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  1. darmor11

    Prayers needed

    Good luck!!
  2. darmor11

    PVT bad pop up

  3. darmor11

    What's your favorite nursing youtube channel/video?

    Nurse Nacole, Robin's Nursing Journey and Permission ToBe U are my favorites. They all bring something different...
  4. darmor11

    My Fellow Nursing Students

    Thank you so much for sharing this!!!
  5. darmor11

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    LOL!!! I'm in tears!!!
  6. darmor11

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    LOL!!!! I refuse to believe that..
  7. darmor11

    Communication Advice for Nursing Students

    Thank you for this advice...
  8. darmor11

    Nursing School as an Older Student

    I am 43yo with a husband and two children (16 & 10). I am starting an ADN program this fall. I am more focused now than when I was in my early twenties. We will be fine and we will do great..
  9. darmor11

    Class of 2015

    Hello Everyone... I am part of the Class of 2015 and I am very excited. We had our intake meeting on May 20 and we go back for orientation beginning August 12 and we officially begin classes on August 29. I am nervous but ready.
  10. darmor11

    What date do you start?

    I start on August 29...
  11. darmor11

    I got in!!!!

    Congratulations to everyone... It is going to be a fun ride...
  12. darmor11


    My orientation is May 20th... I am so excited...
  13. darmor11

    pretty proud

    Congratulations!!!!! Keep up the good work..
  14. darmor11

    ASN or BSN ????

    You always give the best advice... Thanks!!!
  15. darmor11

    Coppin State Gpa

    Congrats @jenawade25. I hope to say that in 2015... Have you taken the NCLEX yet?
  16. Hello Everyone, This information was forwarded to me, but I am a pre-nursing student and these job listings are for RNs. Since I can't use it, I thought I would pass it along. If you would like the contact person for this, please inbox me and I will send you the full job description and HR contact. ********* FW: Healthways Recruiting Information/ Open Requirements Registered Nurses Please note the HR Department, Healthways are seeking candidates for the following openings as indicated. Please note all candidates must be a certified registered nurse in order to apply for the following positions as indicated. Local RN Care Coordinator #268772 (Job Location: Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia) Telephone RN #268770 (Job location: Columbia, Maryland) Please note all candidates must forward their resumes Please reference the attached information or the respective job order number for details.