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    I am a school nurse in Western Mass. I'm an RN at a Charter School. I work M-F 8-4:45. My first year I made 39,000/year. This is my second year and I am making 43,000/year. I have the option to get paid 10 months or 12 months. I chose 12. I can tutor on Saturdays which would be $30/hour. Also on Massachusetts Teachers Retirement. Can't complain.

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    Ohio $24/hr
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    TX - $52K/yr

    Oh my goodness! I came here to ask the same question and the replies have me very nervous. I took a pay cut when I left hospital nursing but it was fine since it wasn't an apples to apples comparison and the days are much shorter (8 hrs vs 12). When I hired into my district they gave me half credit on the teacher's experience scale. So for 14 years of nursing I got 7 yrs experience pay. I'm in north Texas now and I have my RN/BSN. We are looking to move to TN and I found a school RN job there but the pay is approximately $24K/yr. There is no way I can take a $28K/yr pay cut for the same job. I was hoping it was just a fluke in this one TN district but it appears school nurses are grossly underpaid/undervalued across most of the country. God bless you all for what you do. No job is more important. I have 1,000 kids and 70 staff members under my care, any one could go into cardiac
    arrest/anaphylaxis at anytime, and they have. Why don't schools value us???
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    Northeastern Indiana- 37K salary spread through 12 months, first year as a school RN. Subbed last year, and had 2 years of oncology/med-surg experience. I have my BSN. My hospital pay was actually less than my new salary. I was getting paid just less than $19/hr 36 hrs a week at the hospital to work a horribly understaffed day shift. I hated it. I work Mon-Fri 7:30-3:30. I have two schools which are a block away from each other. An elementary school (425 students) and a middle school (800 students). We have a school nurses union in my district, which is a part of the teachers union. Get state teachers pension. The benefits are great.
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    I am a school nurse at a private international boarding school in upper NY state. I make 44K. However I also have to live on campus so have no housing and mostly no food costs but no privacy so it's a trade off. But keeps life interesting.
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    New York, NY
    Work M-F 8:30-3:30, in a middle school with about 250 students
    Salary is about $53K/year
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    Texas, make $49K per year. I work 8-4 M-F, 187 days per year. I get teacher retirement, paid over 12 months. I am at an intermediate school with ~700 students.
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    Texas - $49K per year. My district pays same as teacher scale, did not give me credit for my nursing experience when I started. Paid over 12 months. Elementary school K-5 ~ 825 students. M-F 7:30-3:30. Contract for 187 days per year. I also get teacher retirement benefits when the time comes for that.
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    Maryland - $45,500/yr with 14 yrs experience pd over 12 months. I work in an Elementary School - approx 500 students. M-F 8:15-3:45 for 190 days per yr. I also get retirement but we are not on the same pay scale as Teachers. We are on the Support Staff pay scale which is lower than Teachers and not as appreciated.
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    I am VERY jealous!!! I too work in TX, but my salary is under $20000/year(second year here). And d/t budget cuts there are no raises for anyone in the near future! I work here for the hours and my kids. That is the going rate at schools around here, unless you are the director of health services, and there is usually only one per district. Howe ever you can't beat a week off at Thanksgiving, Christmas Break, Spring break, and of course summer vacation!!

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