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I just turned 22 and a lot of people I went to high school with are graduating with a bachelor's degree this spring. So I am feeling a little discouraged and sad. I started community college right out of high school. I was a... Read More

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    I'll be 44 when I'm done with my BSN too!!! Also started a bit later in life but since I still have 25 to 30 years of working ahead might as well do something I feel passionate about.
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    I'm 35 and going into my 3rd semester as an ADN student. The average age in my class seems to be around 30-35. I started my pre-reqs when I was 26, took several years off to have kids, and am way more motivated now than I have ever been. I think that having some life experience helps immensely in nursing.
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    Thank you for asking this question! I'm 31 and the ONLY one of all my friends who doesn't have any type of degree. I started school full time at age 29 (I had taken classes here and there with no real goal in mind) and this is the closest I've ever been in earning my bsn. That last sentence still intimidates me but I at this point I'm a better student than I ever was in h.s.
    This thread has really helped me in my anxiety about my age while in school!

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    I'm 30 and just now taking pre-reqs. I actually have a BA and have taken grad courses, but then my husband was in the military and my life got thrown all off course as I moved around the country. I've finally committed to this program of study and am hoping to be accepted to a program in the fall.

    In other words, you're not behind at all! Everyone follows their own path.
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    I started to take my pre-reqs when i was 32 and i'll finish this May with my BSN at the "old" age of 35 - i have classmates that are in their 40's. 22 for starting is not old at all. if you want to do - it is so worth it!
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    I've been doing my non science pre-req's off and on since 28 finally quit working this year (33) to buckle down and do the science and math. I had a high dollar career so it was always scary this idea that I'd totally have to stop doing that job and rely on savings and loans and whatever else I could find to REALLY be a nurse. But it was all I'd wanted and talked about for so long I just couldn't sit around all cozy anymore talking about making a difference in the lives of diabetics (long term goal is a BS in nutrition RD and RN CDE) I had to get out there and DO IT!
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    I got my Bachelor's at 22, right out of high school, but wasn't happy with my chosen field, so I started taking my prerequisites for nursing school when I was 27, and just started my nursing program at age 30. I'll be 32 when I graduate, and I am thrilled to be doing this. And I'm not even close to the oldest in my program. Not everyone knows what they want to do right out of high school. In fact, I'd bet most people don't, or change their minds like I did. Good luck to you!
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    I'm so glad my question could help other people feeling the same way! Thank you all for your helpful answers. I never realized how many people go into nursing as a second career. It is such a relief to see it is the norm to be in nursing and not fresh out of high school.
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    I was 43 with no college background at all when I decided to start easing myself into prereqs for my ADN. I'm 44 now and will be submitting nursing program applications next month. I'll be 45 when I start the program in the fall, and 47 when I earn my ADN in 2015.

    The good part about me doing this now? I've got a 4.0 GPA. My daughter, who is 17 and applying for colleges, is smarter than I am. I have no trouble admitting that. After I started giving her a hard time about her old mom being out of school a quarter century and still able to earn a 4.0, her grades started coming up! As long as I'm still in school, her grades will stay up because she can't stand being bested.
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    I'm 23 and got about 3 years into my Bachelors in Psych when I realized I did NOT want to go to grad school for it! I did some research and decided nursing was what I wanted to do, but finished out the degree anyway for kicks and giggles. I literally JUST finished my pre-reqs two nights ago and will be 25, just shy of 26 when I graduate.

    My mom, also an RN, has a similar story. She got a scholarship to study electrical engineering, and did that for 3 years, doing only so-so in the classes because she wasn't enjoying them. Finally she listened to her gut, paid back the scholarship and went to nursing school. She was also 25 or 26 when she graduated.

    Don't stress about your age! It is never too late to realize a goal of yours!
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