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PerfectlyPlump ADN, RN

Peds, developmental disability
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PerfectlyPlump is a ADN, RN and specializes in Peds, developmental disability.

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  1. PerfectlyPlump

    Best thermometer for kids with aversion to touch

    I keep running into situations where the kid or parent or both don't want to be bothered by taking temps. So, I use the small, quick temporal as fast as possible. Maybe that's why some nurses make up temps - stubborn parents. I never have.
  2. PerfectlyPlump

    PDN role at school

    OK, I need to be more specific. My question is not about the healthcare needs, which I, of course, will handle. It is about lifting and transfer from one activity to another, and all-over use of time, for a child who, left to himself, just plays on the floor. This is pre-school, but it is school! If you have experience in this role, tell me: Is the child "mine" or "theirs", during school time??
  3. PerfectlyPlump

    Transporting 17yr From Tub to Walker

    This is not a dumb question! I ALWAYS ask about a lift with an adult-sized person. When you orient is a great time to find out if this case is within your ability. I had a pt. that age and my size who could and would help himself, and was a delightful person to work with. A belt is for someone who can stand, bear her own wt., but may be unsteady. With the belt, you can help that person with her balance. If that person starts to go down, it could help you ease her to the floor.
  4. PerfectlyPlump

    PDN role at school

    When you go to school with a child as his PDN, what do you do there? I am asking in terms of early elementary level, and I already can see that every district is different. That said...... What do the teachers and aids do for/with the child? Do you find that the boundaries blur, and does that cause problems? if so, do you speak to the teacher? Principal? Parent?
  5. PerfectlyPlump

    Want to become a CDE

    Never mind. I read some earlier posts....Liability, of course! Teaching can be risky. It is all about risk and reimbursement. Too bad what healthcare has become.
  6. PerfectlyPlump

    Want to become a CDE

    In my current position I have no contact with diabetes. But a friend has it, and is welcoming occasional counseling. She is overwhelmed, and desparate for information. This has me thinking... What about volunteering? Why couldn't a nurse set up cooking classes, and teach in that setting? I notice that people have terrible eating HABITS. That seems to me to be to be a possible starting point.
  7. PerfectlyPlump

    Peripheral pulses - I'm not entirely convinced they exist!

    It helps me to use two hands to feel for the dorsal pedal pulses. I lay my second and third fingers from both hands on 'the spot', and I can often feel it quite quickly.
  8. PerfectlyPlump

    Best thermometer for kids with aversion to touch

    Those are creative thoughts. Dad would LOVE it if I got that order!! An interesting thing happened at her school...she is 4. The school nurse got a MUCH higher reading them I did...really pretty nervous, I thought... I use a ReliOn temple thermometer. Takes six seconds. Actually I use it behind the ear. Kids can't wiggle away. I liked it, til the school nurse 'proved' me wrong. Does anyone else use that style? Or just whatever is in the home?
  9. PerfectlyPlump

    Not affectionate enough???

    They need to buy a crate for that dog to stay in at night.
  10. Some nurses love to put down or dominate any other nurse they meet. But I like to remember the response of my friend, the critical care nurse, who said to me, "The skills you use in your job are different from mine. But they are skills!" When I tell the average inquiring person that I work shifts in the homes of kids with disabilities, they seem to be, well, satisfied. Obviously it is good work, helps someone, makes an difference, and might not always be all that easy! Are they impressed? Who cares. I know what I do!
  11. What thermometer do you prefer to use, considering that it needs to be accurate?
  12. PerfectlyPlump

    Agency removing communication log?

    I have mainly encountered logs required by moms.
  13. PerfectlyPlump

    What do you wear to meet a family?

    Nice pants and top, if it is a meet and greet only. Ventmommy, nobody at the office ever lets me know in advance about a no shoes rule. Don't I wish!
  14. PerfectlyPlump

    I left private duty nursing a year ago

    I do think my job is real when I have a case. Some weeks without one, the agency calls me for fill ins. But I get discouraged when they don't use me for a week or so....when I expect ed to be working and savings up for my kid.s tuition, etc. We can live, cuz my spouse has a steady job, but not every nurse has one.
  15. FeathersRN Do you mean to say that your previous courses were not all accepted? Was it due to grades, or...? My grades were not so good during my diploma program, so I could also have to take some over, I guess.
  16. PerfectlyPlump

    Positive thread! Your best family/working environment

    My favorite case is a night shift. The boy is so pleasant and fun to be with when he awakens. Mom trusts me and doesn't micro-manage. I feel like a watchdog. That admittedly sounds strange, but I find it very satisfying.