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I'm going to be working out of the hospital for the first time and in an elementary school and was wondering how you normally have students address you? I have a hard to say hyphenated name and in... Read More

  1. by   Flare
    I'm Usually Nurse last name, or mrs. last name or just nurse - i'm going to steal Old Dude's bit of replying to "nurse" with "student". Haha

    The special ed classes and autistic programs tend to call me Nurse first name - but most of their staff goes by Miss Heather and Miss Bonnie they even call the bosses Mr. first name and Dr.first name so i don't really care. To be honest, i'd rather just go by Nurse first name overall
  2. by   Jedrnurse
    Nurse First Name; it carries over to the staff as well. If the kiddos try just the first name they get a gentle correction.
  3. by   Apples&Oranges
    In the hospital, I prefer just Oranges (first name). I refuse to respond to the A&O x4 patient screaming "Nurse!" down the hall. Not my name. I had a guy last week who insisted on yelling "Hey, Girl" every time I was in earshot. I re-educated him right quick. Nope.

    In the high school, I was usually "Nurse" or "Nursey" to the kiddos (which I have been told is a black cultural thing? Most of my kiddos, parents and staff are AA, inner city...IDK, I had never heard that before, but didn't mind. I take it as a term of endearment...)

    It honestly pisses me off when teachers and admins call me "Nurse." I actually have a name. It's on my jacket and my paycheck. My jacket is quite visible, every day, and clearly states "Oranges Last Name, BSN, RN, CCRN." Use it. I don't address you or refer to you as "Teacher," "Security Guard," "Guidance Counselor," or "Secretary." I don't walk into your office and say, "Principal, I have a concern."

    I have an actual name.
  4. by   KelRN215
    When I worked per diem in a boarding school, I was told that I had to be Ms Last Name. I would have much preferred to just go by my first name- when I was in high school, we called our school nurse Tina and in all other jobs, my pediatric patients and their parents have just called me by my first name.
  5. by   moreoreo
    I work elementary and am Nurse Firstname or Mrs. Lastname or sometimes just Nurse by the students but I don't really mind because it's not like I always get the chance to introduce myself with any name. They are sweet and respectful and if I told them to call me a name, I know they would. There's just not always a chance to. One of my students who I work with every day calls me by my first name but that is also what he does with his aide so I never questioned it. However my (older) supervisor has an issue with the fact that some of my students have come in and asked "where is 'the girl'" or "where is firstname" so I suppose for this school year I should set some guidelines!
  6. by   jyde
    I am a school nurse and the little ones usually call me "Nurse" + my first name. And yeah, even the teachers call me that way.
  7. by   AdobeRN
    I go by "Nurse last name" or "Nurse First initial of my last name" my last name is hard to pronounce and is long.
    A few kids call me "Nurse First name" only because I am friends with the parents outside of school.
  8. by   Amethya
    I'm not an RN, but I'm a CMA. I'm the school's medical assistant, it says on the paperwork, email and every official thing in this school. But to the kids and staff, "Nurse, school nurse" or Ms. [Last name]. The kinder kids call me, "doctor" which is funny. But I always introduce myself as medical aide to parents, professionals and doctor's offices.

    And yes I tried correcting them, but it never works.

    I am going to college for nursing, just need to finish the pre-requirements for the programs. :3
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  9. by   aprilmoss
    I get about 50/50 between "NURSE" and "Mrs. Moss"
  10. by   knurse92
    The students (and some faculty!) have a tough time with my last name, so I allow them to call me "Nurse V". It's easy to say, to remember, and everyone is happy!