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  1. EMT89

    Why do so many cheerleaders enter nursing?

    I purely did cheerleading only to get out of wearing uniforms at boarding school. I graduated valedictorian and any of my friends would have called me a nerd in high school. I was that weird and awkward girl! I was also an EMT in high school as well.
  2. 2012- Started preqs (Age 22) 2013- Started RN program 2014-Withdrew from RN program due to medical reasons 2014- Started respiratory program 2016- Graduated RT program 2016-2020 Working as an RT, switching due to no upward mobility. 2020-Applied to an accelerated BSN program and got in. I will start this fall and will be 30. I took some upper level science courses like biochem and ochem in 2018 to 2019 so have been out of classes for a year. By the time I finish there will be a 10 year time lapse. I knew deep down it was always supposed to be nursing!
  3. EMT89

    New Grad Losing Hope of Getting Job

    I applied everywhere. I had a total of 7 interviews. I had two job offers. I graduated in May 2016, passed my RRT in June, moved in October 2016. Home was saturated so I had no choice but to move.
  4. EMT89

    Returning to Nursing School?

    I initially started nursing school before respiratory therapy school. I was not in the headspace to complete and go through nursing school. I took about 8 months of then went into respiratory therapy to get a job to make money. I had withdrawn twice due to mental head space issues (ex broke up with me right before nursing school). I also had a medical illness at the time I later discovered. I have worked for almost 4 years as an RT. Got accepted into an accelerated nursing program. Previously to applying I took advanced science courses like biochem and ochem and made As in them, as my GPA was not stellar from RT school. There will be 7 years between nursing school first time and since I withdrew nursing on my own I was considered in good standing. I start this fall in an ABSN program. I moved so that is why I did not go back to my old program.
  5. EMT89

    Which path would you choose?

    I am going to be applying to an epic-clinical side position soon. I also have a spot in an ABSN that starts in the fall. I am currently a respiratory therapist who feels trapped as an RT and know I do not want to do this forever. If you switched from another healthcare area to nursing how did you like the transition? Have any of you taken an epic job, how did you transition into the desk job aspect? I have worked PRN and have experienced multiple months of not working and do miss the patient aspect.
  6. EMT89

    Rejected from BSN accelerated program

    I recently was accepted into an accelerated program. My undergrad GPA was low but I took a year and a half extra classes and took hard science classes like biochem and ochem and got A's on them. There is hope!
  7. I'm in respiratory and I hate it. I primarily do floor work and moving up at all seems to be a favoritism game. Should I be concerned 5 people have left my department? One left RT completely to be a paramedic. We are often underpaid for what we do. I had a MA job interview last week and if I get it I'm thinking about taking it. Have you ever switched over to nursing from anything to nursing and had better job satisfaction.
  8. Hey everyone, I have passed my nursing classes for this semester. I was failing one class by not that many points and the final helped me pass the class. I just had so much stress going into finals. Now I start clinicals in the fall. Yay
  9. EMT89

    What to do if you don't pass a class?

    I actually ended up passing that class that I was failing by like .08.
  10. EMT89

    What to do if you don't pass a class?

    I also have the idea of going to a different school to get a 2nd bachelors (first gpa wasn't bad, but not great-3.0, not competitive enough for grad school though most want a 3.2. Then going to Physician Assistant school. My cumulative GPA after the end of this year at my school will be a 3.0. So not happy about grad school potential .
  11. I am sitting in a C in on class and C/D in another. Not because I'm not trying. I happened to have the most pickiest instructor down to the decimal in points. I have asked around what everyone is doing to study, gone to tutoring. A recent test grade was poor to a check off I had that was lower than what I expected, even my partner got the same grade. 1) Retake it in the Fall with a bunch of other point less classes. 2) Take a year off and apply to OT school at the same school and take my EMT-Intermediate. 3) LPN program? I really don't want to waste time sitting out a semester. But I'm trying to be done by 2015. I've been in college since September of 2008. I don't want to give up on nursing, just somewhat losing hope. How is it so easy for some people??
  12. Some people are on the 6 point scale. ANY little thing can screw you up on that scale. I'm sitting at the mid C range, praying I get B's in both of my classes. I however am much much better at skills than I am with testing in general. My name was passed to an ER director in the area, so I may get some sort of ED tech job. Which I'm stoked about. I also run EMS. My dad keeps telling me grades aren't everything. I will re-evaluate study habits in the Fall.
  13. I know I can't make anything less than an 80. I haven't been in a 6 point scale since high school!. I feel your pain. I wish my school had a part-time program.
  14. Hello Everyone, I am wondering if any feels that they are failing? I wouldn't say I'm failing, but I'm at nerve wracking position. In Foundations I am sitting at a high C and Health Assessment and a mid-high C (first test in both classes threw me off). and both are on 6 point scale. I am still waiting on my head to toe check off grade. I feel like I'd feel a little more comfortable going into finals week if I just knew. It would be nice to come out with at least B's in the nursing classes. I felt comfortable leaving my head-to-toe but with my instructor berating my partner and I (which she normally didn't)...C's to me have always been failing . What do you do to calm your nerves and study for these finals? For foundations I have written out the terms since I know it's just the big picture they want. Then for Health Assessment I went back and made more detailed notes on the two tests I did okay, not the best on. I find out this week right before finals start on my head to toe grade *fingers crossed* I did really well to pull grade up since it was 25% of my grade. Does nursing school really mess with your head this much, or does it get better??? Thanks!
  15. EMT89

    How Many Classes?

    I typically took 15-16 credits at my first undergrad degree. My sophomore year I only took 12 credits because I was taking the EMT-Basic class. I was also an Athletic Training major at the time so I was plenty busy. This semester I took 16 credits (7 classes with a Micro lab, several 1 credits). Never again with a science major will I do that. In the spring I am only taking 4 classes which is 12 credits. But I think taking Pharmacology, Pathophysiology, Foundations, and Health Assessment with Lab will keep me occupied enough .
  16. EMT89

    Fall 2012 Microbiology Students -- STAND UP!

    2 points away from a B in a test. I studied so much and am going to study even more for the next test.

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