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ADN2B's Latest Activity

  1. ADN2B

    February 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Hoyer, Schmoyer.
  2. ADN2B

    LTC Charting: A Beginner's Guide

    You are the best Commuter! Well written.
  3. ADN2B

    Nursing student theft

    Let the school reimburse you for your stethescope. Who knows what nasty bacteria is on the earpieces. I have seen pus drain from abscesses in ears.
  4. ADN2B

    Getting Report

    Esme has brain sheets that rock!
  5. ADN2B

    Broken leg care plan please help

    Get the darn book to guide you where to go in your textbook.
  6. ADN2B

    Bombed my second shift on my own

    When I stay over, I get paid. It is not your fault that there is so much work that you are required to stay over documenting. I'm sure you even worked through your breaks and lunch. Get paid.
  7. ADN2B

    CNA cert. as a pre-req?

    My ADN program required CNA certification as a prerequisite.
  8. ADN2B

    How long did you wait to take the NCLEX-RN exam?

    I waited 2 months because I had to get my ATT and then I scheduled the test about three weeks from then.
  9. ADN2B

    Starting in Long Term Care - are you stuck there?

    The LTAC I work at gives you up to 24 patients at a time. You do 2 med passes, IV and IM if ordered, a treatment pass that includes wound care, ordered labs, all nebulizer treatments, all accuchecks and vitals, PEG tubes/feedings, oxygen, suctioning, assessments, no unit secretary, 2 aides and all charting is paper. You must transcribe the orders, FAX to pharmacy, record them in the MAR, do admissions and discharges, safety alarms, receive medication from the pharmacy, call the doctor, answer all phone calls, do patient teaching and delegate to the aides. I would consider this to be experience.
  10. ADN2B

    OMG Say it correctly!

    Prolly drives me nuts. Somewhere on here, I've even seen it written that way!
  11. ADN2B

    Anatomy Lab-Muscles

    I studied them by following the origin and insertion.
  12. ADN2B

    Testing space

    Plenty of space.
  13. The issue is that nurses don't have time for the patient, yet they are playing on their cell phones! This can't be solved by a chaplain or a volunteer. I thought cell phones were not allowed while at work.
  14. Can you spend some time going over your skills in the school lab?
  15. ADN2B

    Scrubs for the Overwieght?

    You could wear boxers under your scrubs and sport the Soulja Boy look.
  16. ADN2B

    Hey guess what.. 2nd NCLEX-RN attempt was a success!!