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  1. UMSON BSN Spring 2014

    moonwisper come talk to people at the open houses, you should receive much more satisfactory answers - there are current and former students and we all are very honest and open with people about our own backgrounds/experiences etc. From personal ex...
  2. MedStar Georgetown Residency Feb 2014 Hopefuls!

    Best of luck in job hunting for those that received less then wanted news today and congrats to itrust on her interview request. I received an email today asking for the completed application package to be delivered to G-town to be reviewed before...
  3. MedStar Georgetown Residency Feb 2014 Hopefuls!

    Madani182005 - I am so sorry. I wish you the best of luck with your applications and job hunt - I know personally that it is not easy finding a new grad position in the DC metro area (not sure if you are local or not) as well as many other area of t...
  4. MedStar Georgetown Residency Feb 2014 Hopefuls!

    Thanks for the update! I would love to be on Medical Oncology, how about you? I'll be keeping my fingers and toes crossed for all of us!
  5. MedStar Georgetown Residency Feb 2014 Hopefuls!

    I have not yet, but it seems that one maybe contacted only if they would like the application package. You can check your status on the website to see if your application status has change - thus far, mine has not...
  6. UMSON BSN Spring 2014

    She is amazing in many ways as you will learn if admited and you accept. :)
  7. UMSON BSN Spring 2014

    [quote=meowbark;7518996 from perusing the other topics on umson, i gather that user "Grey Lady" is a staff member involved with admissions for the shady grove campus. i found the following in the "UMSON Spring 2013" forum, pg. 2. she is not involved ...
  8. ADN Midwife?

    some programs do allow you to do your BSN and then your midwifery degree all together while most schools require you to have your BSN before applying for the midwifery degree.
  9. Graduated 2 years ago and still haven't taken NCLEX

    Many of the companies have guarantees - not just Hurst.
  10. University of Maryland Shady Grove Campus - Fall 2013

    I am sorry Ninotan - I am about to graduate from UMB-SON, but I can tell you that the first time I applied I too was rejected. I knew I was competitive, so I re-wrote and re-wrote my essay until it was the best that I could do, reapplied and was a...
  11. Traditional BSN VS RN-BSN program

    In my area (DC metro) is is very hard for ADNs to get jobs, many of the hospitals will not even consider them so BSN is the way to go. Plus it is a shorter amount time of time overall in school and if you want to go on to an advanced degree, you fir...
  12. As a student at UMSON I can tell you that if you under 3.0 chances are, you will not get in. Montgomery College is pretty much the same way. Not sure about FCC or Howard, but it seems that MD overall is very competitive state when it comes to nursi...
  13. Best nursing shoes???

    I love my Danskos! I had nursemates and they were killing my feet halfway though the med-surg rotation. My danskos have been a dream!
  14. Most schools in our area (DC metro) Universities and Community Colleges will not even look at a student with a pre-req GPA under 3.0 - and usually they want higher at least 3.4 and above. If you "C"s were in science classes, you'll want at least a B...
  15. Last Semester!

    about to start the final semester in January - research, community and practicum - i am beyond excited!

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