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Exhaustipated has 4 years experience as a ADN, BSN and specializes in OR.

Sleep-deprived. In desperate need of additional hands. Engaged in an endless battle to keep the evil pound and his buddies away.

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  1. Congrats for your success! Thank you so much for sharing your testimony. I'm in the process of applying to the RN-BSN program at WGU, and was wondering how the competency-based learning would affect pursuing advanced degrees.
  2. Exhaustipated

    I need new shoes

    I agree it differs from person to person. Some swear by Danskos but they're tight on my right instep, so I can't wear them. I have 2 pair of athletic shoes I alternate from day to day. Don't forget the availability of inserts. They've made a huge dif...
  3. Exhaustipated

    Nclex Mastery App

    I loved this app and recommend it to anybody who asks. I used it my final year of nursing school in preparation for NCLEX. I thought it was extremely convenient for practicing questions "on the go" when I only had a couple minutes here and there. The...
  4. Exhaustipated

    Shoes Help

    I wore Nurse Mates Dove shoes all through nursing school, and they served me well. I had a friend that found a pair of no-name all white leather tennis shoes and she was successful with those. In the end, it'll depend on what you're willing to spend ...
  5. Exhaustipated

    Running, Walking, or Cross-Trainers?

    I'm a new OR nurse -- still training, in fact. I have a pair of Alegrias and I'm planning to buy athletic shoes to rotate with them. Do I go for running shoes? Walking? Cross trainers? Which do you prefer and why? Thanks in advance for your help and ...
  6. Exhaustipated

    Verification for FASFA

    I went through the same thing and was able to get one at my local IRS office. I did have to wait for a while (as in hours) because the place was busy, but I walked out with a transcript on the same day I went in. As for whether you need anything else...
  7. Exhaustipated

    ADN Graduating soon

    I did. I'm currently in a new grad residency with an ADN. I know ADN-prepared nurses at Eastside Medical Center, Gwinnett Medical Center, Northeast Georgia Medical Center, Northside Atlanta, Northside Fulton, and North Fulton all in new grad residenc...
  8. I graduated my program this past May and am preparing to go to orientation for my first job as a nurse (GO ME!). I recently had lunch with a lovely woman who is about to start the program I just graduated, and as I shared tips and advice with her, sh...
  9. Exhaustipated

    ADN Graduating soon

    Knowing which area in Atlanta you plan to relocate to would be helpful, since Atlanta and its suburbs encompass a pretty big area and the traffic jams make it seem even bigger. I believe Northside staggers their residencies, so you might want to watc...
  10. Exhaustipated

    Is ADN sufficient to ba trauma RN?

    Check the requirements of the hospitals around you. In Atlanta, you have hospitals that require BSN degrees and you have hospitals that hire ADN-prepared nurses. It's all going to depend on which hospital you're hoping to get into.
  11. Exhaustipated

    A Public Thank You

    The full rider can be viewed at thesmokinggun.com. I read the rider -- while I get the making sure, I do kind of believe there was some diva-ness involved because ... Van Halen. In 1982.
  12. Exhaustipated

    UGH, I want to find my niche already!

    I know what you mean! I kept waiting all through nursing school for that A-ha! moment, the one that told me THIS was the nursing specialty I was meant for. I admit to being slightly envious of my classmates who knew exactly what area of nursing they ...
  13. Exhaustipated

    Got surprised at work yesterday.

    Congrats! It's wonderful to hear a happy story for a change. :-)
  14. Exhaustipated

    A Public Thank You

    It was the green, and there was also a rumor that it was in (yes, I'm dating myself here) Van Halen's performance rider that they have only green M&Ms in the dressing rooms. That one might not be a rumor -- I seem to remember seeing that rider pa...
  15. Exhaustipated

    A Public Thank You

    It was something about the red dye. I also remember when the red M&M's returned. It was a pretty big deal.