Do your families give you anything for the holidays?

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    I dunno, it's not like I'm really looking to GET anything, but holidays seem to be a good time for families to demonstrate how much one is NOT appreciated. I sat at the table doing my paperwork while the clinical manager came for her monthly visit, and the mom gave her two gift bags: one for her and one for the scheduling manager. Right in front of my face. I left empty-handed, and I've been her daughter's favorite nurse for two years.
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    Wow, that sucks. Sorry. I know it shouldn't have been a big deal, but I can understand how much that would hurt, especially with the relationship would have developed being in their home for two years. Honestly I may have cried on the way home.
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    I got a card with my patient's picture.

    (hugs) that would have upset me too...
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    They give me too much! I keep telling them not to lol. Oh well I give them things too.
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    I got fired by mom one week before Christmas. The reason; I was too attached to the little girl and she was to me and I guess mom was jealous. I have worked there for over 2 years. So, I got so much appreciation from the family. Happy New Year!!!
    My new goal in a year 2013: NEVER WORK AS A PDN, EVER!!!
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    Last year one family gave me a ceramic coffee cup and a card. The other just a card. Both cards had pictures of the family.
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    One family gave all of their nurses gift bags, including me.
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    I received a T-shirt with one of the patients favorite characters on it, movie tickets and a box of chocolates and they also had a little gift for my daughter. The best part was the card with nice things written about me.
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    A gift card for coffee and a nice Christmas card. I give my familes a simple "Happy Holidays" card.
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    Any ideas on where you will go next?
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