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Im a mother of two babies, a wife to a wonderful husband. I want nothing more than to become a RN. I want to help people and care for them and be able to support my family at the same time. My motto is to Never ever give up.

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  1. Hi Allnurses, I need some info on what kinds of questions do hospitals ask in the interview! This job is more like a career to me because it is my dream job, its where I could see myself in the next twenty plus years! I'm really feeling the pressure and am nervous going into interviews! I don't want to mess this up, I want to be the one the hiring managers choose! I don't have a lot of experience mostly personal care and self employment because it was hard for me to work without a car with my little ones. Now I have a car and dependable transportation. Does anyone remember what hospitals ask during their interview!?!?! Thank you and I would appreciate it so much! My interview will be next Wednesday at 2:30!!! Also, what does OBSERVATIONAL MATERNAL UNIT mean? what does the observational mean, responsibility wise?
  2. Hi Allnurses! I dont know if I should drop my chemistry class or just suffer through it!?? I am taking 16 credits this semester. In January, I was in a CNA class as well, it was only four weeks long, but it was all day and felt like a job. Also, Im a stay at home mom of two kids, three and one. This is all of my classes: Cna(jan 7, 8-3) english(dl), psych(dl), govt(dl), inter algebra(oc)(all of these classes started a week after cna, which was Jan 14), and chemistry(started in Jan. 25 and is a sat. class). While I was taking my cna class, I was trying my hardest to keep up the with the classes that started on Jan. 14. I have financial aid and va benefits from my dad. I know if I drop my chemistry class it will conflict with both of these. I dont know yet what will happen, I have not talked to the school yet but I intend to, and its saturday and there not open so I came to ALLNURSES! Will I have to pay back all of the tuition from that class? Is it better to withdrawal or stick it out and possibly make a bad grade? Either way if I make a bad grade(which I am right now bc Ive missed 3 out of five classes so far and Im soo behind!) I feel so lost in the class and my grades are slipping!) Last semester I had a 4.0 and Im just really upset over this! I thought that maybe I should stick it out and try to learn what I can and retake it next fall and maybe a M&W&F class instead of this sat 8-3 class! Within the first 10 minutes of class I didnt like my professor. He is always talking with his back side face to us and I cant see what he is doing until after he is finished with a conversion. People in the class will ask him to move so we can see him and he wont, I thought maybe it was bc he is an older man. He is always talking about how he can just leave and retire. I dont want to bash on him bc I know most of this is my fault bc I bit off more than I can chew. Ive missed so much class, I dont know if I can catch up and keep up with all of my other classes? what do I do!??
  3. TaraAnn91

    General Chem Spring 2013

    I am starting Chemistry spring semester and Im soo worried about it, it scares me haha! This will be my first science class and along with Oveita40, I need some help as well! I havent checked the Khan academy but I think I will do that now!
  4. TaraAnn91

    What kind of nurse do you want to be?

    Hi MeekaNicholee, Im still in prenursing, I havent even applied for a nursing program yet! Lately I have had my eyes set on the Trauma dept, but I'll probably change my mind again haha! A few weeks ago, I really liked the idea of Oncology. There are so many different areas, it is soo hard to choose between them when I have no clue what any of them are really like!
  5. Thank you armynursetx! I went to Elite Medical Academy today and enrolled for the January class! Im soo excitedd to start, in addition, I got a job as a HHA, just for the experience. So hopefully I can land a job at a hospital like Harris :)
  6. TaraAnn91

    That Dreaded 3-11 Shift

    Wow just yesterday I was asking my friends why they make nurses in the hospital work 12 hour shifts instead of 8 hour shifts? This article really summed up the question for me! Im soo glad you wrote this article! I didnt realize some nurses get off 4 days if they work 12 hour shifts, that is very appealing to me! Before I read this I was against the thought of working 12 hour shifts, now I think I would not want to work any other shift than the 12 hour shift! I have two small children, a 3 and 1 year old and I was worried about how the 12 hour graveyard shift would work out for my family? I would think I would be really tired around the time I would get off and it would be unsafe to take them to school?! Any advice that would help me, Im only in my nursing pre-reqs right now, it will take me a few years to obtain my nursing degree.
  7. Thank youu and yeah I went to the only facility in my area that offers free training, but they did not choose me. Im sure if I applied again in a month I would get it the second time around bc Ive heard that to be true for many people who have applied more than once. Its okay though, I would much rather get a more rounded experience. Working within the nursing home, only allows me to see a nursing home setting not anything else. Thanks for the comment!
  8. Helloo! Is there anyone out there about to go to Elite Medical Academy to start the CNA program? I am really considering going and would like to start talking to people who may be interested in it or maybe already in the program. I am so excited and ready to start this new experience God has led me to :) I went and applied at Azle Manor Nursing home back in November and I did not get the CNA training job there. I was really down and upset about not getting the job but I seemed to rise above the situation! Now Im really happy I wasn't chosen bc now Im going to go to Elite Medical Academy and receive more of a variety of healthcare settings rather than only in a nursing home setting. I think it will make me a better CNA in the long run and overall a better Nurse when the time comes for me! Then I had a hard time choosing between a couple of programs, such as Weatherford CNA program and Elite Medical Academy, the choice was tough considering everything I have going on right now, but I found Elite Medical Academy to meet my needs the best! I will start Elite Medical Academy on Jan 8, for four weeks. I am soo freakingg excited! Thanks for reading, hopefuly there are more out there who will find this haha!
  9. Sorry I forgot to ask, what do you think about when applying at a job? Would they prefer cna from a WCC or EMA?
  10. TaraAnn91

    NCTC Online LVN 2014

    Thank you for the breakdown, I was not aware this program was so flexible!
  11. Thank you! That is exactly what I was thinking but all my friends and family say to wait and get it at the CC, its a bit discouraging! I cant even get Weatherford College to answer or call me back! Thank you, you always give great advice!
  12. Hello Allnurses! I am trying to figure out which cna program I should choose and which would benefit me the most when applying for nursing school. I was hoping ya'll could give me some insight and encouragement. There are two CNA programs that Im currently interested in. One of them being at Weatherford Community College and the other Elite Medical Academy. Weatherford College is 30 minutes away from while Elite Medical Academy is 20 minutes away from but there is a lot of traffic out in that direction and new construction blocking my exit. So either way I would probably driving the same amount of time and distance. I know Elite Medical Academy is only 4 WEEKS LONG while I think WCC is 8 weeks over the Summer. I would prefer going to a community college bc everyone I know says it looks better and its "more" accredited on the other hand, EMA is also accredited. Does anyone know if it would make a difference on my nursing application over which CNA program I choose,and whether I apply at Weatherford College or Tarrant County College. I really dont want to wait until Summer to get my certification bc I have two kids but on the other hand, I am going to Tarrant County College fulltime next semester. I am taking online, one night and one saturday class, so the EMA program wouldnt interfere with school. Should I wait until Summer to take Weatherford's CNA Program, and would it be better if I received my certicate at a Community College rather than Elite Medical Academy? Thanks so much!
  13. TaraAnn91

    Single mother needs advise

    Im a young mom of two little ones! Is there any other colleges around your area that has nights/weekend classes? Dont give up!
  14. TaraAnn91

    Want a nursing buddy!

    Im just starting my pre-reqs for nursing this semester too! I am going to Tarrant County College in Texas! Im so excited to start but feel very alone lol! Believe me, I feel ya, I feel like something BIGGG is happening in my life! Good luck to you!
  15. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate your feedback! Im so overwhelmed over TCC nursing competition! I want every point I can get! Im nervous about not getting in. Over 500 people apply for this program and only 135 are ACCEPTED!
  16. Thank you!