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  1. allforthekidds

    Dropped test

    My AP1&2, and Micro teacher both dropped the lowest test grade, but if your scores are usually about the same then it really doesnt matter. Even if you did bad on one test, you should know why you did bad and correct yourself for future tests. Oh and both of my teachers curved also, but only if you were close to the next grade. For example if I had an 89 average, it would be curved to an A-, but if I had an 87 it would stay as a B+. I am starting nursing school in the fall and I am nervous also, questioning whether I will be able to hack it or not. Nervous or not I am going to give it 100%, just like when I started my pre req's I told myself I had no other choice but to get A's because that is what is needed to get into the program, and that is what I did. While in the nursing program I am going to have the same attitude, I am going to give it my all and become the best nurse that I can be, there is no other option. Good luck to you, you will be great!!
  2. Oh and you can take your NCLEX once you graduate with your associates and you only need to pass it once. You do not need to take it again when you graduate with your BN.
  3. @nursewannabe, ya I'm on the facebook group, I've just been super busy. I really hope there is no kind of orientation this month, I go on vacation the 21st for 2 weeks. I don't remember them saying anything about that. Did I miss something?
  4. BTW, got all of my books and ordered my uniforms, yay for me, but ouch for my bank account:)
  5. I didn't realize we were to get letters, I just assumed we would find out once school started since clinical does not start till August. Did they say this at orientation?
  6. I'm probably the only one who hasn't ordered anything yet, well accept for the supplies (stethescope,etc) at orientation. I have no books, and I go in wednesday to order my uniform. I just got enough money to finally go in to get my books and skills pack though, so I'll probably get those this week. I have however, been on top of my medical stuff and will be taking my CPR course in a few weeks. I'm not stressing though, I'll get everything I need in time:)
  7. allforthekidds

    Im worried Online pre-req classes will lower my chances?

    I have been accepted to two very competitive ADN schools and I took all but my sciences online. For algebra, I took it online, but we had to go to class for the final exam. Everything else, computer, psych's, english classes were all exclusively online. I'm actually taking a psych class online right now:)
  8. allforthekidds

    Ever get the urge to release a horde of flying monkeys?

    I'm not a nurse yet, (but I do have five children who lately have been driving me out of my mind, and summer break is right around the corner:bugeyes:) starting in the fall. I have a video to share, we watched this in microbiology last semester and I found it quite amusing:lol2: 1964 LSD test on British Marines - YouTube
  9. Nursewannabe, I would just go ahead and get the shot also. Even if you got it as a kid, you probably do not have immunity to it anymore. I got my tb test and tetinus shot done, now I just need my hep b shots and flu(later), yay I'm so excited for more vaccines:no:, I don't even like taking Tylenol, so this is a lot for me, ha!!
  10. Mssjez, those flash cards are awesome. thank you for posting that. My Sis in law had the hardest time with pharm, this will help a lot and I will start studying these like now:)
  11. I chose 11:00, it works best for me. I havnt signed up yet, but I do plan on taking my cpr course at the red cross. I want to take the one with the pediatric part to it also As far as the flu shot, if it's mandatory, I won't be getting it until the fall, would seem silly to get it now, not even sure if they offer it now anyway do they? So tired, need sleep,
  12. Hallelujah, I'm registered:w00t: Almost surreal seeing nursing as my major, been a long time coming:) Going Friday to get my titers done and I need to sign up for a cpr course, what else am I missing?
  13. Yay, well at least we know they are working on changing our majors. Mine still says general studies, so I can't register yet.
  14. Just as expected, can't register:mad:
  15. That's not very nice, I talked to her once in Jan and won't ever do it again unless I absolutely have too, so I'm hoping our statuses change soon;) Nursewannabe, I'm in your class, and this is how I feel right now:bugeyes:. I'm holding on tight to my B. I'm also taking A&PII and next week we have the quiz, exam and I also have an A&P exam, oh and I have to start my research for my A&P presentation for Friday, bonkers!!!
  16. Mine still says general studies also. Not a very convenient time for her to be taking a vacation, haha!