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    Can it be done, yes. However, i would only attempt it if you are a relitivly strong science student (pick up science topics relitively easily, with good accurate retention), and in addition, if your other semester classes are relitively easy. Both are intense classes. If you are a low B/high C with moderate effort, or high B/barely an A with extreme effort in most science classes you have taken, I would not attempt both at the same time. Too high risk of it beeing too much. I would not take it with algebra if math is a struggle.
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    Nursing school is way more work than A&P & Micro simultaneously.
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    I did it also (although I was taking no other classes) and did well enough in both to get into the nursing program!
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    Couldn't be done at my school A&P I and II are pre-reqs for micro.
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    As everyone has said, sure it's possible.

    My adviser said it would be a heavy schedule; he was right.

    But, 'you' can't afford to miss a class or a lab; also, be sure to seek help as soon as you start to feel you may not be getting it.

    If your school has an SI program, try not to miss any of those sessions, either. They can be the difference between that A, and a B.

    And I put in extra time in Micro lab, just practicing the various stains, in order to do them correctly, and to better understand them. Micro can take up much extra time in other ways, as well.

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    Quote from ADN2B
    Nursing school is way more work than A&P & Micro simultaneously.
    You are correct.
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    Nursing sch its tougher than these two.....not to mention there is no C grade in most programs nowadays!....better to condition yourself now than later as long as you are focussed you will be fine.
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    I say good Luck and like all the others You can do it if you put your mind to it and your best foot forward. I am currently in Anatomy, Physiology, Statistics, Nutrition and Micro. I changed my major this semester and these are the last classes I have to take until starting nursing school in January of 2013. So If I can do it You can too!!!!! Again Good Luck!
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    Taking Chemistry, A&P I, Microbiology and Human Nutrition this term. It is difficult but can be done. Good luck.
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    Yes, it can be done. I took A&P1 and Micro together. Just make sure you can devote study time to both and you will be fine..