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  1. 117800

    Nurse vs Para

    I recently had a student come with his Para. The Para was concerned because he had a "bad" cough and wanted me to check him out. I checked his vitals including 02 sat and listened to his lungs. She asked if I heard any wheezing and I replied "no". She was shocked because she stated she had listened to him and heard wheezing earlier in the morning. I asked her how and where she was listening to him. Her reply was... she put her ear on his back and heard it! I am not sure why they pay me to be the nurse when she is available.
  2. 117800

    Random Thoughts: School Nurses

    Reminds me of my sister the other week started listing her son's medical issues and asks me what is wrong with him. He is 28 and has a chronic medical condition on top of his most recent symptoms. I told her I really wasn't sure. She said "you did go to nursing school didn't you"? I said "yes, now let me ask you a question about real estate law" (she is an Attorney - family law). She got the point.:)
  3. 117800

    Least stressful nursing specialty

    I don't like stress either - my least stressful jobs have been Home Health and School Nursing.
  4. 117800

    School Nurse Salary?

    Maryland - $45,500/yr with 14 yrs experience pd over 12 months. I work in an Elementary School - approx 500 students. M-F 8:15-3:45 for 190 days per yr. I also get retirement but we are not on the same pay scale as Teachers. We are on the Support Staff pay scale which is lower than Teachers and not as appreciated.