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thecareerchanger is a BSN and specializes in Med-surg, home care.

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  1. thecareerchanger

    Any home health RNs that are CDCES/CDE?

    I am a new home health RN (almost 3 months) and have considered becoming a diabetes educator. Any current diabetes educators also working in home health? I have only just started logging my hours that qualify and it seems it will take forever to get 1000 hours since not all patients are diabetic obviously. Also seems many home health nurses end up getting wound certification which I also wouldn't mind although I would focus on wound, not ostomy or continence certification. Thanks in advance
  2. thecareerchanger

    Northwell Health Fellowship July 2020

    Seriously?? Well if things don't work out (and at this point I don't see it happening) I will try periop in October if available
  3. thecareerchanger

    Northwell Health Fellowship July 2020

    They may still be interviewing for LIJ and Northshore ER/critical care since someone (I believe was a recruiter) reached out to me via email for possible phone interview; positions are for nights only (I can only do day or eve shifts) and they are looking for experienced RN with BSN and at least 1 year experience in med-surg or tele. I haven't heard anything from periop which I also applied to for LIJ and Northshore and start date is only a month away so maybe they finished interviewing
  4. Thanks Rose_Queen!
  5. I am a med surg nurse for 1.5 years and looking for change (I am also a second career nurse). I have considered other specialties including ER, ICU, ambulatory care (I was also working per diem at a clinic for a few months before COVID) and OR but feel the OR may be best fit for scheduling wise ( more day shifts than nights) and the fact its just 1 patient at a time (I average 7 and even 8 patients prior to COVID). I am also interested in ambulatory surgery but would like to work a little bit longer in the hospital. Do you feel med surg is adequate enough preparation for OR? With a few years experience would I be able to transfer to different but related areas such as pre op, post op/PACU, or ambulatory surgery? What are advancement opportunities for RNs with primarily periop experience? The few OR nurses I have spoken with seem to enjoy OR and have been there for many years which leads me to believe turnover is relatively low in OR nursing but I want to know my options especially if I go for my MSN (I am not interested in CRNA). I recently applied to some periop fellowships and waiting to see if I would be considered. Thanks in advance!
  6. I work in Nassau county NY. 75% of our beds have become covid although there is a slight decrease over past few days. Our 22 bed critical care has been has expanded to 70+; tele has become stepdown and med surg where I work are now tele beds. We have multiple codes per day although there is some decrease and we are discharging more and more patients. Non urgent areas are now covid. We were short on vents, bipaps, hi flows etc. but that may be resolved been off for a few days). I am thankful every shift when a patient doesn't code or get intubated. I get 6 to 8 pts now but a few weeks ago I had 9 and 10 pts. Frontliners are getting sick and ppe is always a struggle. Be thankful you have nothing to comment on!
  7. thecareerchanger

    Anyone having trouble getting hired??

    This. If you are not looking for COVID specific jobs everything else will wait a long time until crisis over or at least dies down.
  8. thecareerchanger

    What is it like in your hospital right now?

    I am on one of the designated COVID units at my hospital which basically houses patients who are positive or r/o COVID. Staff on my unit is split between two units and every time I work I never know what to expect. We are given 1 n95 mask per day along with surgical mask and face shield. Hair cover is apparently optional (I just ordered my own from Amazon as it is not optional for me). I work 2 sometimes 3 12s per week as I am part-time but was asked to work extra shifts if possible but I am hesitant as I feel that increases my exposure and I have a family even though I know the help is needed. I work in Nassau County, NY so as you can imagine my hospital is a mess right now.
  9. thecareerchanger

    Home Infusion Nursing

    I am a still new RN currently working in med surg and recently got hired to work at an infusion clinic per diem (rheumatology). I am not proficient in IV insertion so I was unsure about the position at first but I was assured that it wasn't a big issue and I would learn. I feel so much better hearing Infusion50's experience and hope to eventually do infusion fill time and leave hospital bedside.
  10. thecareerchanger

    Nurses secretive about getting another job

    This thread is funny! I personally wouldn't say whether or not I had 2, 3 or 4 jobs unless I felt like it and even then I would be selective in who I told. People are funny and you have to be careful in general how much business you put out there.
  11. thecareerchanger

    UWorld Self Assesment, is UWorld enough?

    I used Uworld primary (tried ATI but didn't like it) and had similar predictor scores as you did and I passed in 75 questions. I would advice you to stop studying a day or two before the exam and just try to relax. You will make yourself crazy! Good luck
  12. thecareerchanger

    Constant interruptions

    Interruptions are annoying. I tell the secretary (or whoever is answering the phone) to find out who it is and take a message if it is not a call I have been waiting for. I am not going to just run to the phone simply because the ask for "the nurse." Most times it is something that can wait until after I give meds.
  13. thecareerchanger

    Pit Bull Service Dogs

    I have a pit and think they are great but the ones in this scenario seem aggressive. I wouldn't deal with it service dogs or not.
  14. thecareerchanger

    Can I work during an ABSN program?

    I worked per diem as a unit clerk on weekends when I was in a 15 month ABSN program and continued with the job working 3 days a week until I got hired as an RN at same hospital. Majority of my classmates had p/t or per diem jobs. Not easy but definitely doable if your job is flexible enough
  15. thecareerchanger

    When you thought it was patients you needed to watch...

    Exactly! Hell if he did that too me I'd probably "snap" right back
  16. thecareerchanger

    When you thought it was patients you needed to watch...

    He is crazy! I guarantee this isn't the first time he "snapped" maybe just the first time it's gone public