Concrete Thinking

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    I had a child today complaining of stomachache. As per usual, I direct him to "try to go to the bathroom." He stepped into the bathroom and closed the door. After about 4 minutes of complete silence from inside, he re-opened it and asked "why am I in the bathroom?"

    "Try to use the toilet and see if it will make your stomach feel better." This time I was much more specific! And shortly thereafter heard the toilet being used.
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    LOL... awesome!
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    Ha! I love it! I work in an elementary school and they can be the same way. I just giggle sometimes.
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    ha ha that is so cute!! cracking me up over here!
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    I don't mean to stereotype but that sounds like the thought pattern of a child with Asperger's Syndrome or Autism.
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    LOL I love it! That could be any 1st grader in my building!
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    Sometimes the first graders are worse than the pre-k and kinder kiddos here. It reminds me of little goats just standing around .
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    This is a conversation, which took place in 1964, between Nurse and a 7 year old Male Patient a day or two after the Patient had a T&A:

    "Did you tinkle this morning?"

    "No." After a long reflective pause, "Does 'tinkle' mean to ring like a bell?"

    "No, it means to..."

    Does it mean to shine like a star?"

    "No, honey- it means to go pee."

    "Oh, that. Yeah, I did that this morning!"

    *BLUSH* I was the Patient!
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    Jolie - this is a 2nd grader who goes to some special ed classes, but as far as I have been informed does not have an official diagnosis beyond developmental delay.

    My first year in an elementary school is DEFINITELY teaching me how much I need to work on my communication with little ones. The 4th/5th graders I'm fine with, it's the younger students where I keep making mistakes like the above.
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    Had a conversation with a 9th grader this am

    She "I have strep throat"
    Me "diagnosed?"
    She "yes"
    Me "What medicine are you on?"
    She-blank stare
    Me "What medicine did your doctor put you on?
    She "oh my mom looked at it. I get strep every year at this time"

    Me Deep Breath "Let me take a look"
    Very sl red, no patches, no exudate, no fever, no tenderness to touch in lymph node area. no "hot potato voice"

    Me "Do you want to gargle with warm water and salt?"
    She "na, Ill be ok" and off to class she goes

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