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  1. Tough situation. Under who's orders are you currently practicing? If his prior MD is signing order's you should be covered there but it sounds like you (because of the way the patient is behaving) are not able to provide the care that is needed. If t...
  2. artsmom


    I had two patients in one day tell me how useless I was and VNA in general. I generally like my job, a lot, but it got me thinking- except in the very obvious cases, am I useless? I educate a lot, but most people are on/off service and don't listen, ...
  3. My immediate response would be to r/o a stroke, check kidney functions, check for any tick-borne illness since he works with animals outside.
  4. artsmom

    New to Homehealth

    Everything about it is totally different from the hospital setting. Give yourself at least 6 months to determine if you like it or not, at first it's like being a new nurse, everything is new and it's easy to get overwhelmed. Hopefully you're working...
  5. artsmom

    DESPERATELY seeking for an advice!

    I've been a visiting nurse x4 years, my best advice? Run fast & far. There is so much to home care that you are setting yourself for some major problems. The pay structure is also atrocious. I am pretty sure mileage has too be paid for this posit...
  6. artsmom

    Do you have a territory?

    I have a designated territory and am automatically the case manager of all patients in my 2 towns. However our bigger towns typically have 2 primary nurses and the new patients are assigned to whomever has the lowest census at the moment. If my censu...
  7. A recert visit alone without any clinical need does not count as a skill. It seems like the company is just lucky at this time. I worked for a company that got bagged for massive Medicare fraud, your company's time will come if this is a common pract...
  8. artsmom

    Offered a job in HH but I'm not sure about this one.

    This does not sound good at all. How are you expected to chart without a laptop? The territory may not be so bad if you can schedule everyone in a row but there are so many other red flags. A lot of VNA's throw the nurses out there with a sink or swi...
  9. artsmom

    How often do you do med reconciliation?

    Our policy is each visit. This is not practical but I try my best. Cardiac/high acuity patients I do the rec each time, things change often and I don't want them confused about anything. Daily wound care that I am the primary nurse for? I will do it ...
  10. You cannot do an oasis recert just for an aide, you are correct that it needs to be skilled. As for your 2nd question, it sounds sketchy but I am unsure the legality behind it.
  11. artsmom

    Is home health that bad?

    The documentation in home health is what drives many people away. Learn to use your time effectively- schedule enough time in between appointments to finish up as much as you can, don't push it off until you've cooked dinner and helped the kids to be...
  12. artsmom

    Is home health that bad?

    Yup, it's all about working for the right agency too. I always tell nurses in orientation- give it at least 6 months before you decide if you like it or not and 2 years before you know enough to feel confident.
  13. artsmom


    Our LPN's set their own schedule, it would be really hard in home health for another nurse to dictate the time of your visit unless it's for a med admin or something that would be timed for anyone. My assumption is that you'll contact your own patien...
  14. artsmom

    Raises in Home Health nursing

    I worked for a poorly run home health agency w/no regards for the nurses- no raise in 2 years. I then switched to a highly reputable VNA that cares very much about the staff & their reputation, I've have 3 raises in 2 years. Try looking around fo...
  15. artsmom

    Do you feel like you make a difference?

    Yup, what Libby said. I've been doing this for 3 years now but only feel like I have helped people in the past year or so. The biggest area is when they first come home and are very anxious, just the presence of the nurse seems to really help people ...