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  1. Mommy2be

    Occupational Health NPs

    I am a new FNP grad and I have been offered a job in Occ health. I'm very nervous as this is completely foreign to me. Is there any Occ health NPs that could share your experience??? My background is ICU/ER.
  2. Mommy2be

    Looking for NP's in WI, Fox Valley Area

    I am looking to connect with NP's in the fox valley area of Wisconsin (appleton,Oshkosh, etc) I am starting school in December (FNP) and would like to connect with someone in my area that would be willing to be a mentor to me during clinicals, or refer me to someone who would be a good mentor. I feel that finding a good preceptor is the most important part of schooling, more important to me than landing a job. Anyone can make it through school, but I am counting on the clinical experience to guide me to where I would like to be. If anyone is interested and can help me connect please IM me or respond :) TIA!
  3. Mommy2be

    Where are all the online NP graduates?

    Why does it matter if you do it online or school? You are prepared to take the SAME test, regardless if your school if private, public, for-profit, or not for profit. You really make NO sense. There are hundreds of RN's that pass the NCLEX....it doesn't really make them a nurse except by paper and law. Its the experience you gain through clinicals and a good preceptor, along with years of practicing that make you a nurse, NP, etc..... Just sayin...
  4. Mommy2be

    Where are all the online NP graduates?

    To be quite honest, I don't think there is an online FNP program that ISN't certified....I have yet to find one that isn't CCNE accredited....I mean....that would just be retarded!
  5. Mommy2be

    Febuary 1st WGU RN-BSN

    I don't know how I never got emails that people were responding to this thread :/ I am doing good. I finished 42 credits in 4 months....took a break over the summer for the last 2 months of my term because of all the gatherings, birthdays, etc.... Plus I wasn't sure if I would finish my practicum (90 hours) in time. So I've slacked a little bit, but I'm very close to finishing and will definitely be done by the end of October or sooner. I am then applying to Walden's FNP program :)
  6. Mommy2be


    You are correct doodledome. In fact, they are going to be getting VERY picky especially with all the nurses retiring in the next 1-10 years. They need experienced nurses to take over these very experienced people that will be leaving, or else the entire hospital will be run by new grads who don't have any experience, which is a very very scary thing!
  7. Mommy2be

    Where are all the online NP graduates?

    What is UAB?
  8. Mommy2be


    It may help to have a reference also, or call the HR department directly. I know the Columbia St. Mary's is needing help right now, have you tried there?
  9. Mommy2be

    South University

    I am really debating applying here. If anyone is currently in the FNP program would you PLEASE email me and let me know updates along the way? RUTHIEQT27@hotmail.com. I am at a toss up between South University and Walden's FNP program.
  10. Mommy2be


    I am interested in Both, however I can't seem to find anyone that has gone to South University....so I'm probably going with Walden's FNP program.....
  11. Mommy2be

    Graceland FNP fall 2012

    What is the cost for this program? Is it completely online or are there any campus visits required?
  12. Mommy2be

    LPN's in Wisconsin ... what do you make/salary?

    Almost 8 years ago when I was an LPN made 17/hr straight after boards. However, almost all hospitals in WI have done away with LPN's, unless you have worked there for 20 years. Mostly just nursing homes hire now, or you can work at a hospital as a tech college.
  13. Mommy2be


    Milwaukee pays the best, just moved to the Fox Cities area (Oshkosh, Green Bay) and the pay sucks, but the people are a LOT nicer. Jobs are tight here, but I've been seeing posts that they are tight in MKE, although I find that hard to believe. I MISS working in Milwaukee, but its a crummy city that is going down the drains. If you have a family, I say move to the Green Bay area. Less crime and great to raise a family (that is why we moved).
  14. Mommy2be

    Jobless, and hopeless

    Up north at St. Joes hospital is DYING for help, but you'd need to relocate. They are Ministry Health System.
  15. Mommy2be


    I find that very hard to believe, I have done agency nursing in MKE for 5 years, just moved up north last year, but my Agency still tells me they are dying for help.
  16. Mommy2be

    Where are all the online NP graduates?

    I have been searching and reading and reading some more. I seen many old posts of students doing the online NP program at many different schools. I would like to know who has graduated and what online program you did? Pros and Cons? Cost? I am considering Walden's online FNP program but it is new and too soon to tell how it is, but cost is great with books included. Any help would be great!