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  1. Graduation2016

    Working as an rn in puerto rico

    True, but when the cost of living is higher than what you will be making to live comfortably, life experiences may need to wait. Plus you will definitely need to learn the language in order to get a position. Another thing to consider is that this may not be the best time to move to PR. Lots to consider before a change like this.
  2. Graduation2016


    Hello! I have been an L&D RN BSN on my own for about 2.5 months after 4 months of orientation. I feel the need to maybe relocate for personal reasons. What is the best way to find the best places to relocate to and be able to compare cost of living and salaries?
  3. Graduation2016

    Ana G Mendez students

    Hello, yes, I passed my NCLEX in May. To the current students my only advice is to keep up with their HESI quizzes and tests. It'll help you to pass the HESI at the end of each semester and in a way prepare you for NCLEX. Do not start freaking out about NCLEX just yet. Worry about HESI right now. Reality is that there is no NCLEX if you don't pass HESI first, so that should be the priority. Regarding the credentials, I honestly don't know how it works. Only 3 classes have graduated already and less than 10 people (according to what I have been told), have passed NCLEX, so I don't know how this affects the accreditations. Hopefully they can have more people pass soon so the passing rates don't get too affected. Best of luck!
  4. Graduation2016

    I took NCLEX today......

    It's hard to maintain hope when I keep reading all this different situations. I guess I will have to suck it up and wait until Friday morning for the quick results. Thanks...
  5. Graduation2016

    I took NCLEX today......

    Hello everyone! Also took my NCLEX today at 8am meaning I can't/shouldn't attempt the Quick Results until Friday at around 10am. I did try the trick using wrong expiration date and wrong last digit on my card and wrong exp date, and it said card invalid, then tried with another card that had no balance on it and said "declined". What I am wondering is if because it allowed me to put the card info and submit the order is that a bad hint? Also, would it be worth it to just put the right card number and just change the expiration date. This wait is worse that before testing!!!
  6. Graduation2016

    Words You Hate

    More than hating to hear mucus plug, I hate it more when people bring it to show us they've lost it and of course that means that the baby is coming NOW! #gohomeplease
  7. Graduation2016

    labor and delivery scrub nurse

    It all depends on the person. When you have several doctors you work with, it'll take time to learn all of their preferences. Some you remember more than others just because you work with them more often.
  8. Graduation2016

    PCA/tech OB

    I have been an OB Scrub Tech for 4.5 years. On L&D we don't have OB Techs, we have to have a valid CNA license, NRP, and most importantly we have to be scrub techs because we are the ones who scrub the c/s's. During vag deliveries we mainly do babies vitals, clean baby, do footprints, weigh baby, do glucose test if we're checked off with POC, and take pictures at families request. Mother/Baby techs are CNA's and the only thing they will do will babies is feed them, change diapers, transport to/from nursery, and bathe. The rest is done by the nurse. Best of luck!
  9. Graduation2016

    Ana G Mendez students

    Well, it took me 3.5 years to complete my BSN. I had only 4 classes transferred so I pretty much did it at SUAGM. Yes, entrance exams are in Spanish and English to see where you're at because you will need at least 2 English classes and 2 Spanish ones (used to be 4 of each), no math entrance test though, at least not whenI started. also they now eliminated Humanities 2. Have any classes graduated yet? The first one it Orlando graduated this past June and they had so many issues with their paperwork for NCLEX. Took forever. There are many things they have to improve. A lot of the teachers don't even speak proper English and it is very dumb to me to pay someone to teach me something g in a language in which I should be teaching them. Frustrating. Wait until the open back after the holidays and see what they offer you. Let me know if you have any other questions. The program does use HESI as a review for NCLEX. Not sure if they will start using it as an entrance exam since they also don't do the TEAS either. (Maybe they should). Good luck!
  10. Graduation2016

    Ana G Mendez students

    Well, I go to Metro Orlando. Just finished my BSN this past Saturday after a lot of heartache and frustration. I don't know how it is over in Miami. In Orlando the program is fairly new, we are the 2nd nursing graduating class so there is a lot of disorganization still. How long has the one in Miramar been on? And just making sure, you are fully bilingual right? A lot of people don't know they have to speak, write and read both English and Spanish to attend SUAGM.
  11. Graduation2016

    Ana G Mendez students

    Are you planning on going to one of the Puerto Rico campuses or Orlando?
  12. Graduation2016

    Working as an rn in puerto rico

    Question, you don't speak Spanish but you're trying to work in Puerto Rico? Not trying to offend anyone. Just wanting to figure out why you would want to, and are you aware that PR nurses make half of what a US nurse makes?
  13. Graduation2016

    Ana G Mendez students

    May I ask why did you chose them?
  14. Graduation2016

    Professors fail everyone?

    I know this is an old post, but I was wondering, has anyone been in the situation where a professor fails a whole graduating class?
  15. Graduation2016

    What does your school have you wear to the Pinning Ceremony?

    We finished tonight and we were having this discussion since we have to wait for the class that comes behind us, who we're not friends with but a few of them, and they don't finish until May, so out pinning won't be until June and graduation ceremony late June. I love the tu-tu idea!
  16. Graduation2016

    New grad, GN what am I?

    May I ask you what state you're in?