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I have a question for my fellow pediatric nurses. Do you feel that being a pediatric nurse has changed your perspective on other people's complaints and altered your ability to sympathize with them? I'm not talking about... Read More

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    I do take physical pain seriously even if it's not as bad as what I see at work . . however drama is another issue. A lot of times just me saying "Gee that must really hurt a lot, I'm so sorry you are in pain" works wonders to make them calm down. However drama is another issue. My nearly 12 year old knows not to do the drama stuff with me or she'll get a lecture of how much worse it could be.

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    Yeah, it sometimes bothers me when people whine about little stuff when I was taking care of a 10 year-old with a trach/vent and g-tube that complained less.

    Some people don't see the "bad" that we see and cramps ARE the equivalent.

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