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I just turned 22 and a lot of people I went to high school with are graduating with a bachelor's degree this spring. So I am feeling a little discouraged and sad. I started community college right out of high school. I was a... Read More

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    Both of my brothers had their bachelors by 22, masters by 23 and 24 respectively. I took the lazy route and got my personal trainer certification in 9 months and went to work. Well, going back to start my prereqs at 40 was a little intimidating. I am so glad that I went back when I did. I'll have my degree by 44, work until I'm 65 or so, and still enjoy a long retirement.

    Basically what I'm getting at is that everyone does things at their own pace and it's never too late!
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    You are a spring chicken :-) ... I am in the upper 30's and taking pre-reqs with the hope of starting a program next summer or fall :-)
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    OP you get your first degree at 22 sounds good to me! I was 23 when I got my degree now I am thinking of changing careers to nursing and will take first pre req in the spring at 32 years old. If all goes planned and I make the switch to nursing, I will about 36 when I am done. I wish I changed gears (or just went straight into the field) a little bit earlier but it is what it is. Don't compare your progress to others. as someone said ppl do things at their own pace.
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    Nope you are not old! I am the youngest one in my A & P class (I'm 20). Most people are early 30s & either switching careers or doing college for the first time.
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    I'm 39. Started my prereqs 2 years ago & just finished my last ones this semester: Microbiology (93.1%), lab (92%), & Stats (95%). Staying in school for Spring semester & taking College Algebra and Elementary Spanish while waiting for the next admissions application date (March 1st).
    Not discouraged at all. Have a 3.85 GPA now, and the process has made me older & wiser, literally & figuratively! LOL!
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    They may be graduating, but a degree doesn't always equal a career. If they have a bachelor's degree in, say, art...well, did they really accomplish anything? I'm 23 and will be starting the nursing program in January. I switched majors a few times and took different classes to make sure I was 100% sure before I settled into a field, I became a CNA and I can confidently say I want to be a RN and that I will be able to find a job once I finish school. It may have taken me a few years longer, but I know in the long run I will be better off! Don't compare yourself to others, circumstances are different for everyone.
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    Don't worry about the time frame... At least this is what I tell myself everyday! HA!

    I am 46 years old now, oh well...

    Oh, life may throw you a few curve balls along the way, just keep focused and you will be just fine no matter what your age is and when

    you get that degree!!!

    It will happen!!!

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    I didn't start pre reqs until I was 22. I had a baby and wanted to wait until she was a little older, because I was a single mom. I am now 25 and will be starting my 2nd semester of a BSN program in January. I will turn 27 a couple week prior to graduation. Although, it's not my ideal situation, I am just grateful to have the opportunity! You still have plenty of time! Good luck to you.
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    I did everything on track. College right out of high school, had my bachelors degree by 23...not in nursing. I am 28 and just graduated with my ADN. Just because people graduate on track at 22 does not mean that they will stay in that field. My psych professor in college dropped out of school in his early 20's because he was a terrible student and wasn't going to graduate, was a truck driver for years. Didn't finish his PhD till he was in his late 30's!
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    I'll be 32 when I get my ADN this coming spring and probably 35 or 36 when I get my BSN. Go for it, you will still be one of the young ones!
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