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  1. mee9mee9

    skills tests need video monitoring

    Is it just me or does anyone else think video monitoring should be allowed or an option when taking the skills portion. One observer was looking at her phone seated when I did hand washing. Another sat the whole time I did perineal care. Then failed me because I didn't wipe with a clean portion of cloth each time WHEN I DID BUT SHE WAS SEATED AND NOT UP CLOSE WATCHING ME. I am getting very frustrated because tomorrow will the 3rd time I am taking this skills portion. I am thinking about just taking the course over at a red cross facility.
  2. mee9mee9

    Is there such a position as non certfied CNA

    Care partner
  3. Did you feel more pressure or feel more at ease?
  4. mee9mee9

    Can you take skills test at Red cross?

    Its d&s technology here in my state
  5. can you take skills test at red cross?
  6. mee9mee9

    Vanderbilt Nurse Residency Summer 2014

    What about employees who are enrolled in RN to BSN programs?
  7. mee9mee9

    Vanderbilt Nurse Residency 2014

    I have a question for you: I am currently a Vanderbilt employee myself, but I work on the academic side. Why is it so hard for the ones who already work for the system to get an interview from the medical side? I have been applying for care partner postions with no response. I thought vandy hires internally first?
  8. mee9mee9

    Job qualifications the same for external candidates?

    so its better for me to go ahead and get certified even though thy just require graduating from the nursing assistant program
  9. mee9mee9

    Job qualifications the same for external candidates?

    This is a typical posting. Keeping in mind I would be a internal candidate, how would you approach this? Care Partner - NICU Description Nights 7pm-7am After successful completion of role specific and unit specific orientation, care partners will assists with the implementation of patient care under the supervision of a registered nurse. All care and treatment will be age appropriate. 1) Requires current enrollment in a program of professional nursing RN) and successful completion of first semester of nursing school to include nursing fundamentals clinical, or 2) graduation from a Nursing Assistant or Aide Training Program, or 3) minimum of one year previous experience as a care partner or nursing assistant/technician. High School diploma/GED required. Key Functions and Expected Performances: Provides basic age-appropriate patient care under the supervision of a Registered Nurse. Provides and completes basic hygiene according to hospital standards. Maintains patient privacy and confidentiality during procedures and care activities. Turns and properly positions immobilized patients every 2 hours and skin inspection performed with appropriate follow-up. Accurately obtains vital signs. Correctly documents vital signs. Reports abnormal findings in a timely manner (i.e., significant changes in base line vital signs reported to nurse immediately) Monitors and documents I&O's, calorie counts, and weights accurately according to unit guidelines. Communicates appropriate information to the nurse partner. Obtains and maintains integrity of specimens in accordance with hospital laboratory policies and procedures and physician's order. Correctly identifies patient and labels specimen. Obtains and delivers specimens per unit/laboratory procedure. Communicates appropriate information to the nurse partner. Performs selected procedures and treatments. Follow hospital/unit specific policies and procedures Provide privacy while performing all procedures and treatments. Provide patient/family education prior to performing procedures and treatments. Will attempt procedure or treatment no more than twice before soliciting advise from a more experienced care provider. Will document according to hospital/unit policies. Communicates appropriate information to the nurse partner. Maintains patient/family safety. Follows hospital/unit specific policies and procedures related to patient/family safety and confidentiality. Provides orientation of unit and surroundings to patient/family. Maintains patient/family confidentiality. Knowledgeable about use of equipment/supplies. Documents appropriate safety measures per unit specific policies. Communicates appropriate information to the nurse partner. Participates in quality improvement activities. Attends unit board meetings. Attends staff meetings. Attends in-services. Communicate patient/family satisfaction information to the appropriate person. Basic Qualifications Job requires High school graduate or GED and 0 years of experience or the equivalent
  10. So I work for an hospital and I am trying to get on as a care partner or patient care tech. both say the only qualifications are 1 year experience or graduation from a Nurse Assistant program. My thing is i keep putting in applications and getting no response. I meet these qualifications but i wonder if I was certified if it would put me above the other candidates, external and internal. have any of you experienced this before?
  11. Did age hinder you in finding a job?
  12. mee9mee9

    Obamacare and hospitals

    so obamacare wont have an affect on revenue of hospitals?
  13. mee9mee9

    Obamacare and hospitals

    Its not homework. I currently work at a non- profit hospital and wondering what the CNA hiring will be more at non-profits or for profits. I know a hospitals budget plays a big part in hiring and reinbursements affect budget a lot.
  14. mee9mee9

    Obamacare and hospitals

    Will non-profit or for profit hospitals stand to benefit more from Obamacare?
  15. Im in the South
  16. Do hospitals do more hiring of cnas in the spring/summer or fall/winter?