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  1. SweettartRN

    Why In The Heck Should I Be A Loyal Nurse?

    I thank God for at-will employment because it works both ways. When my time with an organization is done, I am free to part ways. I get told "you're burning bridges" but it has yet to happen. In fact at two places that I have quit in the last 10 years both bosses that give references always state that they would hire me back in a heartbeat. Keeping and maintaining good relationships with a few that you work with is always a good idea. Loyalty to my employer? No way in hell. Mainly, because it no longer works both ways.
  2. SweettartRN

    Different Types Of Coworkers

    What about the Intimidated Nurse? The one who has been on the floor for 20 years and feels it necessary to cut down and remark hatefully about the younger nurses who run circles around her?
  3. SweettartRN

    Is Your Name Important?

    Aside from hiring those with unique names, it is important to make sure that they spell a name correctly. I have a common name that has a unique spelling, and when someone has seen it 20 times, and still spells it incorrectly, that drives me crazy. It's rude, disrespectful, and shows how little they pay attention.
  4. SweettartRN

    Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP): My Personal Pro's and Con's

    I wish the lie of the DNP requirement would cease. This panic of being done with NP school by 2015 in order to avoid a change, is simply an unnecessary panic of something that, so far, isn't happening, and probably won't happen for years to come. With all of the changes set to take place with the new healthcare laws being in place, and doctors threatening to leave private practice because of it, the need for APN's is going to grow exponentially, and currently supply will not be able to keep up with demand.
  5. SweettartRN

    "Stop Trying to Help Him---He's Not Worth It"

    There but for the grace of God, go I.
  6. This is great, but I just use PERRLA and it does it all for me. :)
  7. SweettartRN

    Do you ever feel like a licensed drug pusher?

    This is why the "pain is subjective" for me is so hard. I have never had pain so badly that I was screaming or hurting in my life. Even when I fell and broke my foot, I would never rate pain at anything more than a 4-5. I have such a hard time when someone tells me, "my pain is 11 on a scale of 1-10" but they can move about and act fairly normal. If it were me, I would be on the floor screaming and doubled over. I work in drug and alcohol rehab and I know that there are many addicts that hurt. Much of the hurt that I see though, is emotional pain, not physical.
  8. SweettartRN

    Stuck in the rumor mill at work...

    Someone's been watching too much Nurse Jackie!
  9. SweettartRN

    Interview for assisted living. Some specific advice?

    My advice: Don't do it! You will have unlicensed personnel passing meds under your license, a host of uneducated persons to train that only make $8.00 per hour, and a lifetime of being on call, having families angry at you, and I could go on and on. I would never recommend that a nurse work at assisted living. It's much too risky.
  10. SweettartRN

    Indiana Wesleyan (ABSN)...how competitive?

    Enjoy the remedial learning environment that IWU offers! It's quite humiliating and humbling!
  11. SweettartRN

    Complaintsboard.com ec reviews-- yikes!!

    I too looked at these before I was signed up with EC. I then realized that they were people that I was glad had not passed because they would probably make lousy co-workers and even lousier nurses. Clearly they want to complain and gripe instead of going back and seeing "what did I do wrong?" and blame their issues on other people. I shudder to think about what they are like in "real life."
  12. SweettartRN

    cheapest online RN to BSN?

    Beware of Western Governors University. If you attend, you can only ever receive a 3.0 GPA and if you decide to continue your education, many schools may not accept this.
  13. SweettartRN

    American Sentinel University it is!

    AND as you can see, I am not attending this school because it does not have regional accreditation and many NP schools WILL NOT accept this.
  14. SweettartRN

    For the love of God- is this even right?!

    Ok, update. Here we are week three and it's "Ask the Librarian how to use the dewey decimal system." And we are learning how to use the spell check in Word this week! How exciting! I have never been more insulted. This has NOTHING to do with nursing informatics. I have definitely picked the wrong program. I am going to find out today what I need to do to withdraw from this program that is clearly not for me.
  15. SweettartRN

    For the love of God- is this even right?!

    Syllabus states that it is to cover nursing technology. Mentions nothing about remedial English basics or APA 101. It's accredited. It's Indiana Wesleyan for crying out loud. My email back from my professor? Went on and on about the CCNE accreditation and then suggested that if I wasn't happy to find another program. Hardly a professional attitude if you ask me....