Im worried Online pre-req classes will lower my chances?

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    I need to take several pre-reqs online. Will taking distance learning classes lower my chances of getting into the nursing program I want to go to? Tarrant County College, they have a fierce competition!!! Im worried they may take points off??? I will be taking my science classes on campus. Helppp please!

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    has anyone done online classes and were accepted into Adn programs?
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    Online classes are generally not considered "distance" learning. Most colleges have online classes now. I did all but two of my pre-reqs in an online format, and as a matter of fact my Pharmacology class in nursing school was online as well.
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    In my experience, there is no notation on your transcript as to whether a particular class was taken online or in-person. It simply shows the term (e.g., Spring, 2011), department, course number, course name, number of units, and grade.
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    With web-cams, it would be difficult to say if a class was really "distance" or not! After all, face to face is about as close as you can get. Joking aside, whether a class is "paper" or electronic or on campus, I think is a moot point these days?
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    I took all of my pre-reqs online and got into TCC's program. They don't take that into consideration at all.
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    Usually a school will say flat out whether they accept online classes or not. If they accept them, they accept them.
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    I'd recommend you ask that school specifically. Different schools have different approaches to this issue, and it is better to ask the School directly.
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    I've done many a online course and there's no annotation on my transcript that they were taken online, so I don't know how anyone would know.
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    All of my non-science pre-reqs have been online. Actually, some of my nursing program's classes are online. Intro to Health Assessment is hybrid with bi-weekly labs on campus. To be honest, I think I would have stabbed myself in the eye with a fork if I had to sit through English, history and psychology lectures. See how many of these classes are offered online at the school you're applying to. If they offer it online, they'll accept it (provided they would accept that transfer credit from the school you're taking it from anyway).
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