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  1. student forever

    Pharmacology - how hard is it?

    After the first test I realized that very little actually had to do with the individual names of drugs, but more about the concepts. After that I did not bother with memorization of names of individual drugs, and just read the chapters very well to grasp the concepts of the drug classifications such as cancer, heart, etc... I got an A so far, so it has worked for me. If you have the kind of teacher that drills names, then that will not help on that score. Drugs can come and go, but the concepts of what drugs do to the body systems will never change. That is where I would place the most time and effort.
  2. student forever

    Having trouble with Anatomy and Physiology

    Hi! I am 60 and an lpn student, too. Oldest in my class and at the top, too. I worried about my age a lot more at 40 than I do now. Many 40-45 year olds worry about their ages. You do get over that! As long as we are alive we can learn and grow and become more tomorrow than we were today. I don't think anyone in my class knows my age. Once they guessed 47-48 but I just smiled and said: "I'll have to show you my driver's license 'cause you won't believe it!" and left it at that. It was actually a 70 year old lpn that convinced me I could do this!!!! She was working home health and planned on working til 75 at least!!!! If you want to be a nurse go for it. In 5 years you will be 55. You will be a 55 year old nurse or you won't. It is your choice!
  3. student forever

    Ol' Roy

    I am so glad his last memory is of those farmhouse steps and not a strange bed, no matter how "soft"!
  4. student forever

    Need help learning A&P

    PS another tip: if you have a final exam in a & p (most do) then, occasionally listen to an old lecture or review the old stack of flash cards to keep the brain in tune. You are going to need this info for your entire career, so might as well get the brain used to it now.
  5. student forever

    Need help learning A&P

    all of the above, esp youtube. And the flash cards- I take them to work with me in my pockets and review even one or two body parts while riding the elevator! I quiz myself while transporting a patient. I picture the body parts and functions while feeding, bathing, etc all the residents; driving I listen to the recorded key words and lectures. IOW, I got a 98% on the endocrine system because I made flash cards and quizzed the gland, hormone, target, action, stimulus over and over and over and over... did I say I made the flash cards and then FLASHED them over and over?
  6. student forever

    Clear Bags

    I got one at Wally World (walmart)
  7. student forever

    Soon to be Lpn

    I hope that happens for me, too! Awesome!!
  8. student forever

    orientation on monday!!! help!

    The NOC is not fun, that's for sure, but if you keep letting them know you'd like days, I am sure they'll sooner or later move you to more days. Doing both might really be a challenge!!! I would be very pleased with 20.00 an hour to start. You have raises at certain points I would imagine?
  9. student forever

    On to the second half!!

    Everyone has said it goes fast... I am finding it is crawling!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe when it's all over it will seem to have flown by?
  10. student forever

    Study Guides

    we purchase study guides that go along with the books, not all are required, but even the required ones have not been homework. The teachers just tell us what chapters the tests are on...all of them... and we read the whole chapter. There may be handouts and homework, but reading the whole chapter is essential because the questions for the test comes out of a test bank and so anything can be on the test. The study guides that have gone along with the chapters have helped some. I would not say they helped me to ace a test yet, but did perhaps help me to focus or think a different way about the material. I tend to skim over things I don't find very interesting and they force me to take a better look at the text.
  11. student forever

    Pharmacology - how hard is it?

    Two students in the calss before us who just took their nclex stopped in to tell the teachers Hi and that they passed the test (one passed, one didn't) and they just told us that the nclex only gave drug trade/brand names, not chemical/generic names on the test. It made me very depressed because I have been learning drug classes and suffexes like lol, pril, pine, etc, and the trade names are all different- no way to get a grasp on that! Anyone know anything about this???
  12. student forever

    Sitters/CNAs: Thank You For "Doing Nothing"

    I got the knack for tears that passed you by!
  13. student forever

    It goes so fast!

    Hi I love scrubs... what is it about clinics that you like??? I went to a clinic the other day for an antibiotic (have not missed anything so far) and he said he's hire me as soon as I finish! Haha! Hey, it's a job offer, right???Glad you're doing so well.
  14. student forever

    Dropping like Flies

    I agree with everyone else... stay focused on YOU and never mind about what "everyone else" is doing. You are the only one who can be a licensed LPN based on what YOU do!
  15. student forever

    NEW LPN!!! YEEES!!!

    I can hardly wait for that to be my post, too!!! Congratulations!!
  16. student forever


    I am in my second month also and have had clinical with a patient assigned to me. What are you confused about? Usually, the cna in charge of that person is the one you will work with and follow her lead as to showering and feeding the resident, etc. Have you been deserted by the cna? In that case, you will have to find out from your instructor or the lpn on that hallway is my guess.

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