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  1. thecareerchanger

    Home Infusion Nursing

    I am a still new RN currently working in med surg and recently got hired to work at an infusion clinic per diem (rheumatology). I am not proficient in IV insertion so I was unsure about the position at first but I was assured that it wasn't a big issue and I would learn. I feel so much better hearing Infusion50's experience and hope to eventually do infusion fill time and leave hospital bedside.
  2. thecareerchanger

    Nurses secretive about getting another job

    This thread is funny! I personally wouldn't say whether or not I had 2, 3 or 4 jobs unless I felt like it and even then I would be selective in who I told. People are funny and you have to be careful in general how much business you put out there.
  3. thecareerchanger

    UWorld Self Assesment, is UWorld enough?

    I used Uworld primary (tried ATI but didn't like it) and had similar predictor scores as you did and I passed in 75 questions. I would advice you to stop studying a day or two before the exam and just try to relax. You will make yourself crazy! Good luck
  4. thecareerchanger

    Constant interruptions

    Interruptions are annoying. I tell the secretary (or whoever is answering the phone) to find out who it is and take a message if it is not a call I have been waiting for. I am not going to just run to the phone simply because the ask for "the nurse." Most times it is something that can wait until after I give meds.
  5. thecareerchanger

    Pit Bull Service Dogs

    I have a pit and think they are great but the ones in this scenario seem aggressive. I wouldn't deal with it service dogs or not.
  6. thecareerchanger

    Can I work during an ABSN program?

    I worked per diem as a unit clerk on weekends when I was in a 15 month ABSN program and continued with the job working 3 days a week until I got hired as an RN at same hospital. Majority of my classmates had p/t or per diem jobs. Not easy but definitely doable if your job is flexible enough
  7. thecareerchanger

    New Grad considering Ambulatory Care

    Hello! I am a very recent RN new grad; so new I haven't even taken my NCLEX yet! Anyway I just received an email to interview for a Staff Nurse position at a large Health center/clinic and I am slightly torn since up to now I kind of expected to get critical or acute care experience first prior to going the clinic route. Pros to me if I were to actually get the job include: no nights which is a huge plus since I have 3 school aged kids and my hubby works varied shifts (non-healthcare); lots of patient education which I would probably love and last the position aligns with my extensive social service background (I would be a second career RN). The only real con is the fact that if at any point I decide to go the hospital route, I know if would be difficult. I am also concerned about not developing hospital "skills." In any event I understand your dilemma but I still say go for it because life is short and you should at least enjoy what you do. As for me if I go the ambulatory route and decide it's not for me, I will try and get a hospital position
  8. thecareerchanger

    NYC Externships...Impossible to find applications?

    Most applications come out late winter/early spring
  9. thecareerchanger

    Pre-nursing classes

    While those courses are probably useful, I don't think you should waste time and energy taking classes not required as a prerequisite for your particular program of interest. You will be plenty busy in nursing school and my guess is that those topics will be incorporated in your program somehow. My program didn't require nutrition but a lot of our lectures incorporate nutrition in some way.
  10. thecareerchanger

    Nurses, am I crazy for thinking I can do this?

    I personally wouldn't do it, especially A&P with patho, just seems a lot. Also you need a minimum grade in prereq to get into most nursing programs (usually high Bs or As) but since you were already accepted maybe you can get by with C+. I am surprised patho is a prereq for you. Patho was actually part of the nursing program and not a prereq for me.
  11. This pretty much sums it up for me!
  12. thecareerchanger

    Applying to Lehman Accelerated BSN Program, HELP!

    HIN 268 or its equivalent developmental psychology is mandatory prior to admission but HIN 269 can be taken before or after admissions, therefore not mandatory.
  13. thecareerchanger

    SUNY Downstate ABSN 2017-2018

    Try not to be discouraged. You have great stats and in previous threads I read people getting in as late as March or April. If it is for you it will be for you. Best wishes
  14. thecareerchanger

    SUNY Downstate ABSN 2017-2018

    Futurenurserntobe I finished all prereqs when I applied and even had 1 "extra" (needed organic chem for another school). If your 2 missing prereq are sciences it could cause delay.
  15. thecareerchanger

    SUNY Downstate ABSN 2017-2018

    When I went to Stonybrook info session last year, we were told the entire program (semester, fees, etc.) is roughly $18,000 so Downstate would probably be about that much I assume. The first date of classes is May 31 and orientation is May 30 I believe
  16. thecareerchanger

    Applying to Lehman Accelerated BSN Program, HELP!

    HIN 268, a pre-req for Lehman is the equivalent of developmental psych so yes you do need it. Also a BS degree is needed for accelerated program only (as with any accelerated program) but you can still apply to both accelerated and 2 year program with just one application.

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