if I work 36 hours as a nurse in the hospital, is this still considered part time? thank you
  7. bsnwnab

    NANDA for Status epilepticus, but no seizures

    Thank you Esme12. Pt hasnt had seizure for 6 months, suddenly had a seizure episode while sleepig, brought to the ED, had several seizures in the ED, treated, and then admitted to the neuro floor, the next day I cared for the pt, she had no seizures at all, even the night before she had no seizure. Pt assessment-- nothing was abnormal physiologically, so I'm confused with what to do with physiologic nanda.
  8. bsnwnab

    Inactive expired license

    Hi, can anyone help me with the requirements for inactive/expired license of 4 months? I can't seem to find the information on the BRN website, I only saw info on renewals with CEUs. Are they the same as for inactive license? Thank You
  9. bsnwnab

    Question about the Board

    i tried endorsing rn license to colorado. the state requires a social security number. they also have this affidavit to state what is the applicant's immigration status in the us. i said foreign national, lawful stay in the us, with valid ssn, but unauthorized to work. analyst doesn't know there is such ss that says not valid for employment. i gave her this link > http://www.ssa.gov/pubs/10002.html#a0=2 now she's asking me to scan a copy of my ss card and email it to her. i don't have a problem with doing that, but i just want to know, is this within the brn's jurisdiction to demand a copy of my ss? and is this safe to do? i don't know who's receving my information on the other end of that email. it is unusual to be asked for an actual copy of the ss card, i always thought they just need the number. the brn website has no mention that they may ask for the actual copy of the ss card. do they just wanna know if i have a real ss card or what? is it safe for me to email a copy of my ss to them?
  10. Hi guys, Does it make sense to have TWO letters of recommendation from the same work place? One from a supervisor/manager, the other from an FNP or MD in the same place? Thanks.
  11. bsnwnab

    CA Board of Nursing

    NM gives 4 choices where u want to evalute ur transcript. ERES has a rush service for additional $85 it becomes only 5 days, then they will send to NM board. NM keeps updating you when they receive ur application and then transcript. For one person i know, after the board received the transcript it was only two weeks till he got ATT. Then after passing the exam, the same day he got the result, while another person waited 2 weeks for result.If u plan to endorse to other states, many will require cgfns ces. Might as well do that so you dont have to do it twice and spend money twice. Heard cgfns ces they take 4 months to evaluate.
  12. bsnwnab

    WGU Pre-licensure in Indiana

    Haha, that much huh! Dats a lotta learning in a box
  13. bsnwnab

    CA Board of Nursing

    NM doesnt require ces only from cgfns, it can be from other evaluators that are faster for additional payment, cgfns doesnt have rush service.
  14. bsnwnab

    FNP program at Grand Canyon University

    what are the admissions requirement for msn/fnp? The only info I saw was: Undergraduate degree from an accredited, GCU-approved college, university, or program with a grade point average of 2.8 or better on the degree-bearing transcript Graduate degree from an accredited, GCU-approved college, university, or program Is that all?? Is the program still online? What does it mean by evening-sattelite?
  15. bsnwnab

    Nurse Educator without nursing experience.. (?)

    Ok. Thanks everyone for all the comments and suggestions.