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peds palliative care and hospice
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smurfynursey specializes in peds palliative care and hospice.

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    and I thought 12 hours of spongebob was torture! I think WoF suppases HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (in the most annoying voice possible, of course)
  2. smurfynursey

    Starting off Pediatric Nursing Career

    There are many posts to this effect on here - all you need to do is search! Good luck with everything.
  3. smurfynursey

    Pediatric Daycare Facilities

    They are referred by the MD and home health. When I worked at a PPEC, we had a few kids that had wrap around nursing (mostly the t/v kids) when they didn't come to us. Its actually cheaper than private duty as far as insurance goes, and in a place that isnt familiar with complex chronic peds (Florida) its a good option IF (and that's a BIG IF) its run well.
  4. smurfynursey

    Pediatric BMT

    Try All Childrens in St Pete, florida.
  5. smurfynursey

    St. Jude or Methodist Children's?

    I'm not you....but I would never, ever, EVER turn down a job offer at St Judes. If peds onc is what you want...there is no better place to be. I have moved for jobs before, and been in places I have known no one - and its hard. Its lonely, and I missed my friends like crazy. But if it's what you want, go for it! All the best.
  6. smurfynursey

    Pediatric Daycare Facilities

    I can tell you that I worked at a PPEC - Perscribed pediatric extended care facility - which is exactly what you are talking about. I dispised it. I left when I was throwing up every day on my way to work. no structure, poorly trained CNAs, and a DON with a complex. That said, all of them are not like that. but...beware.
  7. smurfynursey

    About Pediatric Oncology

    good for you! Pediatric oncology can be a hard area to break into - most nurses get there and stay there (from my experiance). There are many great nursing schools in Mass! Since you are starting early, now is a great time to network! See if you can volunteer at the children(s) hospital(s) in your area. There are also camps for kids with cancer/blood disorders/special needs that would reflect in a positive way. Pediatric nursing is great, but it is not all peaches and cream. It is very rewarding, but also complex and so very challenging at times. Best of luck! feel free to PM me if you want to talk or ask more questions :) smurfynursey
  8. smurfynursey

    coming home! :)

    After a year (and almost 3 months) of working exclusively with adults, I am coming home to peds!!!! Oh, how i missed my kidlets :) there is nothing like pediatric nursing...
  9. smurfynursey

    Do Mean Girls make Mean Nurses

    I have encountered bullying...however I would echo others in that this is common in any workplace, especially when dominated by women. To the OP, Thank you for your service to our country!
  10. smurfynursey

    "I don't know how you do it"

    I used to work at a pediatric hospice and that is frequently the response I would get. Kids are great teachers. And like many peds nurses, I would take a sick kid over a healthy adult any day.
  11. smurfynursey

    This is a really embarrassing question but I have to ask

    Lung sounds can be challenging. It takes some practice. I learned using websites, and then ended up working at a facility were 50% of the patients I was caring for had "musical chests" at least once a shift.
  12. smurfynursey

    let's talk trachs!

    Hi guys, I have a few questions. I've worked with many patients (mostly peds, or peds developmental level). How do you decide if someone has a cannula, or just have a stoma? I have seen adult patients with stomas. Most of them are cancer patients and don't have an actual "trach" device. Can you still suction if they don't have a cannula? Why would someone choose plastic vs metal? In all the kids Ive taken care of, only one girl (in her 20s) had a metal trach. The others all had portex or shiley with/without a cuff (many were vent dependant) Thanks!
  13. smurfynursey

    just a funny...

    me too! So glad I'm not the only one, lol
  14. smurfynursey

    just a funny...

    So I was reading a book last night, where the main character was at a guest house. He went into the bathroom...and "everything was laid out for him" and I thought of OASIS. anyone else? haha
  15. smurfynursey

    Bringing in Ostomy nurses for problems & a Hospice question....

    My home health agency has a hospice outreach nurse, maybe its time to have a talk? What about the social worker? I agree the wound center sounds like a simply splended idea.
  16. smurfynursey

    Non-compliant patients

    hi! I am a home health nurse. This is something I encounter pretty frequently. I say that we can be like a GPS - we can help you pick healthy food, help you learn your meds, offer support ect...but we are not driving the boat. YOU are the only one that can. Sometimes it works, other times it doesnt.