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  1. Ridiculous Reasons to See the Nurse

    Another ridiculous reason: Stinky gas - no stomach ache, no need to use the bathroom. Just passing stinky gas...
  2. Ridiculous Reasons to See the Nurse

    I just read through all of these, and wow, thanks guys! I haven't been on all year because this year has been crazy for me, but this thread has been an awesome reminder that I'm not alone! One visit I remember right off hand: Kindergarten teacher: "H...
  3. What Do You Wear To Work?

    I'm a lot like kenderella89. I wear scrubs to stand out as an adult, not a student, and a nurse. I have 7 schools, so parents, students and staff recognize the scrubs as being the school nurse. I wear business attire on non-student days. When I go ou...
  4. Does anyone have carpeting in their health office/clinic?

    I have carpet at one of my schools and it disgusts me! The whole school use to be carpet, but they tiled the halls last summer. When they decide to tile the health room I really hope I don't have to be at the school for a few weeks because I don't w...
  5. Epi Pens

    If you don't have a school doctor - we work through the county health department doctor.
  6. School Nurses: Non-Nursing Tasks????

    I didn't get the chance to unstick him because his friend yanked him off the pole. I then dealt with the aftermath of that!
  7. And that's a WRAP!

    Today is our last day!!! I work through the summer, but hey, that's a totally different pace.
  8. Summer Safety Tips

    Yeah, I found it on a page when I was looking for ideas. Swimming The reason I included it in my presentation is because of the risk of choking. I just imagine a child taking a deep breath to go underwater or laughing and then choking. Maybe I just w...
  9. Summer Safety Tips

    That's about all I taught for outside safety. I was just a little more detailed on the swimming- Never dive unless an adult says it's deep enough (or if there is a diving board). Never swim and eat or chew gum. Stay in shallow water if you're not a g...
  10. Elementary to Middle

    Someone else recently asked this question. You can take a look at those responses too.
  11. Long Lost Dream Or Not?

    I'm not sure how well this answers your question, but I was recently looking at NP schools and I didn't feel completely discouraged because of my experience. Many applications allow essays which is a great place to explain the knowledge and experi...
  12. What cracked me up today

    I'm telling a little girl's mom that she needs to go home and the little girl asked if she could talk to her mom. I passed her the phone and she says, "Mama, can you pick me up after lunch? They're serving..." Haha And most kids beg to go home! Then,...
  13. School Nurse Book Club Suggestions

    I haven't read any of these books, so they've all made it to my list and I've been looking to see if anyone else has responded. :)
  14. Countdown....

    4 more Fridays!!! (19 school days, 26 days total)
  15. What NOT to do for scabies

    I was thinking the same thing JenElizabethRN! I wouldn't even look at all, because I can't diagnose anything and even if I did have reason to believe she had scabies, she would have to go to her doctor for treatment anyway. So, just by pass the nurse...