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  1. mrnightinggale

    Most satisfying nurse job

    Well, I'm honestly not sure what I want. There are so many facets to nursing, I honestly don't even know what's out there. I do look forward to going to work, but I'm not sure night shift floor nursing is my "destiny". Posted this to find out what jobs people really like.
  2. mrnightinggale

    Most satisfying nurse job

    Thanks! I do find meaning in what I'm doing but honestly, in the time I'm allotted with current ratios, it can be hard to connect with patients on night shift. I do assessments, pass meds and frantically try to get charting done before I get an admission. If I'm lucky, I'm done charting by midnight and all of my patients are sleeping. If they aren't, most want to be sleeping and aren't in the mood to discuss health education. I've been thinking about hospice honestly, but I'm open to any and all suggestions.
  3. mrnightinggale

    Most satisfying nurse job

    Here's the deal. I'm a 51 year old nurse (albeit I've only been one for 3 years). I'm working on a tele floor at the moment and love the staff I work with. Just not sure how long and can or want to do floor nursing. I understand this is an open-ended question, but for you veterans out there; what do you think are the most satisfying nursing jobs out there? I got into nursing to help people and do something meaningful. While floor nursing CAN be that, it isn't always. I look forward to your wisdom. Thanks!
  4. mrnightinggale

    Palliative care nursing (not hospice)

    Nearly everything on this board is hospice nursing related. I am interested in hospice nursing, but also palliative care nursing. Could some palliative care nurses share details on your jobs, whether or not you like it etc? Just trying to gather information here. TIA
  5. mrnightinggale

    Hospice: True Death Sentence?

    The term "death sentence" is silly honestly. Your medical condition MAY be a death sentence. Hospice is merely another way to LIVE and finish living with dignity. We need to get away from the stigma of the word "hospice". It can be a really great thing! Just my 2 cents.
  6. mrnightinggale

    Which nursing field?

    I agree there isn't one "perfect" job. I do appreciate everyones' feedback. I also agree that the people make the job. That being said, I was looking just for opinions on what people really like and stay at. In the hospitals I work at, most people don't remain floor nurses for for much more than a few years. Also, regarding school nursing, would I have to work with kids? :/
  7. mrnightinggale

    Which nursing field?

    OK. So, here's the deal. I just turned 50. I'm a retired USAF officer and went into nursing to do something meaningful, stimulate my brain, earn some travel monies... So, here I am, two years into my career. I work PRN in two different hospitals here in the Denver area. Love my coworkers in both hospitals. But, here is my sort-of secret. I'm not sure how long I can do floor nursing on Med/Tele units without wearing myself out, not as much physically as psychologically. Granted, I'm fortunately PRN so if I can take time off, I do that. But I don't want to be a slacker either. Then, in the middle of my night shift last night, I had an epiphany of sorts. Here it is. Nurses that are in great jobs that they love don't leave. Sometimes for decades. These are the awesome *secret jobs we floor nurses grinding away with a difficult patient population don't hear about. So, here is my question. What are the great nursing jobs out there? The ones people don't leave. The ones where our time is valued. Where we aren't ground into the dirt by the work and we love what we do. Excited to hear some ideas! TIA
  8. mrnightinggale

    Travel specialties

    Great comments. I honestly prefer nights, at least for now. Good articles regarding rotating shifts. Wonder how full-time nights impacts health versus rotating shifts. Also, do people do rotate contracts between specialties? For instance, can you do a 13 week ICU stint, then bounce to an ED contract etc? Just wondering if that's possible.
  9. mrnightinggale

    Travel specialties

    Hi Team! I'm a new grad nurse and just started my first job last month. That being said, I would like to set myself up to do some travel nursing within a few years. My wife is also a travel nurse (med/surg). I'm currently working a med/tele unit. Here is my question: If I want to travel, what should I, or should I not specialize in? I was thinking ICU might be good but am really open to suggestions. I'm looking for a balance in both pay, and quality of life, where I'm not dumped on as the travel RN. Thanks!
  10. mrnightinggale

    Nurse Slang Yo!

    I can't believe nobody mentioned the dreaded: FDGB=Fall Down Go Boom Frequently reason for ED admits or in H&Ps.
  11. mrnightinggale

    am i to old to be a nurse?!

    I just finished nursing school at got my first nursing job at 48. So yes, you're too old. The only thing I would recommend is NOT moving to the Bay area to do nursing school. It is terribly expensive and CA has a backlog just to take NCLEX. Move to an area where living will be cheap and that hires new grads until you you get a year of experience, THEN move and work wherever you want.
  12. mrnightinggale

    Mens nursing shoes?

    Thanks. Why not with direct patient care? I see people wearing running shoes all the time. They soak up far more B/U/F. Just want something I can be comfortable in all day.
  13. mrnightinggale

    Mens nursing shoes?

    OK, So it seems like most people wear one of three kind of shoes for nursing: clogs (I currently wear Sanita clogs to work), running shoes (or what I call MRSAshoes because they are absorbent) or old man style walking shoes that you see residents wearing in nursing homes. I notice a lot of the docs my age wear comfortable "loafer" type shoes at work. Anyone do that? I'm about to pull the trigger on these: Amazon.com: Giorgio Brutini Men's Grisham Slip-On Loafer: Shoes Someone talk me out of wearing these with black scrub pants.
  14. mrnightinggale

    Sexy male scrubs

    I am and RN and am married to an RN. I know many married or dating nurse couples. If you think people don't notice how you look or if you don't notice how others look, you might want to have your serum testosterone level checked. Just sayin'
  15. mrnightinggale

    Yet another DSN thread

    I did go the BSN route but I do also know ADN nurses that work in hospitals including a friend that is a recent graduate. If you are willing to start out in a smaller, rural hospital, they are always looking for help. Just depends upon what you want to do. I would recommend just getting the BSN done.
  16. mrnightinggale

    Yet another DSN thread

    There is so much variety, I am not sure how meaningful your answers will be unless you have many answers. Also, sites change over time. For me (2013-2015). Med-Surg I: Avamere in Northglenn Med-Surg II: Presbyterian/St. Lukes Med Center Mental Health: Cedar Springs Hospital O/B: Good Samaritan Medical Center Pediatrics: Schools around the Metro (to be fair, I told DSN I was not interested in being a pediatric nurse. Some people had clinicals at Children's Hospital Leadership and Community Heath: GHP internship to remote fishing villages in the Philippines! Capstone: Valley View Hospital (Glenwood Springs, CO) in the CCU Good luck!