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FNP?? or CRNA?? or M.D.???? ^_^

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  1. Hi guys, Does it make sense to have TWO letters of recommendation from the same work place? One from a supervisor/manager, the other from an FNP or MD in the same place? Thanks.
  2. bsnwnab

    CA Board of Nursing

    NM gives 4 choices where u want to evalute ur transcript. ERES has a rush service for additional $85 it becomes only 5 days, then they will send to NM board. NM keeps updating you when they receive ur application and then transcript. For one person i know, after the board received the transcript it was only two weeks till he got ATT. Then after passing the exam, the same day he got the result, while another person waited 2 weeks for result.If u plan to endorse to other states, many will require cgfns ces. Might as well do that so you dont have to do it twice and spend money twice. Heard cgfns ces they take 4 months to evaluate.
  3. bsnwnab

    WGU Pre-licensure in Indiana

    Haha, that much huh! Dats a lotta learning in a box
  4. bsnwnab

    CA Board of Nursing

    NM doesnt require ces only from cgfns, it can be from other evaluators that are faster for additional payment, cgfns doesnt have rush service.
  5. bsnwnab

    FNP program at Grand Canyon University

    what are the admissions requirement for msn/fnp? The only info I saw was: Undergraduate degree from an accredited, GCU-approved college, university, or program with a grade point average of 2.8 or better on the degree-bearing transcript Graduate degree from an accredited, GCU-approved college, university, or program Is that all?? Is the program still online? What does it mean by evening-sattelite?
  6. Ok. Thanks everyone for all the comments and suggestions.
  7. cant work in the US yet; you must not be aware of living in the US with different visas and some of the limittions that comes with it.. I'm different because i have a higher degree done outta the country. "C'mon now..." ?? Just trust me, i know stuff:). Hence I'd like to teach them. But still, I know community college teachers should have clinical experience even if it was only teaching lectures.
  8. I've done all that you mentioned. I know everything u're talking about. I have a different backround that most nurses. I have inserted iv on a baby when the others couldn't get it right and poked the baby 3 times before i stepped in., have gotten arterial blood for ABGs, monitored cvp in the icu, etc. And i have taught all that you're talking about. I've been misunderstood, it's not that i don't like being on the floor, i love hands on stuff on the floor, but since i was small whether i was gonna be an accountant nurse engineer etc i was gonna teach it. Lastly i'm not allowed to work in the USA till i have at least a masters degree, hence i have no choice but to go straight to msn program without work experience.
  9. bsnwnab

    Gonzaga (WA) FNP Distance Program

    How many hours a week is the average clinical preceptorship?
  10. I agree with everyone here. I was thinking only teaching lectures, but yes i love teaching more than direct patient care. But i guess generally they wont even hire me to begin with if i have no floor experience?
  11. If I finished my BSN, and went straight to doing an MSN Educator program without any clinical/work experience, once I finish my MSN Ed, would I ever be hired as a teacher in community colleges or other places that hire MSN Ed nurses? What kind of jobs can I get without ANY nursing experience? Jobs that require MSN Ed.....
  12. bsnwnab

    WGU MSN in 6 months

    Is it possible to do the msn educator program in one term 6 months? In a way that's 2 quarters, so it would be 15 units per quarter. If the student is able to handle all the load, is it possible to do in terms of prerequisites of the msn classes-- are some classes REQUIRED to be taken before taking the next class? I understand that some classes SHOULD be taken before another class, but I want to know if it's possible to take them all at once?
  13. bsnwnab

    CA Board of Nursing

    Not really, when you endorse to California, they will ask require you to submit the same things, you will basically continue where you left off.
  14. bsnwnab

    International nursing students in the US

    I wasn't suggesting a permanent solution, since Simonyam's OPT will expire soon, to maintain student visa status obviously the student should continue going to school, if Simonyam is considering nursing, then by all means take the prerequisite at a local community college (cheaper tuition for international student). Simonyam, in terms of finding a way to continue your status since your OPT will expire soon, why don't you consider a master's degree?? Masters in Finance or MBA or what not. Or if you decide to go for a BSN degree after your BSN continue with a masters in nursing. Again it's not a permanent solution but whatever field you're in, you are more likely (but not assured) to find a job that can sponsor you when you have a masters degree.
  15. bsnwnab

    International nursing students in the US

    You can continue your status by going to school (take nursing program prerequisites at a college)... but you should try getting into an accelerated BSN Program instead of ADN Program. Every degree you earn, if i'm not mistaken, you get another year of OPT.
  16. bsnwnab

    White Memorial RN Residency Program March 2012

    Hi guys, For those who got interviewed, what are some of the clinical and critical thinking questions they asked?? Thx