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Alisonisayoshi is a LVN and specializes in LTC.

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  1. Alisonisayoshi

    What are my options outside of a hospital setting?

    Right? Me too! OP I am an LVN in outpatient case management. Our last 3 new case managers have been RN not LVN because of the new Health Homes requirements. Do not count out clinic nursing as the land of just the LPN/VN or the CMA.
  2. Alisonisayoshi

    hiring pregnant RN

    I just got hired into my dream job very very visibly pregnant. They know they only have like 10 weeks of orientation then I will need to be out. I was upfront with them that I'd like 8 weeks leave. They were really really open and understanding of my pregnancy. I simply stated it as a fact of hiring me and said "even though you cannot discriminate, I want you to understand that I know this causes considerable hardship, and personally I'd like you to consider that hardship when making your choice". I'd rather come onto a job honest.
  3. Alisonisayoshi

    Wonder Wink or Grey's Anatomy scrubs?

    I don't fit well in Grey's, I'm too curvy for them I think. I love Wonder Wink. I also like Gen Flex by Dickies.
  4. I got a call today that I'm mostly likely going to get my dream job (just trying to figure out the logistics of employing an LVN in a job that has always been filled by an RN) based mostly on the volunteer work I've been actively involved in for the past 4 years. Don't discount volunteer work. I volunteered with charities doing advocacy work for specific pt populations. Volunteer where you can see yourself working.
  5. Alisonisayoshi

    Drug urine test after 12 hour shift

    Just another point to ponder: years ago I failed not one, not two, but three pre employment drug screens. Each time I failed the on site and when the sample was sent out I failed still but for some different reason requiring a retest. Each time I talked with the testing agency and begged to repeat, stating is never failed a test before. Finally, after the third test going out, they realized it was a combination of medications I was on, the fact that my A1C was crazy high at the time, and that I have mildly impaired liver function from an illness. This was more than 10 years ago, so I don't remember the substances I supposedly kept failing for, but sometimes, I know because it's happened to me, you fail for medical reasons you may not even be aware of.
  6. Alisonisayoshi

    Taking home empty vials

    I've see some really cool vial cap art.
  7. Alisonisayoshi

    A Headache is not an emergency

    I had one once that I was sure was a stroke. The ED was seriously concerned it was as well. True migraine is no joke. Lots of people believe they have "migraines", most don't have much more than a yucky headache.
  8. Alisonisayoshi

    Stanford Rape

    Well, since I was raped on a church outing, as a young girl, if I followed some of your logic, the answer would be to not send my children to church ever and to never attend church myself. The real answer is to actually punish rapists for their crimes, and to create a culture free of shame when someone does report. If I hadn't felt I was at fault in some way, I might have reported. Lastly, please don't say "visually stimulating" even in the way you did. I'm not a walking porn magazine. I'm a human. No matter what I wear, I'm not a piece of meat.
  9. Alisonisayoshi

    Stanford Rape

    Can you let the youth group leader who plied me with alcohol on a church trip and told me what he was doing was okay in God's eyes know about God's intentions for sex? Because I was 13 and really quickly was really drunk, but he kept telling me that this was all fine, so perhaps you can let him what God actually intends? Because I was at the time in a rather conservative environment I never reported, so I'm sure he's still out there doing the same to girls just like I was. Supposedly good people with a supposed great relationship with God rape people too. I was leaving my voice out of this, because it gets me really angry, but to say being Godly might keep these things from happening? Yeah, I can attest it doesn't.
  10. Alisonisayoshi

    Nurse to patient ratio for LTC.

    The highest I've done is 40, with 3 CNA's, 6 total for the facility, plus an RNA on shift through dinner and activities assistants on shift through the hour post dinner that can double as sitters. That facility is 80 beds 1/2 rehab, 1/2 LTC. Usually on PM we had 3 nurses, 2 doing rehab halls and 1 covering all the LTC beds, 40 was always due to call outs. The facility I worked right before was much higher ratios, mostly LTC, very few rehabs, and I quit there before I completed orientation because it was something like 60 residents and next to no CNAS and I was a brand new grad and it scared me to death to do alone. I have a friend who's regularly doing 50/1. He's fairly miserable.
  11. Alisonisayoshi

    New Grad, SNF job

    Yup, it's why I left that facility. It was a PM shift too, not a NOC. It happened often when the LTC nurse called off. I just got stuck doing all my rehab pts and half the LTC.
  12. Alisonisayoshi

    New Grad, SNF job

    I once threw a total hissy in the Med room after I was told I would have 40 pts for the night because the LTC side nurse had called off and the 2 rehab nurses (myself and another) had to split her pts) and I was also going to be down CNAS. I just sat in there stomping my feet and crying until I felt better enough to go out and get report.
  13. Alisonisayoshi

    Noncompliance diagnosis

    If pt is adhering to regimen they are by definition compliant.
  14. Alisonisayoshi

    leaving clinic with Patients still in exam rooms?

    It shouldn't matter what anyone has told you, it should matter that you've done your duty and you and whatever provider you are leaving are comfortable. The provider I work with most often and I have an agreement that I stay if he's doing a procedure with a late pt, as I'm required to assist, prep, sometimes Cath, and may be needed to grab supplies while he's sterile. Otherwise I simply give a light knock on a pt room door if he's in the room and let him know I'm going. If he wants me to stay, he lets me know. Clinic managers are billing managers, whether you stay or not is between you and providers. A clinic manager is always going to tell you to go because they dislike OT. The provider is the one who knows what needs to actually happen with each pt.
  15. Alisonisayoshi

    leaving clinic with Patients still in exam rooms?

    Ok, so it's not abandonment which is what I think you fear OP. Try thinking of it in terms of handing off care in an acute setting. When I (in my clinic) hand the provider a prepped chart and tell the computer system I've prepped the pt and handed them off, I've done my duty. I've given whatever "report" I need to to relinquish care. In an acute setting would you sit around and wait for the nurse you've relinquished to to do an initial assessment?
  16. Yeah, no. My LVN course replaces the first year of RN school. That's what a bridge is.